Friday, 30 October 2009

Wrestling Quote #32: You Were Always Flat on Your Back

This quote is from tonight's WWE SmackDown. Matt Striker doesn't always like John Morrison, and had this to say about his apparent arrogance and showboating in the ring:
Matt Striker:
"I was never one in my ring time to be pompous or arrogant or waste time, no wasted movement"
Todd Grishams:
"You were always flat on your back"

Thursday, 29 October 2009 - Hulk Hogan on NBC's Jimmy Fallon

Ricky Hatton to Host Raw from UK

From The Sun Wrestling:
RICKY HATTON will be the special guest host of Raw when the WWE hits the Sheffield Arena next month.
Officials from the wrestling promotion told SunSport the British boxing legend will head up the show when Raw rolls into South Yorkshire on November 9.

The Hitman will become the second boxer to appear on the programme after his old foe Floyd Mayweather Jr performed an identical role in August.

It is understood WWE owner Vince McMahon wanted a Brit with a big enough profile in the United States to host the company's flagship offering.

Manchester-born Hatton fits the bill perfectly, with his fights against Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao generating huge pay-per-view numbers in the States in recent years.

Wrestling Quote #31: Bragging Rights DX Team Talk

Also at WWE Bragging Rights we saw the 7-on-7 Raw vs Smackdown Match. Earlier in the night DX gave a little pep-talk to the Raw Team. Triple H: Guys gather round, it's Raw 1, Smackdown 1, the stakes have been upped. We cannot lose this match tonight, so what we... Jack Swagger: Do we really need this little rah rah speech? I mean the fact is, I'm on the team, therefore it's better, therefore, you shouldn't worry so much. Shawn Michaels: Look! If it were only that simple Swagger. You have all the athletic ability in the world, but you know what? You have no-ones' respect, and it's respect that is going to carry this team. Back me up on this Hunter. HHH: Right, no-one respects you. The thing is individually, the team shouldn't even be able to get along. I mean, let's face facts, we've been making fun out of Mark Henry ever since that time he nearly had a baby with May Young. Mark Henry: Man that was a long time ago, nobodies still thinking about that, I mean you're not still picking on me. HHH: No and even if we were, thats still not the most important thing at this time. Listen we have stuffed Vince McMahon's head up Big Show's naked butt. We beat Cody Rhodes so badly that he had to be carried away on a stretcher. And more importantly, we exposed this man as a phony Jamaican. Kofi Kingston: Woah, woah, I told you guys that the only reason I did that was because I was paying tribute to the Jamaican heritage. HBK: Stop, Stop! That's not important, the fact is Swagger, nobody on this team really likes Hunter and myself, yeah it's true, but they do respect us and so will you. Now, if you don't want to be a part of this team you can walk out right now and quiet frankly I'll replace you with the first person I see... (Hornswoggle comes in wearing DX gear)... OK maybe not the first person... (Horny does the DX chop) HHH: Take that stuff off and wash your face... Listen guys, the bottom line is we cannot lose tonight, we will not lose tonight, this is bigger than just a match, this is about honour, this is about pride, this is a bout being able to go into a locker room and see those SmackDown guys and not have them look you in the eye and know your a loser. We have to win tonight. So I need to know, Are you ready? HBK: Come on! (They all put theirr hands in the middle) HHH: I said: Are.... You..... Ready!? All: RAW! HBK: Woaho and If you're not down with that we've got two words for ya! Crowd: SUCK IT!

Wrestling Quote #30: Ashes to Ashes

At WWE Bragging Rights Jerry "The King" Lawler said this about Miz and having to support him in his match versus John Morrison: "I couldn't warm up to this guy if we were cremated together"
And he had this to say about Kelly Kelly:
"Look at Kelly Kelly, she's the hottest thing since sunburn"

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Wrestling Quote #29: Jericho Prefernece

During the team Smackdown vs Team RAW match at WWE Bragging Rights (Horrah for the AWESOME win by the Miz), Michael Cole had this to say about Y2J: "Jericho has never met an insult he never liked!" Oh My Vintage Michael Cole. - Hulk Hogan/TNA MSG Press Conference - Hulk Hogan Joins TNA!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Final Card for Tonight's WWE Bragging Rights

