Monday, 15 November 2010

I Quit

This is a short notice, at this moment in time, my position at the Dirt Sheet HD has become untenable, it seems highly unlikely that the situation that has caused this will be rectified so therefore I feel the only thing left for me to so is resign. If by some chance in the distance future the situation changes then maybe I can return, much like Jerry Lalwer did, but I would not hold my breath. I would like to say thank you to anyone who has read my contribution to this site. I loved writing for this site as it gave me an outlet for my WWE thoughts, but such is life.

Thank you all and God bless.

Sam Millard Former Co-editor of the Dirt Sheet HD

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Cena's choice

At Survivor Series Cena has a choice to make a choice I sympathise with. He has to chose to lose his job or help the he hates win the WWE title. I understand how he fells, sometime no matter what you do it is wrong. It is a tough choice to make, but unlike somepeople Cena can see the two outcomes and well his choice is easier than somepeople think. If Barrett loses then Cena is fired, he is out of WWE for good, this means he could never get revenge. Whereas if he lets Wade Barrett win the WWE title he is free from Nexus and a WWE superstar and he can get his revenge or if the WWE Universe hates him for his actions he could join the Nexus as a willing memnber. See Cena is lucky he can see the outcomes of his actions before he act. So, although his decision is similar to the concet of a 'locked room' as put forward by philosopher John Locke, there is only one option for Cena that appears to be logical, screw Orton. At this moment in time my sympathy does not lie with Cena cause he knows what's going to happen in advance. Some of us don't...

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Paul Bearer: The Ultimate Manager ‘Oh Yeah!’

2 weeks ago on Smackdown, in my opinion the greatest manager in WWE returned. It was of course the pale faced former undertaker, Paul Bearer. He arrived in a normal manner for him, from within a coffin. His return was not just surprise to Kane but it was also surprise to most of the fans. His return made almost perfect storyline sense (I will explain later some of the flaws) and it has made sure that the Hell in a Cell PPV will be really interesting.

Now before I get a hundred of emails telling me that Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan or the late Captain Lou Albano were better managers and don’t get me wrong I am not saying they are not good managers. But what I am saying is that Paul Bearer is the best. The reason as far as I am concerned why Bearer is best is because unlike other managers who had lot of wrestler under their control who were all different, Bearer only managed a certain type of Wrestler, for example: Kane, Mankind (during his darker days), Vader and The Undertaker. All of these wrestlers were demonic monsters or dark twisted individuals. Bearers look actually suits the roles of an evil undertaker; he has pale skin amplified by makeup, deep bags under his eyes and an eerie high pitched voice capable of delivering the perfect promos.
Now there is one flaw in the Paul Bearer return angle and that is the fact at the Great American Bash 2004 The Undertaker buried Bearer in a glass crypt full of concrete and attempted to ‘kill him’ apparently Bearer was seriously injured due to the event. In reality he went away for lose lots of weight which was good for him because he looks a lot healthier for it. But I do wonder how storyline wise they cover the whole Concrete crypt situation cause if they do a classic WWE pretend it never happened and moved on it will make the whole situation awful. Although there are lots of our younger fans who probably have no idea what I am talking about as they never followed WWE in 2004. This is a shame because they missed some pretty good times. I recommend that the young fans buy or rent DVDs from the 80s and 90s and the early 00s if they haven’t seen footage from that time. This is something that O’Dea had to do as he was a late to get into WWE.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Dullest Event of the Summer?

I know It's a strange notion, but whilst spending three weeks in the States I have lost my way with WWE. Sure, I know everything that's happening (mostly) and I get where they're going with all the storylines (seriously, The Great Khali is the best they can do) but I'm missing something and I think WWE is as well, heading into SummerSlam.

I don't see any substance, any real intent heading into this Sunday. For all intensive purposes the Main Event will be The Nexus vs Team WWE/Raw/CeNation in a 7-on-7/6 Elimination Tag Team Match. And all I can say to that is... Meh?! Well think about it, are you seriously telling me that most of these Nexus guys first Real Ring Action after NXT will be at the WWE's Second Biggest PPV of the year. And I understand the beating up everyone in an almost nWo style and gang-battering every moving thing insight, including taking out people who could be replacements.... (sorry, just had to laugh at the fact they thought The Great Khali and Mark Henry were threats, ha! I mean what has Khali been doing recently, beating up Daniel Bryan?)

And the months of build up, with them smashing Bret Hart around a car park to get contracts and hospitising old men cause they couldn't touch anyone under the age of 50 was great, new, fresh and it got people talking, but right now it seems like a lame duck. Even the apparent problems with Team WWE has been cringe worthy to watch, well, when I've bothered to watch them.

Okay, lets take a look at some of the other matches for this Sunday.

The Big Show will go up against CM Punk, Luke Gallows & Joey Mercury (remember him) in a 3-on-1 Handicap Match. Yep, I get the storyline and all, actually it has (I guess) been alright but are you really looking forward to this match? Nope, It'll happen, but there ain't much in this.

Melina returned the other week after a couple of weeks talking to The Fink and Internet Geeks on the WWE Universe Live Chats. I didn't actually watch that Taped Raw when she returned because I already knew everything that was going to happen (boring). But I expect an alright contest between these two; with her return, Melina is now obviously the strongest Diva on Raw and Alicia Fox has really built herself up after splitting for Zack Ryder, so I am looking forward to this match more than expected.

I also saw somewhere that at the SD! Tapings they set up LayCool vs Kelly Kelly & Tiffany, I really hope not and I'm not going to say anything else about that.

The Intercontinental Championship will be up for grabs when Kofi Kingston will "challenge" Dolph Ziggler. I don't know if it's sad that they have great matches on SmackDown, so you can't expect so much more from this match, though I think that I'm being too harsh. Look at this title match last year when Rey Mysterio held onto the belt by defeating Dolph in an mazing match which gave Dolph so much stronger. But also because of Rey Rey, Dolph had to wait nearly another year to get his hands on the prize.

Dolph & Kofi are great athletes and should put on a show-stealer (hopefully).

So the Undertaker Storyline is coming to a head with the World Heavyweight Championship Kane facing off against Rey Mysterio. Well, I, think that, erm... Okay, to be honest I'm looking forward to the match, but the build-up has over-kill written all over it, and I've become disengaged with it.

Like what on earth happened to Kane randomly bringing out the Casket and taking away CM Punk at Fatal-4-Way? And why did Kane stand up for Rey at Money in the Bank (that is if he wasn't going to cash in the contract)?

So the master of the 619 (remember that, cause they're in LA) will, at least I think, will get beaten up, come back slightly and then something supernatural will happen and blah, blah... probably the match might end in a No Contest. And also if this match is very late in the night, something will happen and most likely with return of the deadman. Come on, he's on the promo stuff and WWE went out of their way to take Triple H off that stuff because they knew he'd still be injured at the time.

And Finally we have a rematch from the Royal Rumble, well minus Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. It'll be Randy Orton challenging Sheamus for the WWE Championship. So, what will this encounter bring? I believe, a good solid wrestling match with, I think, Randy stealing the championship with win out of nowhere and possibly a post match beat down from the Celtic Warrior and a Money in a Bank tease cash in from the "awesome one".

Wait a minute, what ever happened to the Rock's Summer stint with the WWE. I mean what a better place and time to return (as Raw GM?), I think it's been long enough for Michael Cole to have his moment's in the sun reading E-Mails.

That's all I'm going to say about that. Sunday will come around soon enough.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Fall From Grace? More Like A Step-Ladder

So the first elimination of NXT Season 2 has come and gone, wait, really?! I didn't even know before the actual live show that there would be an elimination, I could have sworn that it would be the same as season one and just do a poll at the start to see how everyone was getting on. One thing was good about the elimination night was that the WWE Universe got "50%" of the vote, I mean I know that I cast my vote, did you?

It is Titus O'Neil who is the first to leave the new season of NXT. Premature? Yes. I think that he had more to give and wasn't given any time what so ever. I mean, a couple of weeks ago they did a fly-on-the-wall backstage segment with his WWE Pro Zack Ryder having a heart to heart conversation about turning his situation of the opening weeks around, and they had an opportunity, but never followed it up in any sort of serious way, just a fleeting mention on commentary on the next week. Oh yeah, but he did have the worst record between all the rookies; though only 3 matches and 3 losses before being eliminated, he got screwed over, at least people knew who Bryan Danielson was when he got eliminated first and after not winning one match, until the night before he got "eliminated".

I saw him as the sort of Darren Young of season two, the one who is most improved and grows on me the best as time goes on or as Skip Sheffield, you know, the dumb idiot at the start who improves when he starts to warm up to his pro, also has the same sort of steroids, sorry, genetics in him.

I'm glad that Kaval came first, he should be there in his rightful place at the top, I hope it isn't a bad omen of things to come.

Oh yeah, it's been long time no blog. Sorry.

