Monday, 15 November 2010

I Quit

This is a short notice, at this moment in time, my position at the Dirt Sheet HD has become untenable, it seems highly unlikely that the situation that has caused this will be rectified so therefore I feel the only thing left for me to so is resign. If by some chance in the distance future the situation changes then maybe I can return, much like Jerry Lalwer did, but I would not hold my breath. I would like to say thank you to anyone who has read my contribution to this site. I loved writing for this site as it gave me an outlet for my WWE thoughts, but such is life.

Thank you all and God bless.

Sam Millard Former Co-editor of the Dirt Sheet HD

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Cena's choice

At Survivor Series Cena has a choice to make a choice I sympathise with. He has to chose to lose his job or help the he hates win the WWE title. I understand how he fells, sometime no matter what you do it is wrong. It is a tough choice to make, but unlike somepeople Cena can see the two outcomes and well his choice is easier than somepeople think. If Barrett loses then Cena is fired, he is out of WWE for good, this means he could never get revenge. Whereas if he lets Wade Barrett win the WWE title he is free from Nexus and a WWE superstar and he can get his revenge or if the WWE Universe hates him for his actions he could join the Nexus as a willing memnber. See Cena is lucky he can see the outcomes of his actions before he act. So, although his decision is similar to the concet of a 'locked room' as put forward by philosopher John Locke, there is only one option for Cena that appears to be logical, screw Orton. At this moment in time my sympathy does not lie with Cena cause he knows what's going to happen in advance. Some of us don't...

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Paul Bearer: The Ultimate Manager ‘Oh Yeah!’

2 weeks ago on Smackdown, in my opinion the greatest manager in WWE returned. It was of course the pale faced former undertaker, Paul Bearer. He arrived in a normal manner for him, from within a coffin. His return was not just surprise to Kane but it was also surprise to most of the fans. His return made almost perfect storyline sense (I will explain later some of the flaws) and it has made sure that the Hell in a Cell PPV will be really interesting.

Now before I get a hundred of emails telling me that Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan or the late Captain Lou Albano were better managers and don’t get me wrong I am not saying they are not good managers. But what I am saying is that Paul Bearer is the best. The reason as far as I am concerned why Bearer is best is because unlike other managers who had lot of wrestler under their control who were all different, Bearer only managed a certain type of Wrestler, for example: Kane, Mankind (during his darker days), Vader and The Undertaker. All of these wrestlers were demonic monsters or dark twisted individuals. Bearers look actually suits the roles of an evil undertaker; he has pale skin amplified by makeup, deep bags under his eyes and an eerie high pitched voice capable of delivering the perfect promos.
Now there is one flaw in the Paul Bearer return angle and that is the fact at the Great American Bash 2004 The Undertaker buried Bearer in a glass crypt full of concrete and attempted to ‘kill him’ apparently Bearer was seriously injured due to the event. In reality he went away for lose lots of weight which was good for him because he looks a lot healthier for it. But I do wonder how storyline wise they cover the whole Concrete crypt situation cause if they do a classic WWE pretend it never happened and moved on it will make the whole situation awful. Although there are lots of our younger fans who probably have no idea what I am talking about as they never followed WWE in 2004. This is a shame because they missed some pretty good times. I recommend that the young fans buy or rent DVDs from the 80s and 90s and the early 00s if they haven’t seen footage from that time. This is something that O’Dea had to do as he was a late to get into WWE.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Dullest Event of the Summer?

I know It's a strange notion, but whilst spending three weeks in the States I have lost my way with WWE. Sure, I know everything that's happening (mostly) and I get where they're going with all the storylines (seriously, The Great Khali is the best they can do) but I'm missing something and I think WWE is as well, heading into SummerSlam.

I don't see any substance, any real intent heading into this Sunday. For all intensive purposes the Main Event will be The Nexus vs Team WWE/Raw/CeNation in a 7-on-7/6 Elimination Tag Team Match. And all I can say to that is... Meh?! Well think about it, are you seriously telling me that most of these Nexus guys first Real Ring Action after NXT will be at the WWE's Second Biggest PPV of the year. And I understand the beating up everyone in an almost nWo style and gang-battering every moving thing insight, including taking out people who could be replacements.... (sorry, just had to laugh at the fact they thought The Great Khali and Mark Henry were threats, ha! I mean what has Khali been doing recently, beating up Daniel Bryan?)

