Sunday, 28 February 2010

Happy Birthday Dirt Sheet HD

The Dirt Sheet HD is one and here is a picture to celebrate!!!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

WWE On the Internet Responds to Michael Cole

Following Michael Cole's remarks about the Internet Wrestling Community (a first for the WWE), on the WWE Universe's Official Twitter they continued the new Cole vs Internet angle by saying:
"Michael Cole has requested his @WWEUniverse profile be removed from our site, not wanting to associate with "online fans" any longer. #WWE"

Also "The Original Voice of ECW" and's Current Editor Joey Styles commented on his Twitter about Cole's comments, including serveral tweets which are as followed:
"LOL! So who is the bigger online fan favorite now, Bryan Danielson or Josh Mathews for acknowledging the wrestling world outside WWE?"
"I'm an internet fan and I can assure you that the exchange between Josh Mathews and Michael Cole was very real. Cole lives in the WWE bubble"
"There are now several I hate Michael Cole threads in the NXT forums on Vintage hatred for Michael. Oh My. Josh is a hero."

Yesterday, lots of those non-internet fans would have got a little more of an education about Josh Matthews, when for the first time in ages on TV, they noted that Matthews had been on the first season of WWE Tough Enough. Matthews also tweeted today:
"Loving the I Hate Michael Cole Threads!"

Bryan Danielson/Daniel Bryan Comments on his WWE NXT Debut & Name Change

This from
WWE NXT rookie Daniel Bryan (formerly Bryan Danielson) appeared on "The B.J. Shea Morning Experience" radio show on 99.9 KISW in Seattle this morning to discuss tonight's WWE NXT debut. You can listen to the interview it's entirety at Here's what Bryan said about:

His Name Change: Well we have to accept the things that are handed down to us, but it is pretty close to my name, you know what I mean? I am comfortable with it and I think it is going to be good. Most people who watch WWE Universe have no idea who I am so they don’t know about what my name was before or anything like that.

To them I’m always going to be known as Daniel Bryan. I think that will be okay. It’s just that the WWE is an enormous corporation and it’s smart for them to have the rights of anybody they put on TV. It doesn’t matter if the person is successful; I’m successful and they own the rights and that helps them and their merchandising and that sort of thing. I don’t think it’s really a big deal; it’s a pretty standard thing."

The Miz Calling Him Boring: "So the deal with The Miz is that that’s how he’s gotten by. He’s very charismatic, he’s gone out there, he’s really good at making people hate him. How I’ve gotten by is a little bit different. I’ve been doing this for over ten years now and what I’ve gotten by and how I made my name is by being excellent in the ring, but that doesn’t mean what he’s saying isn’t partially correct, you know what I mean?

"There is this huge aspect there where for me it’s always been what goes on in the ring. And with the WWE...that’s a big part of it, it’s presenting yourself as a superstar. And when he said I look like an accountant, I kinda do! I don’t watch television, I don’t e-mail. He was asking me, 'What do you do with yourself?' and I said, 'Well, I read!' (Miz responded) 'What? Who reads?' It’s just one of those things where there’s going to be a learning curb there because it’s completely different then anything I’ve every done."

Sunday, 21 February 2010

JBL: "Glad I Am Not Part of This PPV Tonight"

This is from JBL's WWE Universe Account, where he recounts some of his experience's in the Elimination Chamber and is glad he is retired and doesn't have to work in the structure tonight:
"When I returned to wrestling after a hiatus due to a broken back-I found myself in an elimination chamber match. I see one of the guys land on the steel portion outside the ring-I realized there was ZERO give to the entire structure. I realized everything that happened was going to hurt.

A fan yelled-"Hey JBL you fat $@*, why did you return?" I turn around on live TV and said, "I don't know, pretty dumb huh?" Glad I am not part of this ppv tonight. Good luck to those that are.

Today will be spent with no steel cage like last year and no big opponents who want to beat me up. Today will be spent working out, eating at PJ Clarkes and hitting some golf balls at Randall's Island. A lot safer than Big Show-whose new movie I hear is very good-and an Elimination Chamber."

Thursday, 18 February 2010

The Miz Responds to Critics of his WWE NXT Pairing with Bryan Danielson have caught up on the rumblings on the net about people not being happy that The Miz has been paired with Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson. The Miz has written a new blog on his WWE Universe account that reads the following:
"There has been a lot of controversy this week about me mentoring Daniel Bryan on WWE's new show, WWE NXT.