Monday, 7 June 2010

WWE Play-by-Play Notes for Monday Night Raw May 31, 2010

  • I like the different start it normally takes 10 minutes before any physicality, when I watched it first time Live I was a bit confused about why, but I also thought "OMG is Evan getting a push", then he got Spear'd
  • Heavy Breathers-R-US
  • Awwwww, little Edge feels disrespected
  • "Sheamus takes what he wants" sounds more like a sexual threat than anything
  • I still don't think that Edge has returned to his normal heel-devil self, see I started watching WWE in mid/late-2006 when he was an absolute bastard having epic matches with John Cena (and to a lesser extent Rob Van Dam)
  • "You're not 100% I see the doubt there" right as the camera gets a close up of a rare piece of emotion on Randy's face
  • Edge ain't kidding, I mean he just stood in the wrong place for a RKO
  • HA! Orton just pushed a cameraman off the apron, "This is my turnbuckle, BITCH!"
  • When I saw that Ashton Kutcher was hosting, I was like, who on earth is that, before noticing I follow him on Twitter
  • Zach Ryder likes talking to his MacBook
  • I'm putting a hit on... oh wait who really gives a s**t
  • Ashton actually tweeted that he wanted to see Miz, strange
  • One Night Contract, sounds slightly sexual, no that was No Night Stand
  • Woah woah woah, Eve we're TV-PG so put those breasts away
  • "Watsup, M'Fers"
  • I still hate the lie detector
  • Wait, hold on you can be serious, for one they actually announced where Jericho was from, they never do that, but also why would Y2J need to fight to get a US Champ Match
  • I can understand him being a Pro on NXT, but not fighting Truth
  • Well if Ron Killings wants to get some respect from me, this is the sort of people he should be having matches with
  • I forgot that Chris was in a Fatal-4-Way WWE Champ Qualifier last week, god, what did he do, did he not vote for Linda or something
  • First match of the night, strangely good long match, normally this segment is for Santino
  • R-Truth tried a Jeff Hardy-esk Suplex facebuster and ended up nearly breaking Jericho's neck
  • Oh really Cole, I didn't notice that Jericho was mocking Truth
  • This was a good match for Truth to win and as they were saying about getting credibility for his Championship reign
  • Could this be a downward spiral for Chris
  • Did qualify for F4W, lost to Truth and lost to Heath Slater
  • Do they need to recap Batista quiting, I already forgot who he was, well nearly I guess
  • I also didn't wanna see anymore of Dave's spit-o-vision
  • Well done Zach, Bret is the Hitman, oh oh oh that right
  • The Usos, ah. Way to kill the moment Tyson
  • There he is, SANTINO!
  • Eve's Tron doesn't have anything of her wrestling
  • Maryse really does look like she's in a porno and she takes off half her costume before entering the ring
  • Michael Cole just said that Regal-Kozlov relationship goes back to the "old ECW", yep yep, that's the sound of Joey Styles flipping out
  • "Wannabe Darth Vader Music"
  • Making Love, is not PG, making Tag Teams aren't either
  • Santino has been trying to "court" Vladmir, I know that people who don't like wrestling say it's gay, but that's different
  • Santino is hilarious, "Stop It"
  • "How did you block that"
  • Yes Girl on Girl on Ref
  • And there goes Vladmir with the worst covering by Lawler ever
  • Bret looks Serious and needs to choose his clothes better or get a stylist, dressing like that does make you look past it
  • It's been two weeks with Bret as GM and it already seems to long
  • Teddy and Bret are going to do something really special on Raw next week, that definitely isn't PG
  • Teddy & Bret also made it 3 hours to fit in all the fun and games, sorry but listening to this, looking for the dirty bits is impossible without being shocked or laughing your head off. All the superstars from Raw & Smackdown under one roof
  • A night to remember
  • Jerry noticed that the GM gets interrupted a lot and Ted wants to be GM for the night, COMPLETE CONTROL.
  • "Every body's got a piece" in my movie actor voice with a slight pause to highlight it. It's all about performance
  • Ted really needs to stop talking about all the monopoly money he has
  • It's Saturday Night, 48 Hours till Raw and I still don't how "Viewers Choice will work
  • Cole is bitter for Bret Hart's loss at Survivor Series 97... I mean Wrestlemania 26 (Too Soon?)
  • Vince knows how to work a crowd
  • "Over and Over" by Hot Chip that is a TUNE
  • 18! 18!
  • You tap'd out "I didn't really"
  • Yes, why would Vince allow Bret to be GM???
  • Well it's none of what he just said
  • Vince is gonna be tuning in next week, yeah because he likes taking time off from his day job to watch Raw on his DVR
  • The WWE Universe are like Children, well thats me as well, well I'm only 17, you got me!
  • "I hope you have a happy ending"
  • Serious bro.
  • Seriously Bro that door slam into Randy's arm was shit and that guy who called for help just went can I have some help then just ran off
  • Awesome! "Someone's mouth who is always ready to go"
  • God Michael Cole HATES Daniel Bryan
  • What are those things on Bryan's trunks.
  • "Losers have no heart" and Announcers can't slap
  • I love Michael Cole's bitterness and spite
  • Jerry Lawler, yes ladies and gentlemen the voice reason
  • Cole is more shocked than Miz and both of them are equally pissed
  • Love this Angle
  • Michael Cole can't even get someone thrown into himself with out mucking up
  • Haha, from my view in the UK, Michael Cole's ignorance and stupidity is like a clever metaphor for the US, I mean the stupid bits, "What's a Vegan"
  • I'm trippin' for the Usos, they are different, they're street, but not Cryme Tyme street, like they said college educated street
  • They play off each other really well and have filled in for Carlito & Primo quickly and effectively
  • I think that the girl looks like a good wrestler but she needs to stay away from the mic.
  • Wait, jimmy superfly snuka was held back
  • I actually like the look of this but when you watch it back it is so obvious that the girl would stop Tyson Kidd
  • I like those tag team moves
  • But Jay or Jimmy Uso (the one in the grey) rawly fell whilst doing his splash and they weren't in time together, sad sorry FAIL
  • Finally Jerry actually told us who jimmy and jay's family is
  • "Oh Radio!" WWWYKI
  • My girl Alicia has a good idea
  • Zach apparently could get over 10 Million Twitter Followers in one day, yeah not that many people watch Raw
  • I swear that Khali was meant to be going home and getting some rest but he's been on TV more now since before
  • Jerry Lawler has short term memory loss
  • Ryder is going to breakdown and Alicia is putting her foot down
  • And then drops the mic and delivers the hit herself, wait have they broke up now, that means Alicia should be future endeavored sometime in the future, apparently her on screen relationship with Zach saved her
  • Edge, yep, the conversation is up here at Sheamus's eyes and not at his Junk...yard dog.
  • So the film-remake of the A-Team cast is hosting next week, I don't even wanna know what skit they'll be doing next week
  • It is replay night on Raw isn't it
  • Haha just saw a sign saying, new crayon colour "Sheamus"
  • Here comes the Champ and who's his partner well obviously, the only other person who has been anywhere near people in this match.... Zach Ryder....right, right, right. Oh yeah lil Evan
  • Cena is actually really amp'd up to be teaming with Evan Bourne
  • Edge is like, what the f**k is he doing here. Edge, at least it ain't Hornswoggle, I mean you know WWE writers nowdays
  • Before the break Evan looked to Cena as if to say, "did I do good, papa"
  • Evan sells really well like a rag doll
  • I love how he does the knees to the head on the suplex.
  • Sometimes it looks like Evan gets whiplash from the bigger guy's clothesline, lands on his neck everytime
  • WWE Sign Guy starts to get the house a-rockin
  • Hot Tag and here comes Johnny. Feeding off the energy of his partner
  • Haha that was great how much Cena had to turn Sheamus round in the Attitude Adjustment and then look like he was dodging Edge's spear, where an old granny walking down the high street would have been more imposing
  • Shooting Star Press and John Cena has a new mate, tells him to take the limelight. Cena actually looked really dumstruck by the SSP
  • Some people tuning in late are like "Who's music is this", "Must be John Cena's new Rap-Rock Fusion Entrance Music
  • That's a Wrap.

