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Wrestlemania XXVI Preview: Final Batch of Photos From Inside WM XXVI

Look at that Set, it's less set and more Screen, that's what you get now WWE is broadcast in HD worldwide.

Wrestlemania XXVI Preview: Even More Photos From Inside the Stadium

Wrestlemania XXVI Preview: Another Look Inside the University of Phoenix Stadium & WM XXVI Set Up

Wrestlemania XXVI Preview: Triple H vs Sheamus

The Young Lion vs the King of the Pride

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Or should it be, It’s not who you are but who you know? Either way, this is an interesting affair, in and out of the ring. Of course people of the internet have put the rocketing of Sheamus to the top of the company down to Triple H; that might be true or not, oh I forget he’s the son-in-law. Sheamus is in my view a worthy opponent for The Game. It’s just interesting that The Celtic Warrior is the lowest profile match the King of Kings has been in for ages, lets count the ways:
  • Wrestlemania 25: Defeats Randy Orton to Retain the WWE Championship, Main Event
  • Wrestlemania XXIV: Lost to Randy Orton and John Cena in WWE Championship Triple Threat Match, 3rd to Last Match (Same Night as Show-Mayweather/Edge-Undertaker)
  • Wrestlemania 23: Injuried
  • Wrestlemania 22: Lost to John Cena in WWE Championship Match, Main Event
  • Wrestlemania 21: Lost to Batista in World Heavyweight Championship Match, Main Event
  • Wrestlemania XX: Lost to Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels in World Heavyweight Championship Match, Main Event
  • Wrestlemania XIX: Defeats Booker T to Retain World Heavyweight Championship, 4th to Last Match (Same Night as Austin-Rock III/McMahon-Hogan/Angle-Lesnar)
  • Wrestlemania X-8: Defeats Chris Jericho to become Undisputed Champion, Main Event
  • Wrestlemania X-Seven: Lost to Undertaker, 2nd to last match (Same Night as Rock-Austin II)
  • Wrestlemania 2000: Defeats The Rock, Mick Foley and Big Show to Retain the WWF Championship, Main Event
And Then further you go back from this he drops down a bit, but the point remains (and to be perfectly honest I didn’t expect that much to come of it).

This is his first truly low-ish key match since Wrestlemania XV when he faced Kane (5th to Last Match). So Please Savour this moment... And It’s Over. I’m not doubting the match at all, I hope we see a master class from the Game, because no matter how much you ridicule him and call him boring, he knows how to deliver and if the rumours are true, he is the hardest working wrestler out there (probably second to John Cena).

Then we have Sheamus, debuting on the grandest stage of them all tonight. Who is different, it is safe to say we’ve never seen anyone like him in WWE before. Is this good? Yes. And will this be a good match tonight? Yes! And even looking back on the build-up to this match, it has actually been better than I first thought.
Strangely, even though HHH would hate it, I would be looking out for an Irish hand to be held high at the end of the match, but hey, what do I know?

Wrestlemania XXVI Preview: Career vs. Streak Match

‘Ain’t no grave can hold my body down’

All good things must come to an end, or do they? Johnny Cash seems to suggest in his song otherwise. But is this song in this instances referring to Shawn Michaels’ career not ending at Wrestlemania XXVI or, is it suggesting that The Undertaker will never lose at Wrestlemania? Can you have too much of a good thing? Will darkness conquer light again? Will the career of Shawn Michaels be ended by The Undertaker or will The Undertaker’s 17-0 undefeated streak at Wrestlemania finally be ended by Mr. Wrestlemania, The Showstopper the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels?

These two future WWE Hall of Famers have had many epic encounters with each other during their careers. The first and some argue the best Hell in a Cell match at Badd Blood: In Your House 1997, in which Shawn Michaels defeated The Undertaker with an assist from Kane. To the Casket Match at the Royal Rumble 1998 in which HBK suffered a legitimate back injury that took him out of WWE as an in ring competitor until 2002. The same match in which Undertaker was buried in a casket which was later set on fire by Kane and Paul Bearer (there seems to be a pattern here between Taker losing and Kane being involved watch this space tonight.) From that point on the feud lay dormant until Royal Rumble 2007 when The Undertaker for the first time in his career won the Royal Rumble from the number 30 spot (the first time that to had ever happened) eliminating none other than Shawn Michaels last. During the build up to Wrestlemania the champion and contenders from RAW and Smackdown met in a tag team contest at No Way Out, The Undertaker and HBK locked horns in that match however the main twist was Batista and Undertakers feud rather than HBK and The Demon of Death Valley’s. Once again the two men allowed the differences to simmer on the back burner whilst other priorities were moved to the forefront. For HBK it was D-Generation X whereas for The Undertaker it was claiming the World Heavyweight Championship which he did 3 times.

Two years later at Royal Rumble 2009 these men’s paths would cross and this time it would spark a chain of events that would bring us to today, tonight and perhaps the biggest match in Wrestlemania history. ‘Sometimes it is Hell getting to Heaven!’ one simple line, one simple phrase, which led to what may considered the greatest match in WWE history HBK vs. The Undertaker Wrestlemania XXV, as you can tell by the fact this year’s contest is career vs. Streak that Undertaker beat HBK at WMXXV, something that didn’t sit well with Shawn. So at the 2009 Slammys HBK issued a challenge to then World Heavyweight Champion the Undertaker who turned Shawn down. So what did HBK do? Did he just accept the rejection and move on? No, he begged and pleaded for Teddy Long to let him into the Elimination Chamber match for the World Heavyweight Championship, his logic being that he was going to slay the beast that Undertaker and then offer him a title rematch at Wrestlemania XXVI. Teddy refused and got some Sweet Chin Music for his troubles. Shawn then snuck into the Elimination chamber unofficially and cost the Undertaker the match. Knowing full well that The Undertaker would never let such an event pass without seeking retribution, so it came to pass Shawn issued the challenge once again and this time The Undertaker accepted on one condition Shawn Michaels put his career on the line.

This year’s contest unlike the match at Wrestlemania XXV will be a no disqualification, no count out match. This stipulation was added a few weeks after the match itself was decided. On the face of it this would seem to make very little difference but, if it is taken in to consideration that at Wrestlemania XXV HBK was one second away from a count out victory after ‘that’ suicide dive. Also HBK is no stranger to shall we say bending the rules and this could mean he has some advantage going into tonight’s match. But the Undertaker is no stranger to bending the rules.

If tonight’s match has anything to do with statistics then HBK looks almost destine to lose. His Wrestlemania record is 6 (5 as a singles competitor and 1 as part of the Rockers) wins to 10 loses at Wrestlemania. Even if you look at Shawn performances in the majority of those matches he still comes out second best and at Wrestlemania XXVI Shawn can fight his heart out but if he does not secure a 123 or a submission he will have to retire. Paradoxically the Undertaker is 17-0 at Wrestlemania and much like HBK the majority of his performances have been of a high calibre. The exception to the rule is perhaps his contest at Wrestlemania IX in which he beat the Giant Gonzalez by disqualification (up until Wrestlemania XXIV which was won by submission) was the only time that The Undertaker had won a match at Wrestlemania by anything other than pin fall.

This year is a first for the streak; it is the first time that the Undertaker has fought the same opponent consecutively. In fact Taker has only fought the same person at Wrestlemania twice before tonight and that was? You guessed it, Kane, who seems to keep popping up in the careers of Undertaker and HBK. HBK put forward the idea that this was the case for one simple reason Taker knows how close HBK came last year and now he wants to get rid of him for good. Which sounds like a good theory but if The Undertaker knew how close HBK came why would he accept another Wrestlemania match with him? Why not take an easier option? Perhaps the real reasons why Taker is taking on Michaels again is to finish what he started in 1998 and end HBK’s career, or even finish the job from last year in which the Undertaker claimed HBK’s soul maybe this year Taker will take the rest? The truth is that there is not one (kayfabe) reasons as to why Taker and Shawn are locking up again, but to be honest does there need to be? Not really, as a former WWE commentator use to say before major ‘This is going to be off the chain!’