And the months of build up, with them smashing Bret Hart around a car park to get contracts and hospitising old men cause they couldn't touch anyone under the age of 50 was great, new, fresh and it got people talking, but right now it seems like a lame duck. Even the apparent problems with Team WWE has been cringe worthy to watch, well, when I've bothered to watch them.

Okay, lets take a look at some of the other matches for this Sunday.

The Big Show will go up against CM Punk, Luke Gallows & Joey Mercury (remember him) in a 3-on-1 Handicap Match. Yep, I get the storyline and all, actually it has (I guess) been alright but are you really looking forward to this match? Nope, It'll happen, but there ain't much in this.

Melina returned the other week after a couple of weeks talking to The Fink and Internet Geeks on the WWE Universe Live Chats. I didn't actually watch that Taped Raw when she returned because I already knew everything that was going to happen (boring). But I expect an alright contest between these two; with her return, Melina is now obviously the strongest Diva on Raw and Alicia Fox has really built herself up after splitting for Zack Ryder, so I am looking forward to this match more than expected.

I also saw somewhere that at the SD! Tapings they set up LayCool vs Kelly Kelly & Tiffany, I really hope not and I'm not going to say anything else about that.

The Intercontinental Championship will be up for grabs when Kofi Kingston will "challenge" Dolph Ziggler. I don't know if it's sad that they have great matches on SmackDown, so you can't expect so much more from this match, though I think that I'm being too harsh. Look at this title match last year when Rey Mysterio held onto the belt by defeating Dolph in an mazing match which gave Dolph so much stronger. But also because of Rey Rey, Dolph had to wait nearly another year to get his hands on the prize.

Dolph & Kofi are great athletes and should put on a show-stealer (hopefully).

So the Undertaker Storyline is coming to a head with the World Heavyweight Championship Kane facing off against Rey Mysterio. Well, I, think that, erm... Okay, to be honest I'm looking forward to the match, but the build-up has over-kill written all over it, and I've become disengaged with it.

Like what on earth happened to Kane randomly bringing out the Casket and taking away CM Punk at Fatal-4-Way? And why did Kane stand up for Rey at Money in the Bank (that is if he wasn't going to cash in the contract)?

So the master of the 619 (remember that, cause they're in LA) will, at least I think, will get beaten up, come back slightly and then something supernatural will happen and blah, blah... probably the match might end in a No Contest. And also if this match is very late in the night, something will happen and most likely with return of the deadman. Come on, he's on the promo stuff and WWE went out of their way to take Triple H off that stuff because they knew he'd still be injured at the time.

And Finally we have a rematch from the Royal Rumble, well minus Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. It'll be Randy Orton challenging Sheamus for the WWE Championship. So, what will this encounter bring? I believe, a good solid wrestling match with, I think, Randy stealing the championship with win out of nowhere and possibly a post match beat down from the Celtic Warrior and a Money in a Bank tease cash in from the "awesome one".

Wait a minute, what ever happened to the Rock's Summer stint with the WWE. I mean what a better place and time to return (as Raw GM?), I think it's been long enough for Michael Cole to have his moment's in the sun reading E-Mails.

That's all I'm going to say about that. Sunday will come around soon enough.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Fall From Grace? More Like A Step-Ladder

So the first elimination of NXT Season 2 has come and gone, wait, really?! I didn't even know before the actual live show that there would be an elimination, I could have sworn that it would be the same as season one and just do a poll at the start to see how everyone was getting on. One thing was good about the elimination night was that the WWE Universe got "50%" of the vote, I mean I know that I cast my vote, did you?

It is Titus O'Neil who is the first to leave the new season of NXT. Premature? Yes. I think that he had more to give and wasn't given any time what so ever. I mean, a couple of weeks ago they did a fly-on-the-wall backstage segment with his WWE Pro Zack Ryder having a heart to heart conversation about turning his situation of the opening weeks around, and they had an opportunity, but never followed it up in any sort of serious way, just a fleeting mention on commentary on the next week. Oh yeah, but he did have the worst record between all the rookies; though only 3 matches and 3 losses before being eliminated, he got screwed over, at least people knew who Bryan Danielson was when he got eliminated first and after not winning one match, until the night before he got "eliminated".