Saturday, 5 June 2010 - WWE Superstars June 3, 2010

WWE Play-by-Play Notes for WWE Superstars June 3, 2010

  • Oh No Here Comes the world's blandest Man
  • I like the cocky and arrogant Primo that cheeky Cartwheel was great.
  • Henry kicks out and throws Primo half way across the ring
  • The Crowd seems to be hot for this match, probably cause its the first of the night and Mark kinda has homefield advantage
  • I like that lil' Michael's esk turnbuckle roll
  • Michael Cole has a man crush on Mark Henry
  • So they're advertising Tiffany vs Michelle, please not the main event
  • Gail Kim & Jillian Hall the most underused Divas
  • Hey Gail's been in TNA and Jillian was trained by Lance Storm
  • No Michael I don't wanna imagine you and Jillian doing Karaoke
  • OMD It's been like only a minute or two into the match and they're already on the outside and I'm loving it, physical, high flying and athletic
  • One of the best Diva's matches in weeks, no thanks to Cole & King
  • Really can they not talk more about Jillian's ability then her singing
  • Like I read on the net, when was the last time you saw a Superplex in a Divas match?
  • See Diva's that is how you put on a good match and sell Gail's finisher
  • Co-Besties #1 vs GM Reject #2
  • Wow, Ruff and Tumble, first Tiffany's bottom half of her costume, Layla's streaking and then the knee to the announce table
  • "I feel story for her"
  • That was any alright match, not a negative
  • Stop singing Match, please.
  • I think that Matt Stiker having 4 Sister's may have had an adverse affect
  • I think that Dolph can do better than Vickie, remember when he used to date Maria, woah! She's hot (and fired)
  • Clever WWE putting Evan Bourne in the Superstar Profile Package thing, remind you now he's getting a push
  • NXT better than Raw Rebound, wait I already said that
  • Chavo vs Christian was going alright but like Vickie said, it did make it more interesting and not a leprechaun in sight, just a Kent State Uni Grad
  • "Vickie Guerrero strikes again"
  • I don't wanna know that Christian beat these two with that thing last week
  • Dolph's character is perfect for his style, aggressive and cocky
  • Matt Striker taking the high ground on keeping relationships to yourself. Yeah but there are pictures of your manhood on the web, so shut up
  • "Roll the dice again"
  • They say these 3 are young superstars
  • Chavo never gets to hit all 3 amigos, that last one must be lonely
  • I didn't know you could tag someone's foot
  • That was a raw Zig-Zag
  • And that's a Wrap

Friday, 4 June 2010

WWE Play-by-Play Notes for Friday Night Smackdown June 4th 2010

  • God that Kane opening promo was strange, that's the loudest I've heard WWE since the late 80s, or you know TNA est. 2010
  • Cowards don't cry
  • Did you see that little thing Kane did to his hand when he started to break down, Booker T
  • I don't understand, does vegetative state mean dead.
  • I hope that doesn't back fire for WWE
  • Last time they tried to Kill Off a character (Mr. McMahon), a Real Person died (Benoit)
  • Here comes Jack Swagger with his fake Sooners Jersey, if it were real it would say "Hager", retards
  • See I'm from the UK and I automatically knew the rivalry and cheap heat that Swagger gained by wearing that top in Texas
  • I think that Jack Swagger would make a better Pro on NXT than MVP, I mean MVP got replaced before the first season started, remember he would have had Skip Sheffield as a Rookie
  • When MVP is in the corner, I think that Swagger needs to work out how to pull punches that look realistic
  • Jack is Building himself as a major champion and I'm really enjoying some of the work he's been doing recently as Champ, I'm just sorry that the best he had for "Over The Limit" was Big Show
  • What is that "Pay Dirt"-like Move MVP is doing "305"? It's shockingly rubbish to watch
  • Nice long match there I just think there could have been more at the end there
  • Now I have to say I haven't watched Smackdown in Full recently, which is naughty, so I kinda don't know everything about Hawkins and Archer. 30 Days to make an impact, and one week left, haha, I missed everything in that angle.
  • lol I'm watching a Australian Version and it has an ad for a SD! Live Tour..... Featuring the Undertaker.
  • Dallas is 100s of JBLs walking around (laugh out loud)
  • I'm glad they used Superstars & Smackdown to review the NXT Season Finale, Certainly better than Raw Rebound, but they did miss the funny parts in the Otunga-Barrett Face Off, that was hilarious
  • Guilt smells, but not of drugs, smoke or alcohol
  • Here we go with the Intercontinental Championship
  • So it's Boom Boom Boom vs Miserable Bastard #1
  • Matt Striker is a Great Misunderstood Mind
  • "To the Face!"
  • Matt Hardy has a Front Row Seat on the most out of place seat in the world
  • That Backwards Roll out of the ring over the bottom rope was clever and athletic and missed
  • Oh yeah, forgot that Kofi has become like R-Truth, he's turned one of his normal moves into a finisher because he hadn't been allowed to do it since his feud with Randy Orton. FYI, it's the S.O.S.
  • Look, it's WWE Sign Guy again, I mean I haven't seen him like all week, since like Thursday
  • OMG what a shity backhand from McIntyre to Hardy
  • So Kofi hits the SOS and Matt hits the Twist of Fate, then runs like a bat out of hell and Matt Striker becomes a Law Student
  • Kane, Rey was only trying to be a nice little Christian with his mask that matches his T-Shirt
  • What is the Fatal-4-Way Theme, I likey
  • Things are getting bad when you have to do sponsored highlights from earlier in the night.
  • So we are about 2/3rds of the way through the show and we've only had 2 matches, good? Bad? Two long matches but neither 100%
  • Oh My! It's JR's Theme, nope its just Jack singing and an awkward silence with Kane
  • Todd is the Jerry Lawler of SD! but never gets so close to the prize.
  • Wait, I'm gonna go out on a limb here... I don't really care right now who did something to Taker.
  • NXT Pros & Co-Women's Champs Lay-Cool look on
  • Josh Matthews & Matt Striker are Besties, I wonder what they share
  • Watching Kelly vs Rosa was painful, whereas when I watched Gail Kim vs Jillian Hall on Superstars I enjoyed it and it was better than literally every single male and female match on Raw
  • so this Monday it's 3Hour Viewers Choice, just go to and wait until we're ready to tell you what I happening with that.
  • So "Showstopper" by Toby Mac is Fatal-4-Way Theme, might have to look that up
  • Taker has always had Big Show's number, why don't you call?
  • Look it's Little C**t sorry Bastard sorry Horny T**t sorry PLEASE GET OFF TV
  • Again with the extended highlights from earlier in the night, I'm not a Goldfish or are they trying to make it look like I'm watching this from next week
  • What's the difference between a normal Battle Royale and a Smackdown Battle Royale, F*** Knows, because it's the main event and only the 4 Match of the Night
  • "Call Mine a Perfect 10"
  • Look! It's Finlay, I thought he was too old, hey Vince. Don't worry I don't mind he's a Road Agent and I don't think he minds either, at his age. Oooops
  • "Slowly Making his way to the Ring Drew McIntyre"
  • Go on Christian this is your best chance in years
  • CM Punk nearly got demasked, that was a strange side-bit
  • Wait, where's Cody Rhodes, he wasn't on Superstars this week either, apparently he was last week as well
  • "Someone's been eliminated"
  • "There goes a Dudebuster onto another Dudebuster"
  • Kofi eliminated Drew and Himself, that's a sign that in the next couple of months that'll be the emotional rivalry on Smackdown
  • I'm surprised at how well Archer, Finlay and Hawkins are doing
  • Curt Hawkins looks like hes put on weight since Zach Ryder dumped him
  • God that hooded attacker from the SES
  • Shut up Matt about emotional state of Kane
  • Short Term memory loss of the WWE Universe forgetting the rather aggressive (but slightly rubbish) feud that Rey and Kane had (no thanks to Mike Adamle)
  • Before the end of the show Rey mouthed "One More Time", that sounds so dirty not in context, and considering he's only won the WHC once, I have not idea what he's on about.
  • That's a Wrap.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Current Extreme Rules 2010 Card for This Sunday

Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship
John Cena (c) vs Batista
Extreme Rules Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Jack Swagger (c) vs Randy Orton
Steel Cage Match
Chris Jericho vs Edge
Street Fight
Triple H vs Sheamus
If CM Punk loses, he will get his Hair Shaved Off
CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio
Extreme Makeover Match for the WWE Women's Championship
Michelle McCool (c) vs Beth Phoenix
Strap Match
JTG vs Shad Gaspard

Monday, 19 April 2010

SmackDown Invade Monday Night Raw Tonight, It's Official & Undertaker Will Be There

With the volcanic eruption in Europe stranding the majority of the Raw roster, WWE’s flagship show is going blue. Even as the cast of the film MacGruber takes the reins as special guest hosts for the potentially cataclysmic show in East Rutherford, N.J., Triple H prepares to share the ring with several top SmackDown Superstars.

Although Raw is trapped in Belfast, Ireland, the SmackDown Superstars were able to arrive in Newark by charter early this morning, after traveling through the night by bus to get to a place where they could take off.

Can the cast of MacGruber control the molten-hot situation that could erupt on Raw? Find out tonight at 9/ 8 CT only on USA Network.