60-Minute Anything Goes Ironman Match for the WWE Championship (If John Cena loses, He will have to leave Raw) John Cena vs Randy Orton (c)
Fatal Four Way Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Undertaker (c) vs CM Punk vs Batista vs Rey Mysterio
Smackdown vs Raw 7-on-7 Tag Team Match
Team Smackdown (Unified WWE Tag Team Champion Chris Jericho, Kane, Finlay, David Hart Smith, Tyson Kidd, Matt Hardy & R-Truth) vs Team Raw (Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Unified WWE Tag Team Champion Big Show, Mark Henry, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger & Kofi Kingston)
Champion vs Champion Intercontinental Champion John Morrison vs United States Champion The Miz
Smackdown vs Raw 3-on-3 Diva Tag Team Match Team Raw (Divas Champion Melina, Kelly Kelly & Gail Kim) vs Team Smackdown (Women's Champion Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix & Natalya)

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Friday, 16 October 2009

Shane McMahon Resigns from WWE

STAMFORD, CT – Shane McMahon, Executive Vice President of Global Media, announced today he has tendered his resignation effective January 1, 2010.

Shane stated, “It has been an incredible experience to help build WWE® into a global phenomenon. However, having been associated with this organization for the majority of my life, I feel this is the opportune time in my career to pursue outside ventures.”

“Even though I am personally saddened by Shane’s decision to leave the company, I am proud of the enormous contributions he has made. He will unquestionably bring passion, commitment and extensive business experience to any endeavor he pursues,” said Vince McMahon, WWE Chairman and CEO.

This was Shane's message to the WWE Universe:
"It is with great sadness that I announce my resignation from the WWE, effective January 1, 2010.

I have never even considered a future outside the walls of the WWE. However, sometimes life takes an unexpected turn and while it is the most difficult decision I have ever made, it is time for me to move on.

First and foremost, I would like to thank my father for the incredible education working with him has provided and for giving me the opportunity to play a role in building WWE into the global phenomenon that it is today. I am extremely proud to have been the 4th generation in this business, and I am grateful for everyday I was able to work along side not only my own, but the entire WWE family.

Thank you to all of the WWE Superstars both past and present for your passion, pride and dedication. You are truly the engine of the organization and it has been a pleasure to work with, learn from and get to know all of you. Thank you for the privilege of sharing the stage with you and for allowing me to become but a momentary member of your elite brotherhood. I have so much appreciation for the many sacrifices you endure, both physically and personally, to make this business the success that it is. The respect I have for each of you is immeasurable.

Finally, there are no words to express my gratitude to WWE fans the world over for supporting this company through good times and bad and for your unbridled passion that fuels the Superstars’ performances. I am profoundly grateful to have been able to entertain you both in front of the camera and from behind the scenes. You are the greatest fans in the world.

I will always love this business and will remain a fan forever.


Thursday, 15 October 2009

Nice Guys Finish Last, Good That DX Aren't Good Guys (HQ)

Source: The Pro Wrestling Torch Among some locker room circles, both Triple H and Shawn Michaels are two of the least popular wrestlers these days. Even those who appear on SmackDown and have minimal exposure to them feel as though they are abusing their power and standing in the way of WWE elevating new stars. The overwhelming sentiment among those in the company is that Raw's "no man's land" in the sense there are no full-fledged pushes to be had as a result of the strong influence of Hunter and Michaels, as well as Randy Orton and John Cena. Many feel if even one of these main event performers dislikes you enough to badmouth you to management, you won't be getting a push.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Captain Lou Albano RIP

Just a short blog to acknowledge the passing of Captain Lou Albano. Although before my time, I have watched videos of Albano at work and it is sad to hear of his passing. Non-Wrestling fans may recognise him from Cyndi Lauper's music video 'girls just want to have fun' in which he played her father. The Dirt Sheet HD would like to pass on our condolences to his Family and Friends.

R.I.P Captain Lou Albano.

Friday, 9 October 2009 - Hardy Gold for 3 Minutes & 10 Seconds

This latest addition from "Black, White & Colour Wrestling" is also from Extreme Rules, where another Hardy hit the big time after winning the World Heavyweight Championship and keeping it for just over 3 minutes thanks to CM Punk. Punk cashed in his MITB Briefcase after Jeff Hardy defeated Edge in a brilliant Ladder Match. Click image to enlarge.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009 - More "Black, White & Colour Wrestling"

More pictures of "Black, White & Colour Wrestling". This from the United States Championship Fatal Four-Way from WWE Extreme Rules. To get the newest "Black, White & Colour Wrestling" Pictures first, follow The Dirt Sheet HD on Facebook to get them exclusive an hour before they come up on the blog, at this link. Click on the image to enlarge.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009 - Black, White & Gold

Your New United States Champion The Miz (I'd like to thank myself for editing this image).