I saw him as the sort of Darren Young of season two, the one who is most improved and grows on me the best as time goes on or as Skip Sheffield, you know, the dumb idiot at the start who improves when he starts to warm up to his pro, also has the same sort of steroids, sorry, genetics in him.

I'm glad that Kaval came first, he should be there in his rightful place at the top, I hope it isn't a bad omen of things to come.

Oh yeah, it's been long time no blog. Sorry.

Monday, 7 June 2010

WWE Play-by-Play Notes for Monday Night Raw May 31, 2010

  • I like the different start it normally takes 10 minutes before any physicality, when I watched it first time Live I was a bit confused about why, but I also thought "OMG is Evan getting a push", then he got Spear'd
  • Heavy Breathers-R-US
  • Awwwww, little Edge feels disrespected
  • "Sheamus takes what he wants" sounds more like a sexual threat than anything
  • I still don't think that Edge has returned to his normal heel-devil self, see I started watching WWE in mid/late-2006 when he was an absolute bastard having epic matches with John Cena (and to a lesser extent Rob Van Dam)
  • "You're not 100% I see the doubt there" right as the camera gets a close up of a rare piece of emotion on Randy's face
  • Edge ain't kidding, I mean he just stood in the wrong place for a RKO
  • HA! Orton just pushed a cameraman off the apron, "This is my turnbuckle, BITCH!"
  • When I saw that Ashton Kutcher was hosting, I was like, who on earth is that, before noticing I follow him on Twitter
  • Zach Ryder likes talking to his MacBook
  • I'm putting a hit on... oh wait who really gives a s**t
  • Ashton actually tweeted that he wanted to see Miz, strange
  • One Night Contract, sounds slightly sexual, no that was No Night Stand
  • Woah woah woah, Eve we're TV-PG so put those breasts away
  • "Watsup, M'Fers"
  • I still hate the lie detector
  • Wait, hold on you can be serious, for one they actually announced where Jericho was from, they never do that, but also why would Y2J need to fight to get a US Champ Match
  • I can understand him being a Pro on NXT, but not fighting Truth
  • Well if Ron Killings wants to get some respect from me, this is the sort of people he should be having matches with
  • I forgot that Chris was in a Fatal-4-Way WWE Champ Qualifier last week, god, what did he do, did he not vote for Linda or something
  • First match of the night, strangely good long match, normally this segment is for Santino
  • R-Truth tried a Jeff Hardy-esk Suplex facebuster and ended up nearly breaking Jericho's neck
  • Oh really Cole, I didn't notice that Jericho was mocking Truth
  • This was a good match for Truth to win and as they were saying about getting credibility for his Championship reign
  • Could this be a downward spiral for Chris
  • Did qualify for F4W, lost to Truth and lost to Heath Slater
  • Do they need to recap Batista quiting, I already forgot who he was, well nearly I guess
  • I also didn't wanna see anymore of Dave's spit-o-vision
  • Well done Zach, Bret is the Hitman, oh oh oh that right
  • The Usos, ah. Way to kill the moment Tyson
  • There he is, SANTINO!
  • Eve's Tron doesn't have anything of her wrestling
  • Maryse really does look like she's in a porno and she takes off half her costume before entering the ring
  • Michael Cole just said that Regal-Kozlov relationship goes back to the "old ECW", yep yep, that's the sound of Joey Styles flipping out
  • "Wannabe Darth Vader Music"
  • Making Love, is not PG, making Tag Teams aren't either
  • Santino has been trying to "court" Vladmir, I know that people who don't like wrestling say it's gay, but that's different
  • Santino is hilarious, "Stop It"
  • "How did you block that"
  • Yes Girl on Girl on Ref
  • And there goes Vladmir with the worst covering by Lawler ever
  • Bret looks Serious and needs to choose his clothes better or get a stylist, dressing like that does make you look past it
  • It's been two weeks with Bret as GM and it already seems to long
  • Teddy and Bret are going to do something really special on Raw next week, that definitely isn't PG
  • Teddy & Bret also made it 3 hours to fit in all the fun and games, sorry but listening to this, looking for the dirty bits is impossible without being shocked or laughing your head off. All the superstars from Raw & Smackdown under one roof
  • A night to remember
  • Jerry noticed that the GM gets interrupted a lot and Ted wants to be GM for the night, COMPLETE CONTROL.