For the first time since the fallout of Wrestlemania weeks ago, The Phenom makes a live appearance tonight on Monday Night Raw. How will the Undertaker and his fellow SmackDown Superstars have their impact felt, live on the USA Network.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Ash Cloud Update & Maryse Blogs on her Experiences in Europe so far

Flight recrictions in and out of the UK have now been puched back to 7am BST/2am EST Monday Morning, making it even less likely that the Raw Crew will make it to the Monday Night Tapings 19 Hours Later. Here is the latest from the forecasts of the Cloud around Europe and the Raw Crew seem to be right in the heart of it. Again Belfast is the little red dot:
This is from Maryse's Blog:
"wow just one freaking word, WOW… Traveling is sometime easy and sometime hard, but this tour was unbeleivable, its one after an other….and its not done yet, im still in Ireland…not back to New York til a few hours maybe a few days…well the tour was going good, then a volcano in iceland erupted, gosh …… leaving france after the show 3 days ago we had a 3 hrs bus ride, then a ferry for 2 hrs, then a 8 hrs bus ride, then we stop for an hour to relax our legs and stretch, then a 3 hrs bus ride to a ferry for 2 hrs then a 2 hrs bus ride then to the arena for the show…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not to mentionned that before the show in france that day we did a 6 hrs bus ride …haha then after the show we left and again the same deal, unbeleivable….. my butt was hurting, my back was ohhhhhh, and i had to go pee every 15 mins, ughhh haha, well i went over all the songs in my Itouch probably 25 times, ( i have a lot of songs in my itouch ) lol i never dreamt of sleeping in a bed so bad, today in spa time in ireland, its gonna be great, trying to get myself mentaly ready for whats next, hopefully they will clear the air space soon and we can get a direct flight to New York…..


Even More Bad Updates on Raw Crew Getting Out of Belfast

Again as of this writing, all air travel in UK Airspace including in Belfast where the Raw Crew is, has been totally "shut down" until now the earliest 1AM Sunday Night/Monday Morning and in Ireland that has been extended until Midday Local Time Monday (though Northern Ireland is part of UK, but not definitely in UK airspace). That is also looking like that deadline will be pushed back even further, making it now nearly impossible for the Raw Crew to New Jersey before Monday Night. Here is the latest estimated Ash Cloud Map with Belfast being the Red dot:
Here are some more WWE Tweets:

Kofi Kingston:
"in total limbo right now waiting for the air space to be cleared. On the bright side, there are worse places than Belfast to be stranded in."

John Morrison on his Experiences on the way home:
"while looking for terminal 1 at Madrid Airport: "I think we just went in a circle." " I think we made a wrong turn in Chicago 2 weeks ago.""

Matt Hardy on his:
"Although I feel bad that the WWE had to postpone the Turkey & Austria events for those fans.. Hate we had to miss those shows to get home. Here's the deal-Wake up at 6 am Fri morn, prep, travel, & catch a train at 11 am (5 hrs) Uncomfortable train ride from Hannover, Germany to Zurich, Switzerland that took 7 hrs (12 hrs) Go directly to venue & perform which was 5 hrs (17) Get on a bus for 6 hrs (23) Break, eat, & get the ONLY bus that would take us to Madrid, Spain (24 hrs) spent 18 torturous hours on that bus (42 hrs) to barely make our flight to the States which took almost 10 hrs (52 hrs) Clear customs, get to hotel and a bed took about 2 hrs (54 hrs total) Top that travel story guys!"

Wrestling Quote #41: Sgt Truth's Lonely Hearts Club Band?

Matt Striker's comment after R-Truth performed his signature rap entrance.
'I think R-Truth would have made a great 5th Beatle'

Smackdown Crew Back in the States, Raw Crew Are Stuck, And it isn't going to get better any time soon

As of this writing, flight restricted on all air travel has been extended until 7:00pm on Sunday Night and is still expected to continue well into next week as the ash cloud hangs over Europe. Though on the other hand, it looks like the Smackdown Crew have made it back to the USA via Madrid and two cancelled events.

Matt Hardy Tweeted:
"Just landed in Newark, NJ after traveling & working for almost 54 HOURS STRAIGHT!! I have NEVER experienced anything close to this! USA USA! Went through a helluva journey with the BLUE Team traveling/working without a bed for well over 2 straight days-so excited 2 shower & sleep!"

Chris Jericho:
"Just landed in Newark. 47 hrs without a bed but at least we've escaped from under ashened skies..."

Women's Champion Michelle McCool:
"Holy smokes....we made it back to USA! Consensus calculates 56 hours!!!!! This was unbelievable! Cramped shuttle, overheated bus, etc..Some great one liners on our bus ride tho!:)"

Beth Phoneix:
"Thank u to my fellow SmackDown superstars divas and all crew members. We are home safe and I'm very grateful. Sending best wishes and safe travels to the Raw crew. This natural disaster has brought out the strength in the entire WWE company."

And even though he was in the States all the time, Jim Ross weighted in:
"Smackdown crew arrived in nyc @ 1 am Sunday morning. 47 hrs w/o a bed. Now THAT'S a european vacation sans Chevy Chase & Cousin Eddie."

Kofi Kingston, who is on the Raw Tour, didn't really give anything of his situation away this morning:
"sooo...this volcano business is the real deal, eh?"

And just before leaving Europe yesterday night, Mickie James Tweeted this:
"Just got to the airport here in madrid. Phones been dead for hours now... Wow? U don't realize how dependent u r to it until u don't have it... But then again... It was quite peaceful... Time with my thoughts... Reflection is always a good thing... Sometimes u just gotta roll with the punches... "What did u say to the kid Rock? Its not how hard u hit... Its how hard u get hit... And get back up"

Obviously some other Divas have taken their situation bit more lightly, here's the new Divas Champion Eve Torres:
"Thank you for all of your concern for our travels. We don't know how or when were getting back to the states, but I do know one thing... If I'm stuck in Belfast, I'm having a shopping and spa day! The only things to make a girl missing home feel better."

And the former Divas Champion Maryse:
"If we don't make it on time for raw monday we will miss Ryan Phillipe, OMG, cruel intention! I'm freakin out!...... What's the BEST spa in Belfast??????"

Dolph Ziggler:
"Finally back in the USA! I would kiss the ground, if my mouth wasnt so busy already... ;)"

John Morrison:
"Planes, trains, and the worst bus ride ever (23 hours!) our bus could only go 15 mph up hills! Finally back in the USA! Never thought I'd be so glad to be in New Jersey!"

Update on WWE Crew & Superstars Stuck in Europe and How They Can Save Monday Night's Taping

Having just done their last tour date with a second night in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the Raw Crew now are going to find it very hard to get back to the States. As of this writing, further restrictions have been enforced until 1:00pm UK Time on Sunday (which is expected to be extended). The Ash Cloud is now covering nearly all of Northern and Eastern Europe, making all air travel impossible. To be perfectly honest, the Smackdown Crew had a lucky break by cancelling two of their shows and heading south from Zurich to Madrid in Spain to fly back to the States.

Some airlines made policy earlier in the week that they would not fly at all until Monday, which seems in hindsight to have been a good desicision as the days go on and as no one is going anywhere fast. People are being told that flights are likely to be cancelled well into next week.

There has been talk that the Smackdown Crew could cover most of the show on Monday and if needed include recorded segments from superstars that are stuck in Europe, because that would not be any problem to work out.

This is just an idea from me, why don't they try and put together a taping here in the UK, my good if they wanted a crowd, have tickets for £5 or something. The O2 Arenas in London and Dublin are not possibilities. The MEN Arena in Manchester, the site for this year's November UK Tapings is free, but not really, they are going from hosting the European Badminton Championships on Sunday to Torvill and Dean's Ice Skating on Thursday. The Sheffield Arena, where WWE had their last set of Tapings in November including Ricky Hatton guest hosting Raw, is free until the 1st May and to get there from Belfast is easy. Like I said, the amount of people attending wouldn't be slack by any means. They could even have half and half, so live goings on with Monday Night Smackdown and then the Raw guys in taped Matches and Bits back in Europe. Anyway that's just my idea.

Anyway, here is your Ash Cloud Forcast for Sunday, with the little red dot showing the current location of the Raw Crew, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Current Extreme Rules 2010 Card

Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship
John Cena (c) vs Batista
Extreme Rules Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Jack Swagger (c) vs Randy Orton
Steel Cage Match
Chris Jericho vs Edge
Street Fight
Triple H vs Sheamus
If CM Punk Loses, He Gets His Head Shaved
CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio

WWE Raw Crew Struggling to Make It Back to the States for Monday Night

I knew this would happen, thanks to the Ash Cloud over Europe the WWE Raw Crew is going to have problems getting back to the USA for Monday. Raw will do their second straight show in Belfast, Northern Ireland tonight. All flights in and out of the UK/NI are being cancelled or restricted until at least 7am Sunday Morning and things aren't looking any better. The Smackdown Crew flew out of Madrid earlier in the week after driving down from Zurich and cancelling two events in Eastern Europe.
This Photo below, via BBC News Website, shows the area that the ash cloud is estimated to cover at certain times. It looks like that by Sunday Morning and the time that the WWE will want to fly out by, Belfast (red dot) will again be covered by thee ash cloud, not good news for them and the millions others (including my Dad) who can get anywhere in, out or aaround most of Europe.