In Depth: United States Championship on Monday Nights

Is it just me, or does it seem that United States Championship matches have been coming up everywhere since it came to Raw with MVP in the draft, so I did a bit of research and found out how many United States Championship matches there have been since the draft: 1. Raw, 18th May: MVP (c) def. Matt Hardy 2. Raw, 1st June: Kofi Kingston def. MVP (c) 3. WWE Extreme Rules, 7th June: Kofi Kingston (c) def. MVP, William Regal & Matt Hardy (Fatal Four Way) 4. Night of Champions, 26th June: Kofi Kingston (c) def. MVP, The Miz, Carlito, Jack Swagger & Primo (Six-Pack Challenge) 5. Raw, 3rd August: Kofi Kingston (c) def. Unified Tag Team Champion Big Show (via DQ) 6. Raw, 17th August: Kofi Kingston (c) def. Carlito 7. Raw, 31st August: Kofi Kingston (c) def. The Miz, Jack Swagger & Carlito (Fatal Four Way) 8. WWE Breaking Point, 13th September: Kofi Kingston (c) def. The Miz 9. Raw, 21st Septmeber: Kofi Kingston (c) vs Jack Swagger ("No Contest") 10. WWE Hell in a Cell, 4th October: Kofi Kingston (c) def. Jack Swagger & The Miz (Triple Threat) 11. Raw, 5th October: The Miz def. Kofi Kingston (c) So, in just two months since Raw on 3rd August, there have been 7 United States Championship matches, those numbers speak for them selves.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Wrestling Quote #28: CM Punk's Quotes of the Month

“I became the first-ever Straight Edge World Heavyweight Champion. Then I got rid of Jeff for good. Just three weeks after he’s gone for good, Jeff goes and does what I’ve been saying for months. It’s all there in black and white. You can turn on the TV and see it. I’ll tell you this, Eve, you’ll never see my mug shot posted all over the Internet. You won’t read about me in the headlines, unlike Jeff. Unlike all these people, these wanna be French derelicts who pollute themselves with booze and cigarette smoke.” “You are like this generation’s ’Alice in Wonderland.’ You see, ’Alice in Wonderland’ took an entire generation of worthless hippies and led them to experiment with magic mushrooms and recreational hallucinogens.” “You’re all going to crawl into a bottle, maybe pop three or four extra pain pills, just to numb yourself from the reality that your hero, the Undertaker, tapped out.” “Okay, I get it. You people destroy billions of brain cells on a daily basis with your excess consumption of alcoholic beverages, over–the–counter as well as prescription medication, the latter of which chances are probably aren’t even yours, and a veritable laundry list of other substances that you shove into your soft little bodies day after day.” C.M. Punk on WWE fans: “What kind of existence do you have that you need to pop a pill to get out of bed, and then you ravage your body with pitchers of beer and that’s supposed to somehow heal your self-worth. And then you inhale poison into your lungs to calm your nerves. And then at the end of your sad, pathetic, lonely day, you need another pill to help you sleep. You are all just a legion of inebriated zombies waiting in line at the pharmacy with your hand out begging and pleading for that newest anti-depressant that you think is going to put an artificial smile on your face. You scratch and you claw for scapegoats for all of you inadequacies. And believe me, you have a lot of inadequacies. And don’t tell me you don’t self-medicate yourself to forget about it all. Don’t tell me you don’t self-medicate to hide from all of your inadequacies. Don’t deny it, because if you do, you’re a liar, too.” “If you’re not straight edge like me, I’m simply better than you.” Jim Ross in response: “He truly believes he’s a better human being than everyone else.” “Now that the Charismatic Enabler is gone, I can see it on your faces. You are wondering if his living in the moment life of excesses was the answer. The clear answer is it wasn’t.” “I am built to last and I am here to stay. If you are going to emulate any WWE superstar, the choice is certainly clear. It’s a choice of a new generation and his name is C.M. Punk.” “I certainly won’t ever miss a show because of an incident at an airport. I certainly won’t skip a WrestleMania because I failed a test.” “I can imagine you all sitting on your couch vegging out, smoking your illegal substances, hanging on Undertaker’s every magical trick, ohhing and ahhing all of his spooky powers.” “I have laughed in the face of temptation time and time again. I have never tapped out to societies schoolyard attempts at peer pressure.” “I’m harder than any alcohol you can drink. I’m straighter than any line you can snort up your nose. I certainly can hurt you faster than any pill you put on your tongue.”