  • "Every body's got a piece" in my movie actor voice with a slight pause to highlight it. It's all about performance
  • Ted really needs to stop talking about all the monopoly money he has
  • It's Saturday Night, 48 Hours till Raw and I still don't how "Viewers Choice will work
  • Cole is bitter for Bret Hart's loss at Survivor Series 97... I mean Wrestlemania 26 (Too Soon?)
  • Vince knows how to work a crowd
  • "Over and Over" by Hot Chip that is a TUNE
  • 18! 18!
  • You tap'd out "I didn't really"
  • Yes, why would Vince allow Bret to be GM???
  • Well it's none of what he just said
  • Vince is gonna be tuning in next week, yeah because he likes taking time off from his day job to watch Raw on his DVR
  • The WWE Universe are like Children, well thats me as well, well I'm only 17, you got me!
  • "I hope you have a happy ending"
  • Serious bro.
  • Seriously Bro that door slam into Randy's arm was shit and that guy who called for help just went can I have some help then just ran off
  • Awesome! "Someone's mouth who is always ready to go"
  • God Michael Cole HATES Daniel Bryan
  • What are those things on Bryan's trunks.
  • "Losers have no heart" and Announcers can't slap
  • I love Michael Cole's bitterness and spite
  • Jerry Lawler, yes ladies and gentlemen the voice reason
  • Cole is more shocked than Miz and both of them are equally pissed
  • Love this Angle
  • Michael Cole can't even get someone thrown into himself with out mucking up
  • Haha, from my view in the UK, Michael Cole's ignorance and stupidity is like a clever metaphor for the US, I mean the stupid bits, "What's a Vegan"
  • I'm trippin' for the Usos, they are different, they're street, but not Cryme Tyme street, like they said college educated street
  • They play off each other really well and have filled in for Carlito & Primo quickly and effectively
  • I think that the girl looks like a good wrestler but she needs to stay away from the mic.
  • Wait, jimmy superfly snuka was held back
  • I actually like the look of this but when you watch it back it is so obvious that the girl would stop Tyson Kidd
  • I like those tag team moves
  • But Jay or Jimmy Uso (the one in the grey) rawly fell whilst doing his splash and they weren't in time together, sad sorry FAIL
  • Finally Jerry actually told us who jimmy and jay's family is
  • "Oh Radio!" WWWYKI
  • My girl Alicia has a good idea
  • Zach apparently could get over 10 Million Twitter Followers in one day, yeah not that many people watch Raw
  • I swear that Khali was meant to be going home and getting some rest but he's been on TV more now since before
  • Jerry Lawler has short term memory loss
  • Ryder is going to breakdown and Alicia is putting her foot down
  • And then drops the mic and delivers the hit herself, wait have they broke up now, that means Alicia should be future endeavored sometime in the future, apparently her on screen relationship with Zach saved her
  • Edge, yep, the conversation is up here at Sheamus's eyes and not at his Junk...yard dog.
  • So the film-remake of the A-Team cast is hosting next week, I don't even wanna know what skit they'll be doing next week
  • It is replay night on Raw isn't it
  • Haha just saw a sign saying, new crayon colour "Sheamus"
  • Here comes the Champ and who's his partner well obviously, the only other person who has been anywhere near people in this match.... Zach Ryder....right, right, right. Oh yeah lil Evan
  • Cena is actually really amp'd up to be teaming with Evan Bourne
  • Edge is like, what the f**k is he doing here. Edge, at least it ain't Hornswoggle, I mean you know WWE writers nowdays
  • Before the break Evan looked to Cena as if to say, "did I do good, papa"
  • Evan sells really well like a rag doll
  • I love how he does the knees to the head on the suplex.
  • Sometimes it looks like Evan gets whiplash from the bigger guy's clothesline, lands on his neck everytime
  • WWE Sign Guy starts to get the house a-rockin
  • Hot Tag and here comes Johnny. Feeding off the energy of his partner
  • Haha that was great how much Cena had to turn Sheamus round in the Attitude Adjustment and then look like he was dodging Edge's spear, where an old granny walking down the high street would have been more imposing
  • Shooting Star Press and John Cena has a new mate, tells him to take the limelight. Cena actually looked really dumstruck by the SSP
  • Some people tuning in late are like "Who's music is this", "Must be John Cena's new Rap-Rock Fusion Entrance Music
  • That's a Wrap.
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