Saturday, 30 May 2009


WWE have amazingly released superstar Ken Anderson aka Mr Kennedy. The reasons for the release is as of this time unknown and as the story develops we will keep you updated. But a star who never was due to injury, drug use and comments about drug use has gone from WWE. If we are lucky WWE may reconsider, if we are unlucky perhaps he will end up in a six sided ring.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Extreme Rules 2009: One Last Chance ECW Championship Hardcore Triple Threat Match

At Extreme Rules it will be the last opportunity for Tommy Dreamer to capture the ECW Championship, otherwise he walks from WWE from that night. Tommy Dreamer's contract expiries the night before Extreme Rules, and Jack Swagger pointed this out when ECW GM Tiffany made the match, but they even have a way round that, by signing a "one day extension" to his WWE contract so he can compete at the PPV. Lets not forget the title matches Jack Swagger and Christian have had at the two last PPVs ending with Christian picking up the win with the help of some underhanded tactics, which Jack Swagger hasn't forgotten and used this fact to almost force himself into this title match. And personally I think that having him in the match will mix it up a bit more, considering we've seen Christian-Dreamer for the title two times and we know that if it was that again, there would be more interference (yet at Extreme Rules that wouldn't have finished in a No-Contest). “The All-American American” has had his eyes firmly set on the ECW Championship after he lost it by being outsmarted by Christian at Backlash. Again at Judgment Day, Captain Charisma outwitted Swagger. Since these losses, the cocky, young Superstar has been calling Christian a cheater and he’s been interrupting Dreamer’s chances at the ECW Title. So Now, Christian will once again defend his ECW Title, but at Extreme Rules, Captain Charisma will have two opponents, and both former ECW Champions. He’ll take on Jack Swagger and Tommy Dreamer in a Hardcore Rules Triple Threat Match.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Extreme Rules 2009: Hog Pen Match for the Miss WrestleMania Crown

WWE Extreme Rules has now got a Hog Pen match added. Are people excited? Yes! Why? Because Vickie Guerrero could fly into pig muck!!! However equally distressing a rather ugly Italian 'lady' could also hit the muck. But whatever happen laugh will ensue! - Sky Sports US Open & Unforgiven 2008 Advert (HQ)

Wrestling Quote #15: Enos Envy

Mr McMahon talking to 'E.Stanley Kroenke!' on yesterday Night's edition of Monday Night Raw "You got Enos envy!"
Note from O'Dea: Yep, and that's the closest they're going to get with a PG Rating.

Wrestling Quote #14: Another dig at Cole

Answer to a question on Jr's blog asking aren't you pleased that your not working with Cole: "Oh, My....this is a "vintage" email. What's wrong with Michael? He's my drinking buddy."

Monday, 25 May 2009

Divas Title Match Added to Tonight's Raw

As announced on, after Kelly Kelly's Battle Royal win last week on Raw, it hasn't taken long for Kelly to get her shot at Maryse and the Divas Title, Live Tonight from The STAPLES Center, LA.

Wrestling Quote #13: Undertaker's Warning

The 13th Wrestling Quote should come from the Lord of Darkness himself The Undertaker. This grave threat was delivered to Mark Henry from The Undertaker at Unforgiven 2007 when he returned from injury. The simple threat and warning was: "Don't be afraid, Be terrified!"

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Goodbye to the Hart of Wrestling

10 years ago. May 23rd 1999, Over The Edge. One of the biggest tragedies in wrestling took place. Owen Hart feel from over 70 feet. He hit a padded turnbuckle and died on impact. The show went on but whilst Owen was being treated, Jim Ross said "This is not part of the entertainment tonight.This is as real as real can be here." Owen was a bright talented and had a young family. It was and still is a shame. But the worst thing is that Wrestling is a sport plagued with death. Many great people have died to name a few who I have watched wrestle like: Davey Boy Smith, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit and Andrew ‘Test’ Martin. Although the wellness policy of WWE seems to be helping and also the help WWE provides in aftercare for its former superstars is good but will it ever be enough? Overall the main point of this article is that every time you watch wrestling remember the Heroes who have pased on to the Hall of Fame in the sky.

Owen Hart on Wikipedia

Today is the 10th Anniversary of the infamous "Over The Edge" PPV and Owen Hart Death, to mark that anniversary Wikipedia has "Over The Edge 1999" as their featured article, click here to view the article or click here to go to the Wikipedia (en) front page.
Later Methos will blog about Owen Hart, the 10th Anniversary of Over The Edge and his Legacy.