WWE Play-by-Play Notes for the Week Beginning 12th April 2010

Here are my notes for Monday Night Raw from the O2 Arena, London, UK:
  • The MNR Crowd boos anyone that has a faint interest in Friday Night Smackdown
  • David Hasselhoff has multiple personality disorder
  • Eve Torres=Zero Reaction
  • The Hoff/King/Cole are all perverts
  • With a moonsalt like that you could mistake Eve for Kurt Angle
  • I hate Eve Torres' Music
  • KFC's Double Down "So meaty theres no space for the bun" another way for wrestlers to die young
  • Big Show was on his period before WrestleMania
  • "I can't believe a man so large has such a small ego" - Thats what she said
  • Bret Hart is hanging round Raw like a bad smell
  • "Give me a break" - OK
  • 90s Icon line was gold
  • The British Bulldog was one of the 16,107 in attendance, Oh sorry forgot
  • The bulldog was in the building and thats y the baby bull set a challenge
  • I'm rooting for Tyson Kidd to get some charaisma
  • HooRah!
  • Shades of the BB yeah but smith can actually hold miz up there with human stength and not the pills
  • Michael Cole is shite and too easily excitable
  • That should be big shows new finisher the kidney punch only available in HD
  • Otunga is Batistas bitch and copys everyline he says
  • Apparently the o2 arena is not far from THE heathrow airport (erm no)
  • OMG Carilto has a match on TV that isnt on Superstars
  • Carlito is Chavo mark 2
  • Randy orton vs jack swagger at Extreme Rules for the WHC, the only reason being that he pinned him in a tag match then beat him last week you know totally opposite to chris jericho/edge #1 contender match
  • The SSP in HD is sick
  • OMG google liked WM
  • Gotta love the most mixed reaction cena will get all year in the UK
  • David otunga has to get rid of those jeans
  • Batsita IS still waiting for that coffee
  • Jerry the king doesnt know the rules of a LMS match
  • WTF is batista wearin
  • What a waste of clothing that could have made a nice replacement to cenas orange
  • Ah there u go we get a sponsored look back at the discret racism
  • "Sheamus needs a tan" yeah thats never gonna happen
  • Remember kids theres big ben
  • HHH fears Sheamus and his missed "t"s "Street Fighhhe"
  • I like the "fallen empire" line
  • Fella
  • We've got pyro for kofi, we need him to get out there and have a match/beat down
  • Are you a part of the boom squad? No fuck off, is that like the clique - kofi, evan bourne, mvp, mark henry
  • Sheamus thinks that everyones neame is fella
  • Remember everyone sheamus never lost the WWE champ it was stollen from him inside the elimination chamber
  • The crowd is calling for HHH, yeah but hes still in the USA
  • Everybody Hates Kofi
  • The Irish Psycho
  • Here comes Carlito and OMG a cameo apperance from Vladmir Kozlov
  • He wants to get drafted to SD or he'll quit Is that a threat Carlito
  • Ah fresh after getting put to sleep by dolph on Friday Night Smackdown it's Josh Matthews having a little chat with the Viper Randy Orton, God I remember the chats they used to have last year, "You wanna ask me a question, Sit down Josh", that was freaky stuff.
  • Randy has been waiting for a longtime to fight batista erm selective memory
  • This is the closest thing ur gonna get to slow-mo porn
  • Haha Santino fresh off his wrestlemania slimjim ad
  • Rosa Mendes is really blonde
  • Look @ Hoff the perv
  • Haha whilste but that is selling to the max take note hunter
  • All that did was make me sick of the baywatch theme
  • Viper vs Animal next
  • Here comes the generic euro tour promo & OMG is that what evan bourne sounds like shiz
  • Randy orton forgot his wings in his original RKO pose
  • WWE have got rid of the taxi and posst box so now the only thing thing bout UK ppl in USA now know bout us is a mini and as doubledecker bus, wait a mini, havent WWE seen the Italian job
  • WTF selective memory they are saying that batista was the whole reason randy was kicked out of evolution, not to mention HHH
  • Vintage randy or... oh shut up
  • "Good match tonight randy, got a load of clothesllines in"
  • Oooops Michael Cole, did you just say "Live in front of over 16 thousand at the o2 arena in london", u were doing so well all night
  • Jackie Swagger
  • And gutwrench pwrbmb what so jack swagger missed main eventing a house show at the same time for his minute on the screen. sorry im wrong he did a promo and opening match against kane at a house show in nottingham also on monday
  • No, its mine! My Batista! My Scrotum Head! now ill count to 10
Now some notes from Tuesday's NXT also as everything this week, from the O2 Arena:
  • I think the Recap from last week made Slater look weak against Kane, he had a better performance
  • Don't forget there are only 4 weeks before the first elimination
  • Did Michael Cole just call Josh Matthews, Jack
  • FYI, the UK NXT airs at 11pm on a Thursday so not many people see it
  • Therefore David Otunga with Monday Night Experience gets one of the biggest responces
  • "RUN NXT" I like that T-Shirt
  • Michael Traver IS the pressure
  • "A-List" is an official WWE Copyright
  • Raw wasn't "LIVE" Matt Striker
  • Justin Gabriel has been helped a lot by being with Matt Hardy, that was a good mix
  • Gabriel vs Cena @ Wrestlemania 29 ?
  • "Not just an American Audience" really, well done Matt
  • STOP saying "Tonight", "Tonight", "Tonight"
  • It's a good prize to create their entrance theme, but actually I think it helps them coming out to their Pro's music
  • 10 Minutes before the Competition even started, wasting time.
  • Daniel Bryan SUCKS!
  • Love Cole's Comments, "Mr. Charisma"
  • I can't spell Blazaie
  • Wade, that was good.
  • Haha, Justin, "Roses are Red, Voilets are Blue and I'm the Best in the World at what I do"
  • The English Crowd can't connect to a Rose, WTF? It's not the 1500s
  • Love the Booooooos from the UK Crowd, No one knows what those varities are
  • David Otunga doesn't get sleep, Miss Hudson is lonley tonight. And put Josh Matthews.
  • First time we've actually heard Skip Speaking but that's alright that he got some time on the mic.
  • "Who Are Ya!" - No one apparently
  • Toothpaste, shut your mouth Darren Young, "that's PG right"
  • Tarver is Angry and no one knows who he is?
  • Haha, not so liked are you Heath & Danielson
  • Bubblegum, Shot, don't say Brands no one knows what those are and most of Skips talk-off was shots of Wade Barrett
  • "Wind" haha farts, oh "The Winds of Change", NICE. Pandering to the Crowd what a dude.
  • My Days that segment was 21 Minutes, thats longer or as long as some Family Guy Episodes (you know minius Ads)
  • Wait so they have 3 matches to fit in less than half an hour, so they ad in a rather Pointless Raw Rebound (I would think that all those who watch NXT watch Raw) great timing their WWE
  • I respect Jack Swagger, he did a match with Kane in Nottingham then drove 2 and half hours to make the last minutes of the Raw Taping in London.
  • Oh there's Dizzee Rascal!
  • (8) My Time to Shine (8)
  • I'm looking forward to Extreme Rules
  • I HATE recaps
  • I LOVE CM Punk, nice backstage segment.
  • "Nothing but a Punk"
  • So it's Christian versus Wade Barrett, this should be good
  • Chris Jericho talking to the Cole/Matthews, love it.
  • "Stay Down, Christian, Stay Down!"
  • I think that Michael Cole & Josh Matthews NXT Commentary is like a guilty pleasure, because it's a rare thing in WWE
  • Everyone is after Josh Matthews, Michael "Who are ya" Tarver & Dolph Ziggler
  • Heath Slater gets a sly look from Christian, nice.
  • David Otunga was on Access Hollywood &&& What!? After that there is less than 10 minutes for two matches
  • Daniel Bryan is the Susan Boyle of the WWE, Priceless.
  • Miz is a Psycho, love it.
  • Cole is eating it up.
  • Michael Cole Soapbox.
  • Love the fact that Michael Cole is the Joey Styles of the Original ECW. I still love Cole-Matthews Banter and the fact that Cole has an view on NXT makes it all better.
  • Regal-Bryan should have been a 20 minute Main Event not 2 minute thing, Bryan is now 0-8, well he's had a match every week, the other NXT Rookies cannot say that, still he got his mouth f**ked up.
  • No Responce to Luke Gallow's Music, it sounds freaky.
  • I can't believe this is the Main Event, and the fact it has literally seconds to go.
  • That's different, red crosses on Punk's hands couldn't he find any back marker pen in Europe. And yes that is more interesting than this match. And also that random cut-out to Hardy/Gabriel, about 5 seconds before Young won.
  • That a rubbish way to finish the show, it did nothing, I'm sorry nothing.
Now to Thursday Night and officially WWE's most dull show, mostly thanks to the commentary, WWE Superstars (and the one I wrote the least for, I wonder why?):
  • Todd Grisham welcomes to us to Superstars where it's a Raw Mid-Card Main Event MVP-DiBiase
  • Here comes Hardy, apparently this entrance had to be re-recorded.
  • Carlito, Mr. WWE Superstars, remember he is going to quit soon.
  • Irony, Matt Striker said that WWE Superstars (Smackdown) would be visiting Istanbull, but as I write this, that event has been Cancelled thanks to the ash out of Iceland.
  • Michael Tarver is just watching the show
  • Carlito is a good talent, he just needs a push he would be good in the IC Title hunt on Smackdown.
  • Todd & Matt Striker get on.
  • They don't talk about Carlito becoming US Champion on his first night much.
  • I think Michael Tarver must be on some sort of drugs, he's too hyper or is it just Coca Cola.
  • Nice take down of Tarver by Justin.
  • It only takes 3 Seconds in the WWE. Yeah and sometimes that's all they get but Superstars is one thing better for the mid-carders
  • I haven't watched Superstars in a bit and no I don't want to ask a Diva.
  • Oh My God, please shut up, King.
  • Christian is still being shat on, he might have been in two matches this week but none of those on Raw.
  • Woah! It's Chavo, I really can't remember this last time I saw Chavo on TV.
  • Michael Cole doesn't listen to Jerry Lawler. Well I won't with this mundane level of commentary.
  • In some ways, Superstars is good because it doesn't include a promo segment meaning you can just get 3 good matches in a 40 minute timeslot, with all recaps and the like, thats around 10 minutes per-match, please tell me how that isn't good.
  • Watching this you would never know that Chavo is a multi-time Tag Team and Cruiserweight Champion, and a ECW Champion.
  • I could fall asleep listening to this commentary and not in the good way.
  • "That missle dropkick worked" What great insight there Jerry.
  • Nice, "Eddie" Chant but Chavo seems to never be allowed to actually do the Three Amigos.
  • Woah Gory Bomb!chavo is that Chavos Finisher, I really can't remember the last time he did that.
  • Not bad Match at 6 Minutes long, Cole & King did nothing for me, I could just stop this right now as it's a Raw Main Event
  • oh my days is that a NXT Recap, I swear this is different I remember once they had a Smackdown Recound once, two years ago?
  • The Recap was actually quite good, nice editing, but they cut out most of the crowd reaction
  • Please god give me strength, a Raw Rebound and Extreme Rules Promotion.
  • (8) It's a New day (8)
  • Here comes "The Fortunate Son" The Million Dollar Champion Ted DiBiase and recap of Ted getting retubution on Christian 10 Days ago
  • Oh the WWE Universe doesn't know what they aren't talking about, Ted eh?
  • Dodge car in the UK, what?
  • Ted bought a Porsurce when he was 18. I mean what a twat, right?
  • And here comes the sterotypical poor guy MVP making a non-PG reference to Ted's rear-end.
  • Now I want to go to Univeristy, so can everyone please stop talking about Ted's trust fund.
  • Well to be honest, I'm pretty sure that MVP and Ted make about the same amount of money in the WWE.
  • So Jerry, you gonna make a Police Scanner joke.
  • OMG, Cole just made a human reproduction comment.
  • Jerry Lawler kinda has a point, but you can't really say anything King, because the King failed to become the Mayor.
  • "Anyone that says money can't buy happiness doesn't know where to shop" Like.
  • Oh yeah, if you forgot the Draft is coming up soon.
  • Wait when MVP was heel he signed "the biggest contract in sports entertainment history" on Smackdown and he was the one bragging about how much money he had. I prefered MVP as heel.
  • And Ted hits Dream Street and that's that for Montel.
And now to the Friday Night's delight or is it Raw Disabled Younger Brother, Smackdown:
  • I love Drew McIntyre's entrance and that camera angle out to he crowd with him slowly walking to the ring was great
  • Come on everybody, Drew just wants to be friends, he knows that no likes him, oh but he doesn't them either, because he's a Scot & The O2 Arena is in England. It's worse William Regal being in Scotland, the Scots hate the English more than Vice Versa.
  • R-Truth needs to shut his mouth, I've become sick of it "And That's the Truth"
  • Matt Striker & Josh Matthews play golf on Wednesdays
  • Dolph Ziggler needs a push, he's a fantastic Psycho
  • Did I know that the WWE Universe are Perverts & Jerry Lawler the token Perv
  • Layla is Matt Striker's English Muffin
  • Striker has a Master Degree
  • Layla is Leso for Vickie Guerrero
  • Michelle McCool is the new William Regal
  • Forgot we had the token Divas/Womens UK Championship Match on Raw
  • Layla doesnt know where the Exit is.
  • Beth & Mickie have common enemies so that makes them best friends, well done there Todd
  • I Still Can't get over how good it makes me feel when CM Punk's Music Hits
  • Sign of the Night: "SES Chill out and have a Beer"
  • The Miz still had his Blue Peter Badge on, thats breaking Kayfabe, Blue Peter was on Tuesday
  • I know that they held Miz back in London to do Promotion on Tuesday but they kinda just randomly put him out there to go on Commentary
  • Miz messed up Mysterio's entrance. like.
  • I like how NXT Rookie Darren Young is on Smackdown, continuing the Angle
  • Nice Work, I like Tyson Kidd & Rey Rey Working Together
  • Miz was the heartattack that put HBK in the hospital and Taker pulled the plug, love it
  • Miz was entertaning on Commentary but was bit distracting
  • Haha, the UK gave Miz the key to the City with the Blue Peter Badge
  • Miz needs to Defend his US Title soon i think a guess host needs to inforce the 30 Day Rule, last time was Elimination Chamber
  • That 6-Man Tag Would have had more impact if Miz wasn't on commentary
  • Miz has felt DH SMith in the ring, Ewwwwwwwww
  • I'm starting to like the Baby Bull more, I liked Tyson Kidd before but as I said I gunning for him to gain some points in the chrasima collumn
  • Nice 619 round the post
  • "The Alley Chicago" T-Shirt Serena had on I thought was quite good
  • OMG its the Dudebusters (OMG they are actually going wit that as an official name) and here comes JTG
  • There's a little gangster street in workings there from Matt Striker, forgot he was from NYC, you know along with another 10 Million People
  • Another "Who Are Ya" Chant to the Dudebusters haha, these two have as much personality as Michael Traver
  • OMG JTG let his hair down and looks like Sissy that probably why Shad attacked him, Matt do you want to explain more about ganster hairstyles and infighting
  • Josh Matthews is back and speechless alongside Edge.
  • Jack, One, Two. Ohhhhh Yeah!
  • Here We go with the Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship, here is your Champion Jack "Gummpy Boots" Swagger
  • Matt Striker should have quoted Jericho's twitter during his entrance, "Roses are Red, Voilets are Blue, and I am the best in the world at what I do"
  • Jack "This is Mine" Swagger has Class because he was college educated
  • My Days Jack Swagger has massive limbs and you know what they say about long limbs... yeah, nothing, you're tall
  • Todd Just said John Morrisons name, reminding me that he injuried-ish depends on who you believe
  • Stupid Crowd calling for the Spear, he's on the Second Rope Numb-Nuts
  • OMG the distance is there could we see a Spear, please Matt I know they want you to dumb down, but please shut your mouth when you say stuff like that
  • The Okalhoman with the Okalhoman Roll, Well Done
  • No Matt, Y2J isn't a Mentalist thats a TV Show
  • Jack Steals the win, he would be very good for a Ultimate Oppotunist Gimmick
  • The Education with give you the WHC, young people
  • That Gutwrench on Edge might have been for Randy Orton, I still think their storyline isnt really there
  • haha on the Replay when Jack won, Matt Striker jumped out of his chair and pumped that fist
  • Chris Jericho could have just ended Edge's Career, I hate blatant over statements like that.
And that's a Wrap!