I've read a lot of interviews, blogs, ect. about the matter and they all seem to be asking the same thing. "Why is The Miz mentoring Daniel Bryan when Daniel Bryan has wrestled all over the world for 10 years plus?"

It's come to my knowledge that some members of the WWE Universe think they know everything about WWE and what it takes to be a WWE Superstar. They think that if a guy does well in the independent minor leagues, then all of a sudden he should be in the WWE.

They think that if a guy can main event in front of a hundred people at a bingo hall, then he's ready to main event at WrestleMania. Just because fans on the Internet say you’re ready doesn't mean you really are.

Just because a fat guy with no teeth who sits in the front row, buys your T-shirt and says you're the king of wrestling, doesn't mean you really are.

What the WWE Universe doesn't understand is there is so much more then I can describe in a single blog involved in being successful in the WWE.

My job is to make Daniel Bryan a star in the WWE, because let's face it, if you look at a picture of him right now, do you think STAR?

No, Daniel Bryan looks like my accountant ... ordinary and bland.

Maybe if he had The Miz's charisma and look, he would have been in the WWE by now. Don't hate on me because it didn't take me a decade to get a WWE contract and go down in WWE history to be the first Superstar to win the United States Title and Unified Tag Team Titles.

Don't get me wrong, Daniel Bryan has all the talent in the world, but every wrestler has weaknesses. And that's what my job is, to find his weakness and make him the biggest star possible.

I just hope Daniel Bryan doesn't believe himself what these ignorant members of the WWE Universe believe about him, or WWE NXT is going to be a nightmare for him.


Friday, 12 February 2010

Beware the Cobra

Santino's new finishing move the Cobra is... funny and the best comment I have heard about it was on youtube and it was compared to Ric Flair's top rope dive, a great move that he will rarely hit. The preamble is very funny and the shirt that has been produced for it is amazing. But I am curious to see if when Santino hits it whether or not it is a similar to the Mandible Claw as I predicted. So when everyone is wondering what is NXT I am wondering when is Santino going to hit the Cobra?

Monday, 1 February 2010

R.I.P Jack Brisco

The Dirt Sheet HD would like to offer its condolences to Jack Brisco's family at this time. It seems he died suddenly at the age of 68. R.I.P Jack Brisco September 21st 1941- February 1st 2010.

Royal Rumble 2010: World Heavyweight Championship Match

Deadman vs Underdog

This will be the best singles match of the night. These are two best wrestlers of all time, there is no doubting that and there is no doubt that these two are future Hall of Famers.

The lead up to this match has been interesting, to say the least. 'Taker has been slightly absent from TV and House Shows, he was probably sitting at home watching the #1 Contenders Match when "he" took out Rey and Batista and then his music sounded, a couple of weeks ago, thinking "What? Oh No Not Another Fake Undertaker!"

Batista has been a strange addition to this feud, with his vendetta against lil Rey Rey. His character has evolved as people have really settled into the fact that his music means you "boo!", that might be why they have had him running through the crowd and doing lots of backstage segments. Batista could be one of the biggest heels of 2010, just depending if he can improve his in-ring heel psychology.

Anyway, I digress, the World Heavyweight Championship will be up for grabs and really this will be the thing I least care about in this match, because when at the top of a solid SmackDown card every week is an ever evolving Mysterio vs Batista feud, who seriously needs the Demon of Death Valley. Unless you need a couple more Pay-Per-View Buys.

I don't really know what to think of the lead up into this match that's really why this preview has been so rubbish, I personally am at odds with this feud; but it hasn't needed to be so solid, yeah, there have been good promos here and there, but I mean, remember what this match is again. In finishing I have to say that I liked the end on the run-in Friday Night SmackDown, with Rey and Shawn Michaels (again another HoF'er not far off) and the Undertaker interference, overlapping with the Taker Streak Storyline.

Anyway to be honest, I really don't mind who wins tonight, best odds are on the deadman to be walking out of the Royal Rumble and into Elimination Chamber as the World Heavyweight Championship.

Royal Rumble is Sunday, 31st January 2010 Live on Pay-Per-View at 8pm ET/5pm PT/1am GMT.
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