When looking at this match a key feature will be the differing styles used by each competitor. The Undertaker will no doubt have the power advantage over HBK. This will be shown through moves like the Chokeslam which Taker has utilise on many occasions to good effect but I just don’t see it being the move that is going to put HBK away tonight. Also one of the more devastating moves in Taker’s arsenal based around power is the Last Ride Powerbomb, which was used to great affected against HBK last year at Wrestlemania XXV, however, much like the Chokeslam I don’t think the Last Ride will be Taker’s weapon of choice for tonight’s contest. I believe one of the firm favourites to be the last move of the match tonight is The Tombstone Piledriver a move that few men have kicked out of. A move that is so dangerous only a handful of Superstars are trusted in the WWE to perform it. The move that eventually put HBK away last year could perhaps do the same this year. Other power moves in Taker’s arsenal expected to be seen tonight to deliver damage to HBK are Snake Eyes which is usually followed by a running boot to the face. Also one of the biggest features of Undertaker’s offense which might be over looked but after a gruelling contest some of Undertaker’s straight right hands could be the difference maker. Who can forget when Taker threw Mick Foley off and through the Hell in a Cell? Foley himself later said neither fall knocked him out it was in fact one of Taker’s punch’s that did the damage. Also Batista when reflecting on his Wrestlemania match with Undertaker talked on how one of Taker’s caused him to suffer an injury to his face.

Taker might have the Power advantage but HBK has the speed advantage, at has been demonstrated many times before Taker’s big shots are no good if he can’t land them. However, as the match wears on HBK’s speed begins to diminish, that is when HBK’s finishing move, Sweet Chin Music, can be utilised to its maximum effect. The move can virtually be hit from any position and as JR would say is ‘quicker than a hiccup’ and if HBK can hit that then maybe Taker’s streak will be over. Also HBK has the use of the flying forearm and flying elbow moves that have helped him win on many occasion, but with the flying elbow it is very high risk and the chances of succeeding are just as high a failing, especially if HBK introduces a ladder into tonight’s match something that could happen there might be some lying around after MitB. The Undertaker may not be as quick as HBK but he has shown himself to be as agile, Taker’s suicide dive is one of if not the best in the business and it has become a Wrestlemania tradition so the question will more be when then if he is going to hit it. Also an often forgotten move of the Undertaker’s is the running DDT a move that sounds very mundane but when delivered could be the ending of Shawn Michaels.

Both men in this match are well versed in submission holds and I would not be surprised if many were attempted if not locked in by both men. The Undertaker’s signature submission hold at this moment of time is the Hell’s Gate. A move that was once banned by Vickie Guerrero for being ‘too dangerous’ has been reinstated after modified to make it more effective and a legal hold, also a move very few people have escaped from HBK being one of them. However, in the past the Undertaker has been known to use many other submission holds. Examples of these are the Triangle Choke and the Standing Dragon Sleeper or as it was known when Taker used it as ‘Takin’ Care of Business.’ All of the above holds are devastating when applied and could be used to wear down if not defeat an opponent. Shawn Michaels is also well versed in submission holds, however his preferred holds are the Figure of Four Leglock and Inverted Figure of Four Leglock, the Sharpshooter and the Crippler Crossface. During tonight’s contest I would not be surprised if HBK did not attempted to war down the legs of The Undertaker to make the 2 variations of the Figure of Four more effective. Likewise HBK might looks to reverse the Chokeslam into a Crossface as an attempted to wear down The Undertaker and take out his power game. Although I highly doubt that this contest will end via submission as I cannot remember The Undertaker ever giving up (except at Montreal Screwjob 4 which to be perfectly honest I don’t really count unless I am trying to big up CM Punk) and I don’t see Shawn Michaels ending his career by tapping out.

Time, is always an important factor when it come to wrestling. Last year HBK and Undertaker were given just over 30 minutes which was the longest match on the card. This I feel should be replicated this year however I think the match should go for about 45-60 minutes. The reason for this is that this match is probably going to be one of the emotional matches in WWE history and regardless of the winner I would say that there will be very few dry eyes in the WWE Universe. However is also feel that the match should not close the show. This would show disrespect to Ric Flair who had a retirement match at Wrestlemania XXIV. Despite the fact that Ric went back to work a decision that he could do very little about due to his financial situation, a decision that Flair ‘checked’ through with Michaels before taking, it still needs to be respected. Also I think that the Royal Rumble winner’s match should be the last match on the card because that is a tradition in WWE that has lasted a long time and when it has not been adhered to the PPV has felt slightly abnormal for example Wrestlemania 23 felt weird with HBK vs. Cena closing the show rather that The Undertaker vs. Batista even more so because Undertaker that year eliminated HBK last from the Rumble.

Jim Ross, respected WWE Commentator and owner of a two Bar-B-Q stores in Oklahoma on his website he has said many times that he cannot see The Undertaker’s streak being ended. A view which many people have held for many years myself included. HHH on RAW says that he ‘knows’ that HBK can beat The Undertaker and some people have taken this to mean that somehow Triple H is going to get involved and cost HBK the match. I however, do not feel that an event of this magnitude will not have a clean finish one way or the other. Also in many interviews recently HBK has been talking a lot recently about hanging up his boots and spending time with his family. He also addressed the fact that this was increasingly becoming the case after turning towards religion that has made him feel this way. Could this be a sign for tonights out come? Not really as Vince is a clever man and he wants to sell PPVs in fact WWE has predicted this Wrestlemania could make them the most money in WWE history and the best way to sell this PPV is to make people think they could see something amazing or for the last time and unlike with Ric Flair were the writing was clearly on the wall, with HBK every year is rumoured to retire this is why people might treat this with suspicion.

The aspect of this match that might be forgotten is the commentary team. In an ideal World my commentary team would be Jim Ross, King and Matt Striker. Also I would love to see maybe Mick Foley, Jesse Ventura or JBL along with JR and King on the commentary team but again that would be impossible. So if we assume that WWE will go with a three man team of Michael ‘I hate the internet’ Cole Jerry ‘The King Lawler’ and Matt Striker, you have to look at what that adds to the match. You might be reading the now thinking who cares? But the commentary team on a match can be huge on the storytelling front. JR’s catchphrases and expressions made good moment’s great and great moment unbelievable and no offense to Cole but Vintage is not quite ‘Boomer Sooner’ or ‘Business is pickin’ up!’ Jerry Lawler does not prep and yet I wouldn’t want for him not to be calling the show he is such an amazing commentator despite his occasional risqué joke. Matt Striker average wrestler top commentator. His performance as a slight heel is amazing as shown at TLC when Sheamus beat John Cena, Striker’s commentary after that moment was a Dirt Sheet HD favourite moment. His style of commentary could lend itself perfectly to this sort of match I have the feeling he will be heelish during the match and then after the match he will play it sensitively but to the point. Cole and King will be the consummate professionals and they will call it perfectly. Although JR is in Arizona and has been claiming he is not calling the show, but WWE have often done things like that and in the past JR has been called into just one match and I am hoping that this is the case even if Matt Striker has to be dropped for that to happen.

The last aspect I want to look at in this match is the entrances of the Superstars. I have the feeling that there is going to be something special going on but I have no idea what. I felt that last year’s entrance for The Undertaker was poor to say the least. It was a Gangrel rip off and also it was not what we have come to expect from The Undertaker, I wanted to see druids! Also it would be a huge surprise but a nice one if WWE could get Paul Bearer and Jose Lothario to come to the ring with their respective former mentees. What however HBK and Taker come even if it is conventionally (Druids are a must however for the Undertaker) it is going to be special as it could very well be the last time.