Friday, 16 April 2010

Hmmmm, what Angle to talk about? Katie Vick? Matt Hardy as the ‘black cloud’ around Jeff? No the best Angle in wrestling Kurt Angle!

Having re-watched Wrestlemania XXII and it reminded me off one thing, Kurt Angle is one of the best wrestlers in the World. It also reminded me off January 2006 to May 2006 in which Kurt Angle successful wrestled in the ‘no gimmick necessary’ role, something that most people can’t pull off, just ask Daniel Bryan. In fact most people can do the opposite wrestle with a great gimmick but sometime lacking masses of talent, for example Hulk Hogan, The Rock and John Cena.

The match at Mania itself was a different sort of triple threat it wasn’t a match in which all 3 guys hated each other and it wasn’t a match where all three guys hated each other but two guys hate the third guy slightly more and most importantly it was not a triple threat match in which two guys loved each other and just beat the living day lights out of the third. It was a triple threat based around Rey and Randy’s somewhat horrible feud, in which Randy bated Rey to give up his number 1 contenders status by disrespecting Eddie Guerrero’s memory by suggesting that Eddie was in Hell, something that I think most wrestling fans went too far. Although the entire exploitation of Eddie death that continued for a year or so was horrid. But added to that was Kurt Angle the World Champion, who couldn’t care less about Rey and Randy’s issue he only cared about being champ and although he lost the match (Randy was pinned) he put on a show on how to wrestle. He won the match twice (forced Rey and Randy to submit, but the ref was distracted) which furthered added to his dominance as champion. Kurt Angle unfortunately was vary beige for me during his time in WWE because I was less mature then (which still meant I was more mature than half my school, still am) but I could appreciate the talent he had but I do now.