Wrestling Quote #27: Does the retirement home know you snuck out?

At WWE Breaking Point last month, Dolph Ziggler interrupted the first ever Intercontinental Champion WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson during his return home to Montreal, and said:
“First Bob Barker, then Pat Patterson. Since when did WWE get taken over by senior citizens. If you’re here, who’s at home watching reruns of ’The Golden Girls’? Was Wilford Brimley busy tonight? Does the retirement home know you snuck out? Until you came out here tonight, I thought you were dead. But you look great. You look like a million bucks. I mean, even your hairpiece looks real.”
Funny I guess if you read it but it doesn't suit his character right know, considering he (and me) gets pissed-off at "MR ZIGGLES" chants.

17 World/WWE Championship Changes in 2009

Thanks to forum member Megatallica for the following, plus my own edits and additions:

Here are all the WWE and World Heavyweight Title Changes this year...
WWE Championship
1. Royal Rumble - Edge def Jeff Hardy (No DQ Match)
2. No Way Out - Triple H def Edge, Jeff Hardy, Big Show Undertaker & Kozlov (Elimination Chamber)
3. Backlash - Legacy (Randy Orton) def Triple H Shane McMahon & Batista (6-Man Tag Team Match, if Triple H's team got pinned, forced to submit, DQ'ed or counted out Triple H would lose the Championship)
4. Extreme Rules - Batista def Randy Orton (Steel Cage Match)
5. Raw 3-For-All, 14th June - Randy Orton def Triple H, Big Show & John Cena (Fatal Four Way for Vacant Championship)
6. Breaking Point - John Cena def Randy Orton ("I Quit" Match)
7. Hell in A Cell - Randy Orton def John Cena (Hell in a Cell Match, Orton's Last Chance at the Title)
8. Bragging Rights - John Cena def Randy Orton (60-Minute Anything Goes WWE Ironman Match, If Cena lost he would have had to leave Raw)
9. WWE TLC - Sheamus def John Cena (Tables Match)

World Heavyweight Championship
1. No Way Out - Edge def John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, Kane & Mike Knox (Elimination Chamber)
2. Wrestlemania - John Cena def Edge & Big Show (Triple Threat)
3. Backlash - Edge def John Cena (Last Man Standing Match, Edge's last chance at John Cena's championship)
4. Extreme Rules - Jeff Hardy def Edge (Ladder Match)
5. Extreme Rules - CM Punk def Jeff Hardy (MITB cash-in)
6. Night of Champions - Jeff Hardy def CM Punk
7. Summerslam - CM Punk def Jeff Hardy (TLC Match)
8. Hell in a Cell - Undertaker def CM Punk (Hell in a Cell Match)

That adds up to 17 World/WWE Title changes in 2009.

HIAC 2009 Match Preview - Intercontinental Championship Match

This is a match that has been a long time in the making, it got the build up it needed and I'm glad of that, I just think that John Morrison needs to clean up his babyface mic work, and it hasn't helped and is he or the crowd say "MR ZIGGLES" tonight, I'm going to be so angry! Anyway, these two have shown what they can do on many an occasion and this is one of the reasons I would buy the Pay-Per-View.

There is no doubt that Dolph Ziggler, gained so much whilst working with Rey Mysterio, including mine and others' respect. That all came to a head at SummerSlam, where Dolph had probably the best match of his carrer, yes and I'm including his time in the Spirit Squad in that. I was almost annoyed for Dolph, when Rey Mysteriod got suspended, because there was no doubt that he was going to win at Breaking Point. And believe me, I'm not saying that WWE's choice to put the belt on Morrison was wrong, no way, they had a great match, which helped JoMo's credibility yet again, after his wins over CM Punk during the Summer.

John Morrison has matured and in my view, along with Dolph, is a future main eventer and World Champ, he has it all, my respect from his days as heel, the athletic ability, the drive, the look and the mic skills, no, he still needs to work on them and get them to standard they were when he was a part of the greatest tag team of the twenty-first century.

I expect much from this match and it will not disappoint.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

HIAC 2009 Match Preview - United States Championship Triple Threat Match

"I got you where I want you,
Your clock's run out of time
Cause you know I know you, and I'll show you 
That the heat you feel is mine"
Get on Your Knees by Age Against the Machine
(Jack Swagger's Entrance Theme).