This match is going to be amazing. This match is going to be everything it should be and more. I am a massive Undertaker fan and yet part of me a small part of me wants HBK to win because HBK can have a great match with anyone and I mean anyone. But at the same time The Undertaker’s streak is special I would suggest that no one will ever match it and certainly not beat it, in fact I doubt anyone will be able to get near it. This is one of the few matches were I have no clear favourite in my mind, every time I think about it I have a different outcome. This will be one of a handful of matches where I will sit down not as a blogger/writer, not as a wrestling historian and not as a Smark. I will sit down and watch this match as a WWE Fan, as a wrestling fan and as a wrestling fan!

Wrestlemania XXVI Preview: CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio

Happy Birthday

Never before has such a happy moment seemed so eerie. “Happy Birthday” normally a song filled with love and happiness was usurped and made to be a battle cry of rage and hate of the Straight Edge Society. I mean what’s not to like about this match? CM Punk is one of the most solid performers and evil characters in the WWE right now. He has a massive loathing and hatred behind him and the fact he is picking on Rey, who is one of the most beloved superstars in wrestling right now, and his family means that Punk stock only goes up further.

I’m sorry to say but that girl was crying like CM Punk was the Grim Reaper, pure evil. I really hope that Rey’s Family will be there, backstage or otherwise, just so there can be a bit more Punk-Mysterio Family Interaction. And let’s not forget that if Rey loses he has to join the Straight Edge Society. I mean on the surface you wouldn’t see that happening, but I’ve been thinking recently and been listening to people more in the know than me, who are saying that it’s more viable that Punk walks out of the University of Phoenix Stadium with the win.

“But they wouldn’t let Rey lose, he needs revenge, I mean he’s the fan favourite. You’ll break all the little kids’ hearts”

Stop right there, surely that is exactly what this feud has been about, why not do it again. I mean that would be a kid’s worst nightmare, seeing their hero, their Rey Rey made to follow in CM Punk’s Straight Edge footsteps. And if they have a feud going through summer, which I really hope is the case, it’ll add a fantastic dimension, i.e. with Rey trying to escape from the group, failing up to, say, Summerslam at the Staples Centre, LA in August.

These two have never really fought each other before now, one exception I can remember was at Armageddon 2008 when CM Punk beat Rey to become the #1 Contender for William Regal’s IC Title; Punk nearly broke Mysterio’s nose that time. These two are great athletes, performers and entertainers which will leave it all in the ring tonight. For me this is the dark horse of the night, obviously won’t steal the show thanks to HBK-Taker, but they will give us our money’s worth and get a pay check they deserve. Also look for the SES to do some great work outside the ring.

“Happy Birthday... to... you”

WrestlemaniaRewind - The 25th Anniversary of Wrestlemania Results & Highlights

"The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania"
April 5, 2009 in Houston, TX
Reliant Stadium drawing 72,744 ($6,900,000)
Shown live on PPV
  1. WWE Tag Champs Carlito & Primo Colon beat The Miz & John Morrison (8:20) in a "lumberjack" match to win the World Tag Title when Primo pinned Morrison.
  2. CM Punk beat Shelton Benjamin, Christian, Fit Finlay, Mark Henry, Kane, Kofi Kingston, and MVP (14:24) in a "money in the bank ladder" match.
  3. Kid Rock performed Bawitdaba, Rock-n-Roll Jesus, Cowboy, All Summer Long, and So Hott.
  4. Santino Marella won a "divas battle royal" (5:57). Also in the match were: Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Katie Lee Burchill, Layla El, Alicia Fox, Jackie Gayda, Joy Giovanni, Jillian Hall, Molly Holly, Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim, Maria, Maryse, Michelle McCool, Melina, Rosa Mendes, Natalya, Beth Phoenix, Sunny, Tiffany, Eve Torres, Victoria, and Torrie Wilson. Mae Young was the guest timekeeper.
  5. Chris Jericho beat Jimmy Snuka, Roddy Piper, & Ricky Steamboat w/Ric Flair (seconded by Mickey Rourke) (8:53) in a "handicap elimination" match. Jericho beat Snuka (3:40) via submission. Jericho pinned Piper (4:40). Jericho pinned Steamboat (8:53).
  6. Matt Hardy pinned Jeff Hardy (13:13) in an "extreme rules" match.
  7. Rey Mysterio pinned John Bradshaw Layfield (0:21) to win the WWE I-C Title.
  8. The Undertaker pinned Shawn Michaels (30:41).
  9. John Cena beat Edge and The Big Show (14:42) in a "triple threat" match to win the World Title.
  10. Hall of Fame Introduction: Terry & Dory Funk Jr., Koko B. Ware, Bill Watts, Steve Austin, Ricky Steamboat, Howard Finkel, and Kevin, Kerry (posthumous), David (posthumous), & Fritz (posthumous) Von Erich.
  11. WWE Champ Triple H pinned Randy Orton.
Guest: Nicole Scherzinger (vocalist)

Wrestlemania XXVI Preview: Final Card For Tonight's Wrestlemania XXVI

Streak vs Career
No DQ, No Countout
The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels
WWE Championship
Batista (c) vs John Cena
World Heavyweight Championship
Chris Jericho (c) vs Edge
No Holds Barred
Bret Hart vs Mr. McMahon
Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Christian vs Dolph Ziggler vs Jack Swagger vs MVP vs Drew McIntyre vs Evan Bourne vs Matt Hary vs Kofi Kingston vs Kane vs Shelton Benjamin
If Rey Mysterio Loses he has to join the Straight Edge Society
CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio
Triple Threat Match
Randy Orton vs Ted DiBiase vs Cody Rhodes
Triple H vs Sheamus
Unified WWE Tag Team Championship
The Miz & Big Show (c) vs John Morrison & R-Truth
10-Diva Tag Team
Beth Phoenix, Mickie James, Gail Kim, Eve Torres & Kelly Kelly vs Women's Champion Michelle McCool, Diva's Champion Maryse, Vickie Guerrero, Layla & Alicia Fox

Wrestlemania XXVI Preview: Money in the Bank Ladder Match

‘I look up to the sky and now the World is mine’

A line from this year’s Wrestlemania theme ‘I made it’ and I think it quite aptly describes the Money in the Bank ladder match. A briefcase hangs above the ring and the first person retrieves it get a title match at any time from the moment they unhook it till Wrestlemania the next year. Every person that has cashed in MitB has won one of the World titles (however as we all know not everyone who won money in the bank went onto cash it in. Mr Kennedy won the briefcase but lost it to Edge who went on to cash it in.

Anyway that is enough of history lesson now it is time to look forward to tonight’s MitB match. 10 men are all vying for the briefcase. How do they rate? Well let’s take a DSHD look at what we think their chances are. The two number factors are chances of winning in our opinion, which seems pretty obvious and entertainment factor which is basically how many spills/ big spots they will be involved in or just how much will their involvement be remember. So for example at Wrestlemania XXV Mark Henry would score relatively high although not taking many big bumps he was involved with the ‘Tadpole Splash moment’ The Kofi ladder moment and the parting of the Ladders with Kane.