The other match during this time period that really sticks in my mind is in the top ten in my personal favourite matches (an ever changing list that has very few permanent members but this is one of them.) The match was The Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle at No Way Out 2006. The match had a controversial finish and did not have much storyline although not much was needed. I will admit that until now when I revaluated the match and the finish did I realise that actually the way the match finished made both Kurt and Taker look huge. This was because by the match ending in a manner in which it was controversial, it suggested that both Angle and Taker were equal and at the time it was clear that Kurt Angle was the top man with regards to talent in the industry and Taker has been the one of the best men with regards to character and talent combined for years so to suggest that two were equal was a big sign from WWE that at the time I missed, whereas now I realise that if you are looking at someone to be a leader in wrestling you have to look at HBK and Taker if you are looking at someone who is both talented and good with regards to charisma and character. You have to look at Cena or the Rock for someone heavy on charisma and character but lacking in talent and if you are looking on pure wrestling talent alone the Kurt Angle is your yard stick without question.

This article however cannot end on a positive. I was very sad when Kurt left WWE the way he did. Now Kurt is wrestling at TNA, now my opinion on TNA get worse by the day. Mainly due to, crap booking ala Vince Russo (I am not suggesting taking a Jim Cornette approach to Russo but he sucks!) Also unprotected chair shots to the head are inexcusable and I have ranted on the facebook page about it! I could never watch TNA ever! But the reason why this is a sad end is that Kurt Angle Olympic gold medallist is having to wrestle in a ladder match (singular) for a key to a cage whilst he is in a storyline against Mr. Anderson and Kurt want to kill each other so why would they want to unlock the door and run? (By the way, if you don’t understand the last paragraph or what it is trying to explain don’t worry because no one does, probably not even Vince Russo who wrote it) putting his body and his surgically repaired neck on the line for next to nothing. It proves to me that TNA don’t care about their talent with the exception of perhaps Hogan. Also it is a shame that Kurt’s marriage broke down so publically and that he had a public issue with a Knockout that lead to a public incident and there was some talk of a restraining order on Kurt.

Overall Kurt was and still is one of the best in the world of wrestling and I hope that he manages to return to WWE and its Wellness Policy (for TNA fans out there who might not know what that is, it is when a company gives a dam about its talent!) Kurt Angle should be a future WWE Hall of Famer regardless and I hope that he manages to save himself before he becomes another who leaves this world before his time.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The Miz, awesome really?

In 2004 a skinny kid with minimal talent reality TV star was defeated by Daniel Puder in a Dixie Dog Fight at Armageddon 2004. He was then defeated in the competition by Daniel Puder. Puder competed in his second Pay Per View a month later in the Royal Rumble Match. He then spent around 8 months in OVW before leaving the company. When he left OVW there was some tension between Puder and Kenny Bolin after Puder left due to a statement made by Puder. The skinny kid on the other hand stuck around in DSW (Deep South Wrestling) and then to OVW. Finally In 2007 this kid debut on WWE Smackdown. The name of that kid Mike Mizanin although you would probably know him know was The Miz.

On Smackdown The Miz served as the host of Smackdown and eventually he went on to host the Diva Search. This meant he was on both RAW and Smackdown and to be honest he might have been the Miz but he was... awful! The WWE did what was best after this, moved him to ECW, the reason for this is because well not many people watched ECW and the Miz could learn his craft without too much criticism. Then Cyber Sunday 2007 came around The Miz beat John Morrison and Big Daddy V in a vote to take on CM Punk for the ECW Championship. I don’t know why the WWE Universe voted for Miz but I know that I voted for him as I thought he would be the easiest for Punk to beat. In this match the Miz showed how much he had developed and this skinny kid with marginal talent had arrived as a rookie superstar in the WWE.

On November 16th 2007 MVP and Matt Hardy were defeated by arguably one of the greatest tag teams in WWE history John Morrison and his new tag team partner The Miz. In February 2008 the Dirt Sheet (man, that name seems familiar) was created, this was the only WWE online show I watched. This show made it clear that although sophomoric and sometime childish The Miz and Morrison had great promo skills and charisma. The Miz remained one of the dominant teams in the WWE with or without the title belts until April 13th on Monday night RAW. During this time the Miz went from being a rookie to a full fledged WWE superstar. On April 13th the annual WWE draft took place. The Miz took on Kofi Kingston in a one on one match. During the matches John Morrison interfered and The Miz lost the match by disqualification. The draft pick was made and The Miz was moved to RAW. The Miz and Morrison had finally split up, they shared an embrace and the John Morrison got a Reality Check. JoMo took one small step to being a face and The Miz took one giant leap to being a heel. The Miz decided from that point on to challenge John Cena to a match (Cena was injured at the time.) The Miz claimed a victory via forfeit. For the next few weeks the Miz went on to be 5-0 against Cena. But The Miz lost to Cena at the Great American Bash and then on RAW to ban The Miz from ‘Summerfest’ sorry Summerslam. The Miz went 5-2 against John Cena. The final stage of The Miz’s evolution was complete when the ‘Calgary Kid’ was unveiled as The Miz with his new trunk and all. As much as the Miz’s old attire was great his new wrestling gear, made him look more professional but also helped him become Awesome. The Miz new trunks and new finishing move ‘Skull Crushing Finale’ issued a challenge for the US title. The Miz failed at 3 PPVs to win the title Night of Champions, Breaking Point and Hell in a Cell. Ben Roethlisberger made Miz and offer the night after Hell in a Cell, win the US title from Kofi or admit that he was awful. The Miz who’s character hinged on him winning a title at this point to keep I credible did just that and became the United States Champion, winning his first singles title in the WWE. The Miz went on to defeated John Morrison on Bragging Rights and Team Miz beat Team Morrison at Survivors Series perhaps suggesting that The Miz was the dominant partner. A claim echoed by Jack Swagger on the 9th April on Smackdown when he claimed Morrison lived in ‘the shadow of the Miz.’ It seems that whilst The Miz is on the rise JoMo’s career seems to have stagnated since the split, but he is on the verge of being a main eventer and has been for years, he just needs a push, but this is a topic which could have an article all by itself. The Miz then defended his title against MVP in a series of excellent matches. During this time The Miz capitalised on the splitting of JeriShow and forming an alliance with The Big Show in a team known as ShoMiz. This team captured the unified tag team championship from DX on February 8th, making the Miz the first person in WWE history to hold 3 titles at the same time (the US title, World Tag Team Championship and the WWE Tag Team Championships.) ShoMiz defended the tag team titles at Wrestlemania XXVI. Now ShoMiz look to be feuding with Bret Hart and the Hart Dynasty. On RAW in the UK on the 12th The Miz defeated David Hart Smith in a match where the stipulation was if D.H. Smith won the Hart Dynasty would receive a title shot at Extreme Rules but if the Miz won Bret Hart would have to declare that ShoMiz was the best tag team in WWE history on RAW the next week.

Despite Daniel Bryan knocking the Miz for not having enough experience to be his pro, I think Bryan is stuck in a bit of a Time Warp (and not the cool Rocky Horror dance!) Whether it is a kayfabe or legit beef I think it is rooted in jealousy. I think Bryan either as a character or his personal opinion I think Bryan is jealous of the fact Miz became a star in the WWE without spending 10 years on the indies like Bryan had to. But the fact that the Miz is a NXT pro suggests that WWE like him because it shows they want him in lots of shows exposed to lots of crowds. Personally I think that Bryan should have been paired with Regal and Otunga should have been paired with Miz. The reason for this is that Regal and Bryan could have been snobby towards the Miz and Otunga and Miz could have been a great heel pairing.

The Sun newspaper described The Miz as ‘the most entertaining act on WWE Raw.’ A statement which if made at his debut or even predicted at the time of his debut would have been laughable. But The Miz truly is a WWE superstar, I would perhaps suggest a future WWE Champion and if he continues on this path at this speed I see no reason why the Miz cannot be a future WWE Hall of Famer, because he is the Miz and he IS AWESOME!

Sunday, 11 April 2010 - Matt Hardy Takes a Poll in Dublin

Matt Hardy takes sometime out to find out who the WWE Universe in Dublin like. Love the Matt Hardy-Edge Comment, Irony.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Merchandise Review: Tagged Classic DVD King of the Ring 2001 and Invasion 2001

This was something that started in the fledgling days of the Dirt Sheet HD and it never took off, but I have lots of books, DVDs and I have a good eye for WWE fashion and will look try to review as much as my time will allow.