Kofi Kingston (now apparently from Ghana, having spent a lot of time in Jamica) has been in so many of these multi-person matches since he won the United States Championship from MVP the week before Extreme Rules, and has prevailed every time, but this time I think his clock has run out of time. As Miz or Jack Swagger will (or at least should) walk out of the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, the new United States Champion.

These three have done well to build this match, but I'm not 100% convinced and they will and should give us a good match tonight. The one thing that I love about this match is that the Miz is instant heat, as soon as his music hits the arena erupts with a chorus of booing. I liked at Breaking Point his French promo, considering they were in Montreal and anyone with half a brain cell could guess where he was going with it.

Jack Swagger proved himself as a main event player earlier this year during his ECW Championship reign, but since he's been on Raw, he hasn't been given the time he really needs and deserves, instead they cram the 2 hours with Hornswoggle. Also the fact that they are in America, where they have to have a ad break every 10 minutes on a live Raw broadcast only one other match except for the main event is allowed to go through an ad break, which is stupid.

Anyway, I digress, these three have everything they need to put on a match of epic proportions, but I think the amount of matches on the card will harm their chances to put on a truly fantastic match. Miz and Swagger are future main event players, and Kofi, I guess, it looks like thy're trying to remove the Jamaican gimmick from him (like announcing him from Ghana, West Africa, which is like announcing William Regal from England, North Europe, Stupid. And taking the Jamaican flag off his entrance video/set thing). So they should be trying to make a real statement tonight, but would WWE really let them do that.

HIAC 2009 Match Preview - Divas Championship Match Preview

I can see how they want to build Alicia Fox as the next big thing and strangely they have been doing just that. I haven't been totally convinced by hear, I don't think she can actually speak and if she can I haven't heard it. Mickie James is a very talented Diva, but hasn't had much to work with recently, we were all expecting Gail Kim to be turning heel, but since Fox beat her to be the #1 Contender, she's kinda not been on TV, a bit like Beth Phoenix before this Friday or like any of the Diva Lumberjacks (or Jills) from this Friday's Smackdown.

For Fox to get any sort of foothold in the title contention and generally to boast the "stock" of Mickie James, I don't even care who wins, if they can have the sort of match that Melina and Michelle McCool at had the Bash earlier this year (I don't think it will happen) they could do well. But sorry I forgot, these are WWE Divas and probably will disappoint us yet again, please don't. And now that Mickie is re-inflated these two should have a good match.

HIAC 2009 Match Preview - R-Truth vs Drew McIntyre

I only found out a couple of minutes ago that this match is on the card, why? They had 6 matches on the card even before they added the Divas Championship Match, with 3 of them being Hell in a Cell Matches what could go to 30 minutes each. I guess that its a feud that could do with some sort of match, but has Drew McIntyre had a proper match at all in this run in the company, he's just ran around beating up people and double-arm DDT'ing them. I'm probably wrong because we haven't seen him in match action, and WWE have to trust him to have his first TV match as a Pay-Per-View, but people won't be buying the PPV tonight because this match is on the card. I guess the storyline progression is there as well with Drew McIntyre getting a beating at the hands of R-Truth this Firday Night gone, whilst also destroying the Smackdown 10th Anniversary Cake and most of the catering. Both of these guys have something to prove, R-Truth has been around just about a year now, and hasn't made that much of an impact, we've heard the grumblings that Vince hasn't been happy with him. Evident by his absence at WrestleMania 25, even though he was on the poster, and the only one on that poster not to appear on the grandest stage of them all. The speak was that he was replaced by Mark Henry in the match, and back then (and personally still for me) that wasn't great for Ron Killings. This match could do well or it could be the throw away match where McIntyre destroys Truth before the match starts and does a John Cena and magically lowers the Cell and leaves him in a bloody heap on the floor (the only blood we might see tonight). For the sake of these two I hope they have a good match, but I probably will be saying after tonight that they could have had a better and long match on Smackdown.

Saturday, 3 October 2009 - Steve Austin on Soccer AM

He's in the UK promoting his new movie Damage and WWE Hell in a Cell. I can't make out if he said that he didn't want to be involved in a Hell in a Cell, or if he hasn't been involved, which he has, 2000 at WWE Armageddon in the first and only Armageddon Hell in a Cell Match.
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