Captain Charisma making his Wrestlemania return and just like his last Wrestlemania with WWE he is in the MitB money match. The big difference is that this year lots of people have him down as the favourite to win. A former ‘WWEECW’ (thanks for that one Joey Styles) champion and a ladder match specialist it would seem that he has all the advantages going into this match. However, the only time Christian has headlined a company was TNA and would Vince trust him to be able to headline Smackdown or RAW as WWE or WHC? It is hard to tell also it seems that Vince is increasingly about developing new talent which is why the US, one half of the tag team titles, Women championship and Divas championship are all held by rising stars in the WWE as well as the fact that up until Elimination Chamber Sheamus was the WWE Champion and MitB has often been a match to give either a young star his break CM Punk and Mr. Kennedy even if he got injured and lost his chance, but paradoxically it has been used to give a veteran his break for example Edge and RVD all one the big prize for the first time after winning MitB.
Chances of winning 8.5/10
Entertainment factor 8.5/10

Dolph Ziggler
You can’t stop perfection? Well, really? I have to disagree. Ziggler sort of disappeared last summer after his feud with Rey and to be honest he resurfaced at the Royal Rumble as number one again ruining one of my predictions and since then he has been back on the scene with his new move the Sleeper hold, which he has been utilising with to good effect. But I just don’t see him winning MitB because he has not been given a consistent push and I have a horrible feeling he could disappear after Wrestlemania or float around like Shelton until the next MitB or Royal Rumble or a similar event. But I could see Ziggler hitting the Zig Zag off a ladder or something tonight and having a few good spots.
Chances of winning 1/10
Entertainment factor 5/10

Drew McIntyre
The Chairman’s choice, the current intercontinental and with only one lost to his name (sort of) looks destine for great things. But is he destined to win MitB? Perhaps, but it would be a long shot. The Scotsman is making his Wrestlemania debut this year’s as the extra 9th man to the MitB, which in itself suggests that he is not top on the list for people to win. As well as that as a current champion giving him the MitB would I feel be too much too young for this Superstar, who lacks the charisma and in my opinion the talent that someone like the Miz, has can and is currently pulling off holding two titles. But in a year or so I have a feeling I could be writing about MitB and Drew McIntyre could be the odds on favourite. Also with regards to his entertainment factor Drew is neither a powerhouse nor a high flyer and I feel he could get a bit lost in a ladder match with this many men.
Chances of winning 3.5/10
Entertainment factor 4/10

Evan Bourne
If I had to pick a winner based solely on personal opinion then Evan would be up there in the top two. He has bags of talent and when he is given the chance to speak he seem quite charismatic. The problem is WWE don’t seem to know how to use him properly, they don’t have a heel cruiserweight that has the same highflying ability to put him up against and it seems they don’t like Evan doing a David vs. Goliath sort of victory over the bigger competitors. So at the moment Evan is stuck in no man’s land and I really don’t see WWE even consider giving him a title match but what I do see is him stealing the show in the MitB tonight and showing everyone how to go Air Bourne properly.
Chances of winning 0.5/10
Entertainment factor 9.5.10

Jack Swagger
The All American American is the person I want to win and it is not wholly unlikely but I would say that if he did win it would be a big surprise. The former ECW champion was teased as having a feud with Cena when he helped Mr. McMahon the other week (walking to the ring in somewhat comical fashion) likewise in the past when Cena and Swagger have locked horns it has been an epic contest between the two superstars and if they were allowed to go at it again it could really make Swagger’s career much like The Miz. Also it would seem that Cena or a RAW superstar has to win the WWE championship match because technically Batista is a Smackdown Superstar and both titles cannot be on the same brand. Could it be Swagger? Maybe but either way I think this athletic Oklahoman could be quite entertaining in MitB regardless of the outcome.
Chances of winning 5.5/10
Entertainment Factor 7/10

The Big Red Monster the only former WWE/WHC champion in this match. He has Wrestlemania and Money in the Bank experience which might give him an edge in tonight’s match. Also he came ridiculously close at winning MitB at Wrestlemania XXV which could drive him forward at Wrestlemania XXVI also the man that knocked him off the ladder is not in the match so could this mean it will be Kane’s year? Probably not, WWE seem not to want to give Kane a World title or any title for that matter and I just don’t see MitB making a difference this year but who knows, I have been wrong before?
Chances of winning: 4/10
Entertainment factor 6.5/10

Kofi Kingston
The Ghanaian Buzzsaw was Jamaican in the last MitB that is not particularly relevant on the face of it but actually after reverting back to his actually nationality and ditching the Jamaican accent Kofi actually was given a main event push against Randy Orton and look destined for great things. Then that push sort of died for some unknown reasons and Kofi went into the grey area between mid-carder and main eventer. But also like Swagger during the Mr. McMahon vs. John Cena match it was teased that Kofi could be feuding with Batista in the future. However, Kofi’s ability to bust people open all the time seemingly by accident could put him in lots of people’s bad books a prevent him winning MitB or getting the final push fully into main event status, this seems pretty clear since he was the 10th man to qualify for a 8 man match.
Chances of winning 7/10
Entertainment factor 9/10

Matt Hardy
After a up and down 2009 Matt Hardy has vowed to reinvent himself and set the record straight in 2010 and MitB could be his way of doing just that. A bit of a dark horse and sort of forgotten in the run up to MitB because of NXT, but do not let this fool you Matt Hardy could surprise everyone and finally climb to the same heights as his brother Jeff (no pun intended.) The only drawback is that Matt Hardy has always been second fiddle to Jeff and whenever I look at Matt Hardy I always put him as the second brother. He is a very gifted and talented wrestler but he seems to be never quite reach the level needed to be WWE/WHC champion. But perhaps he can win MitB and shake off the shackles of his brother’s legacy and finally reach the top of the food chain.
Chances of winning 4.5/10
Entertainment factor 6.5/10

Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP)
One half of the World’s Strongest Tag Team (he is the half with the talent and Charisma) MVP has always been a consistently good performer and his Wrestlemania matches are very good. Who can forget his U.S. title match with Chris Benoit at Wrestlemania 23 when he took the Crippler to his limit? MVP has been feuding with The Miz for quite a long time now and to be honest every time the two of them met one on one they have had amazing matches. A truly talented individual that has not quite yet been give the chance to prove himself at the highest level since his debut feud with Kane. Wrestlemania XXVI will probably not be his year but his performance on the grandest stage of them all will be up there with everyone else and who knows this year could well be a good year for MVP.
Chances of winning 4/10
Entertainment factor 5.5/10

Shelton Benjamin
The Gold Standard, a nickname which is perhaps not very apt as the last time Shelton held a title was March 20th 2009 when he lost his US title to MVP. The best analogy I can think of to describe Shelton’s role in MitB is ‘always the bridesmaid never the bride’ as Shelton has been in 4 of the 5 Money in the Bank matches and at Wrestlemania XXVI he will be entering into his 5th. Shelton will not win tonight, however if he is lucky he might be able to earn a feud with McIntyre over the IC title after MitB depending on how the match pans out.
Chances of Winning 0/10
Entertainment Factor 9.25/10

What is interesting about this year’s MitB is that one of the WWE PPVs later this year is called MitB which would suggest that the briefcase will be cashed sooner rather than later. This could be at Wrestlemania or at the April Pay Per View which at the moment is Extreme Rules a PPV that bodes well for MitB winners. But also this year more so than other years there is no clear winner or even a group of people you could pick to win for example at Wrestlemania XXI Kane, Y2J, Edge and Chris Benoit all looked like viable winners or at Wrestlemania XXIV Y2J, Punk and Mr. Kennedy all looked like they could win. So one of the many reasons why Wrestlemania XXVI will be off the chart this year is that like most of the matches on the card MitB is just too close to accurately call despite my best efforts.

Wrestlemania XXVI Preview: World Heavyweight Championship Match

Spear vs. Codebreaker

Royal Rumble winner Edge takes on World Heavyweight Champion and former tag team partner Chris Jericho, in a match that is much more than a title match, this is a grudge match of epic proportions.

Edge was injured during his tag team title reign with Y2J which led to the formation of JeriShow. It also led to lots of taunting from Y2J with regards to Edge’s weakness. Now you don’t need to be a Smark to see what was coming next. Edge returning from injury surprising EVERYONE and went and one it, ruining my predictions I might add! Now all that needed to be addressed was the issue that Edge had a date for the big dance and it wasn’t Y2J. Enter HBK at Elimination Chamber, for purely selfish reasons he took out The Undertaker costing him the big gold belt, in to process much to Edge’s delight Chris Jericho happened to win the Elimination Chamber earning the Big Gold Belt.