Firstly I will point out that this DVD set was bought from which is where I get most of my WWE DVDs from because they are often cheaper, are released earlier and the delivery is amazing time wise and price (free.)

Well the best thing about the WWE tagged classics is that for some reason the 'WWF' logo is allowed to be used, I believe it has something to do with the fact they have been previously released but don't quote me on that. This means unlike lots of pre-lawsuit DVDs there is not loads of blurring over the screen, which improves the view quality.

The first thing about both these PPVs is that the commentary is by Paul Heyman and Jim Ross, this is because The King had quit because his wife was released. Jr and Heyman had a kayfabe rivalry and this is reflected in their comments. But it really does set the matches up well. Heyman is a heel ECW commentator and part of the Alliance, whereas Ross is WWF/E through and through. This is just adds to the quality of the matches.

Now lets look at the PPVs on the DVD King of the Ring 2001. The King of the Ring tournament matches were good matches but they were nothing compared the two main event matches in my opinion which were the Street Fight and the triple threat main event. The street fight was brutal and included three spots which defy description, I won't tell you what they are but I will say that they are a must see. The rest of the card is good but, I have to say that it was a solid event, worth watching.

The Invasion PPV was an interesting concept and it contained some amazing matches. Awesome and Storm vs. Edge and Christian was an amazing tag team match and set the tone of the card brilliantly. The ref matches was interesting but again well worth watching. The next 5 matches on the card were average but they are merely fillers for the next amazing match. Jeff Hardy vs, RVD for the Hardcore title, again I will not give away details but I will say that the matches was amazing but not your conventional hardcore match. But what it is, is amazing. The Bra and Panties match was as you would expect it to be and although I could go on a offer a long review go into to a technical review I won't. The Main Event was the Inaugural Brawl match, this featured Booker T, DDP, Rhyno and the Dudley Boyz taking on Kurt Angle, Y2J, Austin, Kane and Undertaker. On paper the WWE team looks a lot stronger but in practice the sides are very balanced and the match itself is amazing. This PPV really sets the tone and is a must for any WWE fan.

The Special features on each disk are great, there are interviews with Kurt and Shane about their epic contest. Also there is an interview with RVD about his hardcore match with Jeff Hardy. There are also post match interviews from Invasion which offer good kayfabe insight.

Overall I would say that these DVDs are a must for all WWE fans and wrestling fans in general.I would say that Silvervision's tagged classics are amazing and you will probably see lots of reviews for them one way or another because lots of the DVDs I owe have been released has tagged classic although I own them in other formats.

4/5 stars the reason for this is that the concept of two pay per views for the price of one is great and the matches themselves are good, but the minimal amount special features let it down.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Wrestling Quote #40: Old School Y2J

Rather than write the quote out here is a clip of the 'vintage Y2J'

WWE Pay-Per-View Schedule is Messed Up

There has been a lot of coverage on the forever changing WWE Pay-Per-View Schedule and Names over the last couple of years. So I thought I should take another look at this subject and I noticed some fatal flaws about the schedule, considering they are trying to spread out the PPVs during the summer, which was a criticism of WWE last year.

The first PPV after Wrestlemania as you might well know is Extreme Rules, in place of a long tradition of Backlash. Extreme Rules will take place on Sunday 25th April, 4 weeks after Wrestlemania. Four weeks later on 23rd May is a new PPV, WWE Over the Limit.  At this moment in time, there has been no indication what, if any, gimmick this Pay-Per-View has.

Another four weeks later, on June 20th is the second in a line of new PPVs, the stupidly named, Fatal Four Way. That isn't an event name, that is a match type and to be honest I don't think that WWE storylines are deep enough to end up in matches where there are four people, in every main event, let alone every match on the card.

The third in this line of new PPVs is Money in the Bank, which will take place on the 18th of July. God knows how this will work. Well, maybe I'm being too negative here, I think I've learnt, over time, that in most things you just have to trust Vince and the WWE's judgement, they know what they're doing, but, erm.... I'm not sure if it will come off as dandy as they'd like.

Four weeks later, the biggest event of the Summer will yet again return to the STAPLES Centre in LA. Yes SummerSlam, which will take place on the 15th of August. Then Five weeks later we will see the return Night of Champions (or Vengeance), in place of last year's Breaking Point, which I still think of the Unforgiven September PPV slot.

Though this is where WWE mess up their scheduling, we see the return of the somewhat flawed, yet successful Hell in a Cell PPV, but it comes on the 3rd of October, only two weeks after NoC. That just seems stupid to me. And then only 3 weeks following that on October 24th we will see another return, of the now obviously annual, WWE Bragging Rights. I swear that they still use that trophy in Teddy Long's GM Office.

I mean it'll become more obvious to someone closer to the time, but that's just stupid. For anyone that wants to know, I got all the dates from PPV Calender which is the most up-to-date thing they have on the website. Also wouldn't you want to have more time before the SummerSlam, to build up the feuds, considering it's meant to be their second biggest PPV. I remember reading an interview with John Cena, I think, where he said that his match with Batista at SS 08 would have been way bigger if they had been given more time to build up to it, more the time scale of the Wrestlemania build-up.

Anyway which way you look at it WWE have messed up, and that's even before slagging them off for the Pay-Per-View concepts themselves. And I'd also like to send the best of luck to Methos who "feel down the stairs" and hurt his ankle, which seems to be ligament damage and 5-6 weeks of no exercise. - Another New Promotional Poster for "Over The Limit" also including Edge

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Wrestling Quote #39: Family Guy mets DSHD

Methos to O'Dea in a pre-Wrestlemania conversation discussing Kofi vs. Kozlov

'In Soviet Russia, Ladder climbs you!'

Also this is the 400th post on the DSHD showing we are Still Going Strong!

Saturday, 3 April 2010

RIP Chris Kanyon

The Dirt Sheet HD has the unfortunate duty to announce that former WWE and WCW superstar Christopher Klucsaritis AKA Kanyon has passed away aged 40. It is said that he took his own life. Our thoughts and feelings go out to his family and friends at this time. Rest in Peace Chris Kanyon January 4, 1970 – April 2, 2010

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Wrestlemania XXVI Preview: Final Batch of Photos From Inside WM XXVI

Look at that Set, it's less set and more Screen, that's what you get now WWE is broadcast in HD worldwide.

Wrestlemania XXVI Preview: Even More Photos From Inside the Stadium

Wrestlemania XXVI Preview: Another Look Inside the University of Phoenix Stadium & WM XXVI Set Up

Wrestlemania XXVI Preview: Triple H vs Sheamus

The Young Lion vs the King of the Pride

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Or should it be, It’s not who you are but who you know? Either way, this is an interesting affair, in and out of the ring. Of course people of the internet have put the rocketing of Sheamus to the top of the company down to Triple H; that might be true or not, oh I forget he’s the son-in-law. Sheamus is in my view a worthy opponent for The Game. It’s just interesting that The Celtic Warrior is the lowest profile match the King of Kings has been in for ages, lets count the ways:
  • Wrestlemania 25: Defeats Randy Orton to Retain the WWE Championship, Main Event
  • Wrestlemania XXIV: Lost to Randy Orton and John Cena in WWE Championship Triple Threat Match, 3rd to Last Match (Same Night as Show-Mayweather/Edge-Undertaker)
  • Wrestlemania 23: Injuried
  • Wrestlemania 22: Lost to John Cena in WWE Championship Match, Main Event
  • Wrestlemania 21: Lost to Batista in World Heavyweight Championship Match, Main Event
  • Wrestlemania XX: Lost to Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels in World Heavyweight Championship Match, Main Event
  • Wrestlemania XIX: Defeats Booker T to Retain World Heavyweight Championship, 4th to Last Match (Same Night as Austin-Rock III/McMahon-Hogan/Angle-Lesnar)
  • Wrestlemania X-8: Defeats Chris Jericho to become Undisputed Champion, Main Event
  • Wrestlemania X-Seven: Lost to Undertaker, 2nd to last match (Same Night as Rock-Austin II)
  • Wrestlemania 2000: Defeats The Rock, Mick Foley and Big Show to Retain the WWF Championship, Main Event
And Then further you go back from this he drops down a bit, but the point remains (and to be perfectly honest I didn’t expect that much to come of it).

This is his first truly low-ish key match since Wrestlemania XV when he faced Kane (5th to Last Match). So Please Savour this moment... And It’s Over. I’m not doubting the match at all, I hope we see a master class from the Game, because no matter how much you ridicule him and call him boring, he knows how to deliver and if the rumours are true, he is the hardest working wrestler out there (probably second to John Cena).

Then we have Sheamus, debuting on the grandest stage of them all tonight. Who is different, it is safe to say we’ve never seen anyone like him in WWE before. Is this good? Yes. And will this be a good match tonight? Yes! And even looking back on the build-up to this match, it has actually been better than I first thought.
Strangely, even though HHH would hate it, I would be looking out for an Irish hand to be held high at the end of the match, but hey, what do I know?
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