Now as this was going on Edge debut an amazing fan favourite phrase ‘Spear!’ no said once is fine, repeated 1,000 times however it begins to grate ever so slightly. But not only did he say the word 1000 times he used the move almost as many taking out the likes of Big Show, Miz and Wade Barrett. Jericho also seemed to be out witted by Edge on every occasion they met, but then there was that fateful Highlight Reel on Smackdown when Y2J attempted to introduce Edge to the Jeri-tron 6000 (I think it is the Jeri-tron 6000 but don’t quote me on that.) Edge reversed it, and set up the Spear, but Y2J was ready and clocked Edge with the WHC belt knocking him out. Fast forward one week to the Cutting Edge and once again Y2J got the better of Edge hitting him this time with the Codebreaker. Through this time Y2J has compared Edge to David Beckham (wow, there is a reference I never thought I’d make on this site) and suggesting that Edge’s DNA well cost him the match as he is injury prone, which compared to Y2J is the case.

This match will probably and hopefully be the last match on the card so that WWE follow tradition of putting the Royal Rumble winners match last on the card. The winner however is not such a clear cut decision, on one hand Edge could complete his triumphant return and spear his way to the Big Gold Belt or will Y2J be able to break the code of the spear and retain? Plus there is the wild card option as there looks to be a Money in the Bank PPV view this year so will Vince continue the Wrestlemania tradition of the past two years of less than a minute title matches and have the MitB winner cash in at Mania against ever the WHC or WWE Champion? All I know for a fact is that I cannot wait for Wrestlemania to find the answer to this question!

WrestlemaniaRewind - Wrestlemania XXIV Results & Highlights

"The Biggest WrestleMania Under the Sun"
March 30, 2008 in Orlando, FL
Citrus Bowl drawing 74,635 ($5,854,590)
Shown live on PPV
  1. Kane won a "battle royal" (6:50). Also in the match were: Elijah Burke, Lance Cade, Deuce, Domino, Tommy Dreamer, Jim Duggan, Festus, The Great Khali, Mark Henry, Hardcore Holly, Jesse, Brian Kendrick, Kofi Kingston, The Miz, Shannon Moore, Trevor Murdoch, Jamie Noble, Chuck Palumbo, Cody Rhodes, Snitsky, Stevie Richards, Val Venis, and Jimmy Wang Yang.
  2. John Bradhshaw Layfield pinned Fit Finlay (8:35) in a "Belfast brawl" match.
  3. CM Punk beat Shelton Benjamin, Carlito, Chris Jericho, Mr. Kennedy, John Morrison, and MVP (13:55) in a "money in the bank ladder" match.
  4. Hall of Fame Introduction: Jack & Jerry Brisco, Rock Johnson, Peter Maivia (posthumous), Gordon Solie (posthumous), Mae Young, Eddie Graham (posthumous), and Ric Flair (not present).
  5. Batista pinned Umaga (7:06).
  6. Kane pinned Chavo Guerrero (0:09) to win the ECW Title.
  7. Shawn Michaels pinned Ric Flair (20:23) in Flair's final match.
  8. Beth Phoenix & Melina beat Ashley & Maria (5:56) in a "lumberjill" match when Phoenix pinned Maria.
  9. WWE Champ Randy Orton beat John Cena and Triple H (14:09) in a "triple threat" match when he pinned Cena.
  10. Floyd Mayweather pinned The Big Show (11:36) in an "anything goes" match.
  11. The Undertaker pinned Edge (23:50) to win the World Title.
Guests: Snoop Dogg (MC), John Legend (vocalist)

Wrestlemania XXVI Preview: Unified WWE Tag Team Championship Match

The White Shadow and Black Magic vs. ShoMiz

This will be a short one, the review that is. ShoMiz are walking in to Wrestlemania XXVI as tag team champions and to be honest with you I see them walking out again with the belts. Both teams have been thrown together. The difference between the two however is that whereas the Miz and Big Show have differing styles but similar personalities. R-Truth and John Morrison are similar in both style and personality, meaning there team is not in my opinion as particularly good one.

Looking at this match it will be a short affair, might even be the opening match, followed by the Money in the Bank, or perhaps you know it will be cut last minute for a another concert perhaps this year by Kevin Rudolph or Fozzy. The talent in this match will make it a good contest if not slightly meaningless compared to HBK vs. Taker or Vince vs. Bret.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

WrestlemaniaRewind - Wrestlemania 23 Results & Highlights

"All Grown Up"
April 1, 2007 in Detroit, MI
Ford Field drawing 74,687 ($5,380,000)
Shown live on PPV
  1. Ric Flair & Carlito beat Gregory Helms & Chavo Guerrero when Carlito pinned Helms.
  2. Mr. Kennedy beat Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Edge, Randy Orton, Fit Finlay, CM Punk, and Booker T (19:05) in a "money in the bank ladder" match.
  3. The Great Khali pinned Kane (5:31).
  4. WWE U.S. Champ Chris Benoit pinned MVP (9:19).
  5. Hall of Fame Introduction: Nick Bockwinkel, Mr. Fuji, Curt Hennig (posthumous), Jerry Lawler, Dusty Rhodes, Jim Ross, The Sheik (posthumous), and The Wild Samoans.
  6. The Undertaker pinned Batista (15:47) to win the World Title.
  7. Rob Van Dam, Sabu, Tommy Dreamer, & Sabu beat Marcus Cor Von, Elijah Burke, Kevin Thorn, & Matt Striker (6:25) when Van Dam pinned Striker.
  8. Bobby Lashley (with Donald Trump) pinned Umaga (with Vince McMahon) (13:04) in a "hair vs. hair" match where the seconds' hair was at stake. Steve Austin was the referee.
  9. WWE Women's Champ Melina pinned Ashley (3:13) in a "lumberjack" match.
  10. WWE Champ John Cena beat Shawn Michaels (28:20) via submission.
Guest: Artha Franklin (vocalist)

WrestlemaniaRewind - Wrestlemania 22 Results & Highlights

“Big Time”
April 2, 2006 in Chicago, IL
All-State Arena drawing 17,155 ($2,500,000)
Shown live on PPV
  1. Viscera won a “battle royal.” Also in the match were: Lance Cade, Simon Dean, Eugene, Funaki, Goldust, Sylvan Grenier, Joey Mercury, Trevor Murdoch, Johnny Nitro, Psicosis, William Regal, Stevie Richards, The Road Warrior, Gene Snitsky, Matt Stryker, Super Crazy, and Tyson Tomko.
  2. World Tag Champs The Big Show & Kane beat Chris Masters & Carlito (6:41) when Kane pinned Carlito.
  3. Rob Van Dam beat Shelton Benjamin, Fit Finlay, Ric Flair, Matt Hardy, and Bobby Lashley (12:21) in a “money in the bank ladder” match.
  4. Hall of Fame Introduction: Tony Atlas, Verne Gagne, Eddie Guerrero (posthumous), Bret Hart (not present), Blackjacks Lanza & Mulligan, Sherri Martel, Gene Okerlund, and William Perry.
  5. John Bradshaw Layfield pinned Chris Benoit (9:44) to win the WWE U.S. Title.
  6. Edge pinned Mick Foley (14:37) in a “hardcore” match.
  7. The Boogeyman beat Booker T & Sharmell (3:52) in a “handicap” match when he pinned Booker.
  8. Mickie James pinned Trish Stratus (8:48) to win the WWE Women’s Title.
  9. The Undertaker beat Mark Henry (9:26) in a “casket” match.
  10. Shawn Michaels pinned Vince McMahon (18:28) in a “street fight” match.
  11. Rey Mysterio beat Randy Orton and Kurt Angle (9:18) in a “triple threat” match to win the World Title when he pinned Orton.
  12. Torrie Wilson pinned Candice Michelle (3:54) in a “Playboy pillow fight” match.
  13. WWE Champ John Cena beat Triple H (22:02) via submission.
Guests: P.O.D. (vocalists), Michelle Williams (vocalist)

WrestlemaniaRewind - Wrestlemania 21 Results & Highlights

April 3, 2005 in Los Angeles, CA
Staples Center drawing 20,193 ($2,100,000)
Shown live on PPV
  1. Booker T won a “battle royal.” Also in the match were: Akio, Danny Basham, Doug Basham, Rob Conway, Simon Dean, Spike Dudley, Sho Funaki, Sylvan Grenier, Charlie Haas, John Heidenreich, Hardcore Holly, Hurricane, Mark Jindrak, Orlando Jordan, Paul London, Chris Masters, Maven, Nunzio, William Regal, Luther Reigns, Rhyno, Rosey, Scotty Too Hotty, Gene Snitsky, Yoshihiro Tajiri, Tyson Tomko, Val Venis, and Viscera.
  2. Rey Mysterio pinned Eddie Guerrero (12:39).
  3. Edge beat Chris Benoit, Christian, Chris Jericho, Kane, and Shelton Benjamin (15:17) in a “money in the bank ladder” match.
  4. Hulk Hogan attacks Muhammad Hassan & Khosrow Daivari after they had attacked Eugene.
  5. The Undertaker pinned Randy Orton (14:14).
  6. WWE Women’s Champ Trish Stratus pinned Christy Hemme (4:11).
  7. Kurt Angle beat Shawn Michaels (27:25) via submission.
  8. “Piper’s Pit” with Steve Austin and Carlito.
  9. Akebono beat The Big Show (1:02) in a “sumo” match.
  10. John Cena pinned John Bradshaw Layfield (11:26) to win the WWE Title.
  11. Hall of Fame Introduction: Nikolai Volkoff, The Iron Sheik, Jimmy Hart, Bob Orton Jr., Paul Orndorff, Roddy Piper, and Hulk Hogan.
  12. Batista pinned Triple H (21:34) to win the World Title.
Guests: Motorhead (vocalists)

WrestlemaniaRewind - Wrestlemania XX Results & Highlights

“Where it All Begins Again”
March 14, 2004 in New York City, NY
Madison Square Garden drawing 19,689 ($2,401,000)
Shown live on PPV
  1. John Cena pinned The Big Show (9:14) to win the WWE US Title.
  2. World Tag Champs Rob Van Dam & Booker T beat Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade, Rene Dupre & Rob Conway, and Bubba & D-Von Dudley (7:51) in a “fatal four-way” match when Van Dam pinned Conway.
  3. Christian pinned Chris Jericho (14:52).
  4. Ric Flair, Randy Orton, & Batista beat Mick Foley & The Rock (17:03) in a “handicap” match when Orton pinned Foley.
  5. Hall of Fame Introduction: Billy Graham, Bobby Heenan, The Junkyard Dog (posthumous), Don Muraco, Harley Race, Pete Rose, Tito Santana, Sgt. Slaughter, John Studd (posthumous), Greg Valentine, and Jesse Ventura.
  6. Torrie Wilson & Sable beat Stacey Kiebler & Jackie Gayda (2:33) when Wilson pinned Gayda.
  7. WWE Cruiserweight Champ Chavo Guerrero won a gauntlet” match (10:28). Ultimo Dragon pinned Shannon Moore (1:18). Jamie Noble beat Dragon (2:14) via submission. Noble pinned Sho Funaki (2:23). Noble beat Nunzio (4:21) via countout. Billy Kidman pinned Noble (6:06). Rey Mysterio pinned Kidman (7:22). Mysterio pinned Yoshihiro Tajiri (8:37). Mysterio beat Akio (8:37) via forfeit. Guerrero pinned Mysterio (10:28).
  8. Bill Goldberg pinned Brock Lesnar (13:42). Steve Austin was the special referee.
  9. WWE Tag Champs Rikishi & Scotty Too Hotty beat Doug & Danny Basham, Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas, and Farooq & Bradshaw (6:01) in a “fatal four-way” match when Rikishi pinned Danny.
  10. WWE Women’s Champ Victoria pinned Molly Holly (4:53) in a “title vs. hair” match.
  11. WWE Champ Eddie Guerrero pinned Kurt Angle (21:32).
  12. The Undertaker pinned Kane (7:45).
  13. Chris Benoit beat Triple H and Shawn Michaels (24:47) in a “triple threat” match to win the World Title.
Guests: Harlem Boys Choir (Vocalists), Donald Trump

WrestlemaniaRewind - Wrestlemania XIX Results & Highlights

March 30, 2003 in Seattle, WA
Safeco Field drawing 54,097 ($2,760,635)
Shown live on PPV
  1. World Tag Champs Lance Storm & Chief Morley beat Kane & Rob Van Dam (10:00) when Storm pinned Van Dam.
  2. WWE Cruiserweight Champ Matt Hardy pinned Rey Mysterio (5:39).
  3. The Undertaker beat The Big Show & A-Train (9:45) in a "handicap" match when he pinned A-Train.
  4. Trish Stratus beat Victoria and Jazz (7:17) in a "triple threat" match to win the WWE Women's Title when she pinned Victoria.
  5. WWE Tag Champs Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas beat Chris Benoit & Rhyno and Eddie & Chavo Guerrero (8:46) in a "triple threat" match when Benjamin pinned Chavo.
  6. Shawn Michaels pinned Chris Jericho (22:33).
  7. World Champ Triple H pinned Booker T (18:47).
  8. Hulk Hogan pinned Vince McMahon (20:48) in a "street fight" match.
  9. The Rock pinned Steve Austin (17:53).
  10. Brock Lesnar pinned Kurt Angle (21:04) to win the WWE Title.
Guests: Ashanti (vocalist), Limp Bizkit (vocalists), Miller Lite Catfight Girls

WrestlemaniaRewind - Wrestlemania X-8 Results & Highlights

March 17, 2002 in Toronto, ON
Skydome drawing 68,237 ($3,846,033)
Shown live on PPV
  1. Rikishi, Scotty Too Hotty, & Albert beat Mr. Perfect, Test, & Lance Storm (3:06) when Rikishi pinned Perfect.
  2. Rob Van Dam pinned William Regal (6:19) to win the WWF I-C Title.
  3. WWF European Champ Diamond Dallas Page pinned Christian (6:08).
  4. WWF Hardcore Champ Maven NC Goldust (3:15). Throughout the show, the title changed hands several times. Spike Dudley pinned Maven to win the title. Hurricane pinned Spike to win the title. Mighty Molly pinned Hurricane to win the title. Christian pinned Molly to win the title. Maven pinned Christian to win the title.
  5. Kurt Angle pinned Kane (10:45).
  6. The Undertaker pinned Ric Flair (18:47) in a "street fight" match.
  7. Edge pinned Booker T (6:32).
  8. Steve Austin pinned Scott Hall (9:51).
  9. WWF Tag Champs Billy Gunn & Chuck Palumbo beat The Acolytes, Matt & Jeff Hardy, and Bubba & D-Von Dudley (13:50) in an "elimination" match. D-Von pinned Bradhsaw (3:25). Jeff pinned Bubba (11:48). Gunn pinned Jeff (13:50).
  10. The Rock pinned Hulk Hogan (16:23).
  11. WWF Women's Champ Jazz beat Trish Stratus and Lita (6:16) in a "triple threat" when she pinned Lita.
  12. Triple H pinned Chris Jericho (18:41) to win the WWF World Title.
Guests: Drowning Pool (vocalists), Saliva (vocalists)

WrestlemaniaRewind - Wrestlemania X-Seven Results & Highlights

April 1, 2001 in Houston, TX
Astrodome drawing 67,925 ($3,530,905)
Shown live on PPV
  1. Justin Credible & X-Pac beat Steve Blackman & Grandmaster Sexay (2:46) when X-Pac pinned Blackman.
  2. WWF I-C Champ Chris Jericho pinned William Regal (7:08).
  3. Bradshaw, Farooq, & Tazz beat RTC (Buchanan, Goodfather, & Venis) (3:53) when Bradshaw pinned Goodfather.
  4. Kane beat Raven and Big Show (9:18) to win the WWF Hardcore Title when he pinned Big Show.
  5. Eddie Guerrero pinned Test (8:30) to win the WWF European Title.
  6. Kurt Angle pinned Chris Benoit (14:02).
  7. Chyna pinned Ivory (2:39) to win the WWF Women's Title.
  8. Shane McMahon pinned Vince McMahon (14:12) in a "street fight" match. Mick Foley was the special referee.
  9. Edge & Christian beat Buh Buh Ray & D-Von Dudley and Matt & Jeff Hardy in a "tables, ladders, and chairs" match to win the WWF Tag Title.
  10. Iron Sheik won a "battle royal" (3:05). Also in the match were" Brother Love, Bushwhackers, Jim Cornette, Doink (Fall), Duke Droese, Earthquake, Gobbledy Gooker, Goon, Michael Hayes, Hillbilly Jim, Kimala, Kim Chee (Lombardi), One Man Gang, Repo Man, Sgt. Slaughter, Tugboat, and Nikolai Volkoff.
  11. The Undertaker pinned Triple H (18:17).
  12. Steve Austin pinned The Rock (28:06) in a "no DQ" match to win the WWF World Title.
Guest: Motorhead (vocalists)

WrestlemaniaRewind - Wrestlemania 2000 Results & Highlights

April 2, 2000 in Anaheim, CA
Anaheim Pond drawing 18,034 ($1,347,800)
Shown live on PPV
  1. Big Bossman & Bull Buchanon beat D-Lo Brown & The Godfather (with Ice T) (9:05) when Buchanon pinned Brown.
  2. Hardcore Holly was the final winner in a "hardcore battle royal" (15:00) and was the last man to win the WWF Hardcore Title. All winners won the WWF Hardcore Title. Also in the match were: The Acolytes, Sho Funaki, The Headbangers, Crash & Hardcore Holly, Mean Street Posse, Taka Michinoku, Tazz and Viscera. Tazz pinned Crash (0:26). Viscera pinned Tazz (1:00). Funaki pinned Viscera (7:51). Rodney pinned Funaki (8:11). Abs pinned Rodney (8:24). Thrasher pinned Abs (8:46). Gas pinned Thrasher (9:29). Tazz pinned Gas (10:17). Crash pinned Tazz (14:20). Hardcore pinned Crash (14:58).
  3. Test & Prince Albert beat Al Snow & Steve Blackman (7:05) when Test pinned Blackman.
  4. Edge & Christian beat Matt & Jeff Hardy and The Dudley Boyz (22:29) in a "ladder" match to win the WWF Tag Team Title.
  5. Terri (seconded by Fabulous Moolah) beat The Kat (seconded by Mae Young) (2:25) in a "cat fight." Val Venis was the guest referee.
  6. Too Cool & Chyna beat Eddie Guerrero, Perry Saturn, & Dean Malenko (9:38) when Chyna pinned Guerrero.
  7. Kurt Angle lost both the WWF European and I-C Titles (13:35) in a "two fall triangle" match with Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho. Benoit pinned Jericho (7:54) to win the WWF I-C Title. Jericho pinned Benoit (13:35) to win the WWF European Title.
  8. Kane & Rikishi beat Road Dogg & X-Pac (4:16) when Kane pinned X-Pac. After the match, Pete Rose was chokeslammed by Kane and given the stink-face by Rikishi.
  9. WWF Champ Triple H (with Stephanie McMahon) beat The Rock (with Vince McMahon), Mick Foley (with Linda McMahon), and The Big Show (with Shane McMahon) (36:28) in a "four corners" match. Rock pinned Big Show (4:41). Triple H pinned Foley (19:41). Triple H pinned Rock (36:28).
Guests: Pete Rose, Ice T

WrestlemaniaRewind - Wrestlemania XV Results & Highlights

"Raging Climax"
March 28, 1999 in Philadelphia, PA
First Union Center drawing 18,274 ($1,438,050)
Shown live on PPV
  1. Jacquelyn pinned Ivory (1:24).
  2. D-Lo Brown & Test win battle royal (4:16). Also in the match were: Steve Blackman, Justin Bradshaw, Brian Christopher, DOA, Droz, Farooq, Gillberg, The Godfather, Jeff & Matt Hardy, Legion of Doom, Midian, Public Enemy, Tiger Ali Singh, Scott Taylor, and Viscera.
  3. Bob Holly beat Al Snow and Billy Gunn (7:06) in a "hardcore triangle" match to win the WWF Hardcore Title.
  4. WWF Tag Champs Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett beat D-Lo Brown & Test (3:58) when Jarrett pinned Brown.
  5. Butterbean KO Bart Gunn (0:35 - 1st Rnd) in a "brawl for all" match. Boxer Vinnie Panziano was the guest referee. Chuck Wepner and Gorilla Monsoon were the judges.
  6. Mankind beat Paul Wight (6:50) via DQ.
  7. WWF I-C Champ Road Dogg beat Goldust, Ken Shamrock, and Val Venis (9:47) in a "four corners' match. Shamrock and Venis were counted out. Road Dogg pinned Goldust (9:47).
  8. Kane beat Hunter Hearst Helmsley (11:33) via DQ. After the match, Kane piledrove Pete Rose.
  9. WWF Women's Champ Sable pinned Tori (5:06).
  10. WWF European Champ Shane McMahon pinned X-Pac (8:41).
  11. The Undertaker pinned Big Boss Man (9:46) in a "hell in a cell" match.
  12. Steve Austin pinned The Rock (16:52) to win the WWF World Title.
Guests: Boys to Men (vocalists), Pete Rose

WrestlemaniaRewind - Wrestlemania XIV Results & Highlights

March 29, 1998 in Boston, MA
Fleet Center drawing 19,028 ($1,029,230)
Shown live on PPV
  1. LOD 2000 won a "tag team battle royal" (8:19). The other teams in the match were: Savio Vega & Miguel Perez, Recon & Sniper, Chainz & Bradshaw, D-Lo Brown & Mark Henry, The Quebecers, The Rock-n-Roll Express, Jesus Castillo & Jose Estrada, The Headbangers, Scott Taylor & Brian Christopher, Steve Blackman & Flash Funk, The Godwinns, Skull & Eight Ball, Farooq & Kama, and Bob Holly & Bart Gunn.
  2. WWF Light Heavyweight Champ Taka Michinoku pinned Aguila (5:57).
  3. WWF European Champ Hunter Hearst Helmsley pinned Owen Hart (11:29).
  4. Marc Mero & Sable beat Goldust & Luna (9:11) when Sable pinned Luna.
  5. WWF I-C Champ Rocky Maivia beat Ken Shamrock (4:49) via DQ.
  6. Terry Funk & Cactus Jack beat Billy Gunn & Jesse Jammes (10:01) in a "dumpster" match to win the WWF Tag Title. However, the belts were held-up due to a technicality.
  7. The Undertaker pinned Kane (16:58). After the match, Kane piledrove Pete Rose.
  8. Steve Austin pinned Shawn Michaels (20:02) to win the WWF World Title. Mike Tyson was the special referee.
Guests: Gennifer Flowers, Pete Rose

WrestlemaniaRewind - Wrestlemania 13 Results & Highlights

March 23, 1997 in Rosemont, IL
The Horizon drawing 18, 197 ($837,150)
Shown live on PPV
  1. Billy Gunn pinned Flash Funk (7:05).
  2. The Headbangers beat The New Blackjacks, The Godwinns, and Phil Lafon & Doug Furnas (10:39) in a "four corners" match. The Blackjacks were DQed (4:37). Furnas & Lafon were counted out (5:00). Mosh pinned Phineas (10:39).
  3. WWF I-C Champ Rocky Maivia pinned the Sultan (9:45).
  4. Hunter Hearst Helmsley pinned Goldust (14:28).
  5. WWF Tag Champs Owen Hart & Davey Smith DCO Vader & Mankind (16:08).
  6. Bret Hart TKO Steve Austin (22:05) in a "submission" match. Ken Shamrock was the guest referee.
  7. The Legion of Doom & Ahmed Johnson beat Farooq, Crush, and Savio Vega (10:45) in a "Chicago street fight" when Animal pinned Crush.
  8. The Undertaker pinned Sycho Sid (21:19) to win the WWF World Title.

WrestlemaniaRewind - Wrestlemania XII Results & Highlights

March 31, 1996 in Anaheim, CA
Arrowhead Pond drawing 18,852 ($737,440)
Shown live on PPV
  1. The Bodydonnas beat Henry & Phineas Godwinn (5:21) to win the vacant WWF Tag Team Title when Skip pinned Phineas.
  2. The Nacho Man NC The Huckster. Billionaire Ted was the special referee. This was a pre-taped segment.
  3. Vader, Owen Hart, & Davey Smith beat Jake Roberts, Yokozuna, & Ahmed Johnson (12:51) when Vader pinned Roberts.
  4. Roddy Piper and Goldust battled in the first half of the "Hollywood backlot brawl." This was a pre-taped segment. A live segment ended after the seventh bout.
  5. Steve Austin pinned Savio Vega (10:00).
  6. Ultimate Warrior pinned Hunter Hearst Helmsley (1:36).
  7. The Undertaker pinned Diesel (16:46).
  8. Shawn Michaels pinned Bret Hart (1:01.52) in an "ironman" match to win the WWF World Title

Friday, 26 March 2010

Wrestlemania XXVI Preview: Triple Threat Match

End of a Legacy

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, finally we get the real implosion of Legacy. How long have they been teasing this? Year and a half? Oh yeah, that was it, Ted was meant to leave the others behind and become face, just in time for his new movie coming out. But thanks to a couple of guys on the internet, that never happened and his movie, The Marine 2 (or something) probably bombed, I mean they hardly talked about it.

Anyway back to the match, and the Apex Predator of the WWE, Randy Orton is now the good guy in all of this. But Triple Threat? I know it’s like the only thing we haven’t seen between these guys, but these guys have been left on the back burner on Raw, I mean there would have been better build up if Randy had been seen by Ted kissing Cody, Ted running off cry and bitch slapping Randy Orton.

I heard around a month ago that they wanted to have a Triple Threat with their fathers in each corner and I would actually prefer that, storyline wise. I mean Ted and Cody could have easily beaten up Cowboy Bob Orton whilst he just happened to be visiting his son (for no apparent reason). I mean, hello! Dusty Rhodes just happens to be a play-by-play at FCW, easy or what? And the Million Dollar Man is being inducted into something the night before, what is it? Oh Yeah, The Hall of Fame!

Now seriously back to the match, I have no doubting it will be a good match and these three can pull it off. Well that’s what I said about the Mickie James vs. Michelle McCool match at the Royal Rumble and see what happened to that. This should be a good match and a perfect opportunity for Cody and/or Ted to become breakout stars, and if you want to go with the triple threat stip with the match, you could say single breakout stars.

If they want to be able, by the end of the night, say “I Made It”, this is their make or break match. I say this because I truly want them to succeed, because they have potential and I want them to breakout and in Cody’s case, lose a slump, a cloud around him or is it a glass ceiling. He’s been pissed on too much. Both of them nearly broke through and truly made their names during their feud with DX last year. I mean they were at the top of the world after their win at Breaking Point in their Submissions Count Anywhere Match, but under a month later, they, and mostly Cody, got shat on at Hell in a Cell.

“No one wants to see those young guys, they will never be anything, they suck!”

Well they wouldn’t suck so much if their push hadn’t been stopped at a click of the fingers.

“Who’s that one with the nose, I wanna see more of him”.

Yeah, Triple H didn’t really let those two get past the starting post, Shawn seemed to be up to it, but who’s the Son-In-Law? Oh Yeah.

God, I really can't keep on subject can I. All I can say now is that I hope the match is hundred times better than the build-up. I'm looking for this match to go into the double figures in the minutes column, time wise. And I'm looking for real separation from Cody and Ted, okay fair enough, they will go after Randy together and that I'll play into the commentators hands, but I want it to be a real Triple Threat and not another 2-on-1 with a bit of play fighting between the other two. No matter how gay it sounds.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

First Glimpse at Set-Up for Wrestlemania XXVI

First Glimpse inside the University of Phoenix Stadium and the beginnings of a very familiar set up. Looks mightily like Wrestlemania XXIV set up at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, FL.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

WrestlemaniaRewind - Wrestlemania XI Results & Highlights

April 2, 1995 in Hartford, CT
Civic Center drawing 15,000 ($750,000)
Shown live on PPV
  1. Lex Luger & Davey Smith beat Jacob & Eli Blue (6:34) when Smith made the pin.
  2. Razor Ramon beat WWF I-C Champ Jeff Jarrett (13:32) via DQ.
  3. The Undertaker pinned King Kong Bundy (6:36).
  4. Owen Hart & Yokozuna beat The Smoking Gunns (9:42) to win the WWF Tag Title when Hart pinned Billy.
  5. Bret Hart beat Bob Backlund (9:34) in an "I Quit" match.
  6. WWF World Champ Diesel pinned Shawn Michaels (20:35).
  7. Lawrence Taylor pinned Bam Bam Bigelow (11:42).
Guests: Salt-n-Peppa (vocalists), Nicholas Turturo, Pamela Anderson, Jennifer McCarthy, Jonathon Taylor Thomas, Reggie White, Steve McMichael, Ken Norton Jr, Chris Speilman, Ricky Jackson, Carl Banks, AL Umpire Larry Young

WrestlemaniaRewind - Wrestlemania X Results & Highlights

March 20, 1994 in New York City, NY
Madison Square Garden drawing 18,065 ($960,000)
Shown live on PPV
  1. The Heavenly Bodies (Del Ray & Pritchard) beat The Bushwhackers when Del Rey pinned Miller.
  2. Owen Hart pinned Bret Hart (20:21).
  3. Bam Bam Bigelow & Luna Vachon beat Doink (Fall) & Dink (6:09) when Bigelow pinned Doink.
  4. Randy Savage beat Crush (9:49) in a "falls count anywhere" match when Crush couldn't return to the ring in 60 seconds.
  5. WWF Women's Champ Alundra Blayze pinned Lelani Kai (3:20).
  6. Men on a Mission beat WWF Tag Champs The Quebecers (7:41) via countout.
  7. WWF World Champ Yokozuna beat Lex Luger (14:40) via DQ. Mr. Perfect was the special referee.
  8. Earthquake pinned Adam Bomb (0:32).
  9. WWF I-C Champ Razor Ramon beat Shawn Michaels (18:47) in a "ladder" match.
  10. Bret Hart pinned Yokozuna (10:38) to win the WWF World Title. Roddy Piper was the special referee.
Guests: Jeannie Garth (timekeeper), Little Richard (vocalist), Burt Reynolds (announcer), Cy Sperling (hairdresser), Donnie Wahlberg (ring announcer)

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Wrestling Quote #38: Straight Edge 'Thing'

During all of his entrances CM Punk taps his wrist like a watch and shouts: 'It's Clobbering time!' which is wrestling quote #38. Why does he do it? A tribute to a friend and he likes the Thing from Fantastic 4.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Wrestling Quote #37: High Praise Indeed

Jerry 'The King' Lawler on Kelly Kelly and high praise indeed for the Man upstairs:
"Way to Go God"

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Why at Mania?

Why has John Morrison and R Truth AKA Rock 'n' Rap or The White Shadow and Black Magic, been given a tag team title shot at Wrestlemania over established teams like the Hart's or Cryme Tyme or even the Straight Edge Society? Well probably because Cryme Tyme and the Hart Dynasty have less charisma than either John Morrison or R Truth. Why not the Straight Edge Society obviously because Punk is being groomed to taken on Rey Mysterio at Wrestlemania. Although with Bret Hart at Mania it would seem to make sense to have the Hart Dynasty there but I am not going to complain too much as I like the pairing of JoMo and Truth. This match could have potential as the Miz and Morrison have history but, to be honest I don't see the team of The White Shadow and Black Magic of winning as The Big Show's strength will out shine Morrison and Truth's offense, on top of that The Miz is a rising star and I think that taking away his titles could ruin him.
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