Déjà PPVu - Latest Extreme Rules Card

Lets be honest, right now the WWE PPV summer schedule is in full swing, but this is a bit off-colour having the 1st five PPV matches that have been confirmed being a rerun of Judgement Day, just with stipulations. I understand that this is the way the WWE run their summer feuds, and maybe even with Cena-Show, the stipulation has a bit of sorry behind it, but it just seems too "same-ish" (and not in a good way). And then you add in that people like Cena and Mysterio apparently (story-line wise) want to move on from their Judgement Day opponents, but still get put back into those matches, it's too obvious because is there anyone else for Cena to go after whilst Randy Orton is locked in a Steel Cage. And what is a Samoan Strap Match, on Smackdown Friday night is just looked like a long and fat belt, it that it (and it was strange to here Umaga speak in his normal "American" voice, well he hardly going to have a strong Samoan accent, considering Dwanye "Not the Rock" Johnson is his cousin). FOLLOW-UP NOTE: I've been doing to research and I've found out that CM Punk hasn't been on a PPV card only 6 times since WrestleMania 23 (the point at which all WWE PPVs became Tri-branded) in 2007 (and on one of them, at Cyber Sunday 2008, he could have had a match and was also on the poster for the PPV). And between WrestleMania 23 and 24 he only missed Backlash 2007. At the worst PPV in WWE History, December to Dismember, CM Punk was in the Extreme Elimination Chamber after only being on WWE Programming for 5 Months, that after being in DX's Survivor Series team in 2006. WWE seem to have trust in him ever since he came to the company and now believe that he can become one of the biggest faces on Smackdown.

Friday, 22 May 2009 - Cody Rhodes Womanizer (HQ)

Wrestling Quote #12: Oh My!

Jim Ross talking about RAW in Denver. 'With Jerry Lawler wrestling in Monday's main event, I wonder if 'Ol J.R. will get to join Michael "Oh, My" Cole at the announce desk on Raw? I enjoyed sitting in with Cole in Louisville even though some folks are wondering why I was so "conveniently" available Monday night. As Cole would say, the answer is simple and "vintage."'

Shane McMahon & John Cena talk about WWE @ The STAPLES Center (HQ)

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Massive Raw Main Event from The STAPLES Center and Vince ready to file Lawsuit?

The following is from Live on Raw from Los Angeles' STAPLES Center, WWE presents its answer to the Lakers vs. the Denver Nuggets. WWE Champion Randy Orton, Legacy, The Miz & Big Show face U.S. Champion MVP, Batista, John Cena, Jerry Lawler & a fifth "player."
WWE issued the following statement on their website announcing the Raw in Los Angeles for this Monday: STAMFORD, Conn. – World Wrestling Entertainment has made arrangements, given innumerable logistical challenges and obstacles, to move its internationally televised broadcast, WWE Monday Night Raw to Los Angeles' STAPLES Center. The live televised event, which was scheduled to take place at the Pepsi Center in Denver this Monday, May 25th, will take place live at the STAPLES Center at 5:30 p.m. PT. Tickets for Monday Night Raw in Los Angeles will become available tonight at 8 p.m. ET. WWE was forced to seek alternative arrangements due to the Pepsi Center's double-booking of May 25 for both WWE Monday Night Raw and Game 4 of the NBA Western Conference Finals. The event will now take place live from the home of the Denver Nuggets' opponents, the Los Angeles Lakers. Denver fans wishing to receive a refund for their tickets to the originally scheduled Pepsi Center event must return tickets to the original point of purchase. Vince McMahon spoke to 9News and once again seems to be considering legal action against Denver Nuggets and Pepsi Center owner Stan Kroenke. McMahon said: "It's really unfortunate because if he were just a regular business man and picked up the phone and said, 'Vince, you know, we're throwing you out but I want to make it right, what can we do?' I never heard from Kroenke, I don't know if anyone else has either, by the way, he's somewhat of a Howard Hughes guy I understand. I think our company has been damaged severely from a financial standpoint and from a psychological standpoint as well. You don't treat people the way Kroenke's management treated us. I'm not a litigious kind of guy, but quite frankly when we have a contract and we have over 10,000 tickets sold and you just say: we're out, and we're not going to do anything for you, you know we're not going to make any restitution. We may pay for your additional expenses, that's it. There could very well be a lawsuit down the road." In related news, has picked up the news that Raw is moving to Los Angeles and writes, "Vince isn't moving out of the kindness of his heart, he and the Nuggets struck a settlement -- but the terms of that deal haven't been made public yet."

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

WWE vs NBA Media Coverage Continues

The tentative plan for next Monday's Raw taping is to do the show at the World Arena in Colorado Springs. This was one of the backup plans discussed yesterday, and WWE has tried booking more than 100 hotel rooms for Sunday night in Colorado Springs. After a scheduling debacle has left next week's WWE RAW without a host arena, says that that New York's Madison Square Garden and Los Angeles's Staples Center have both offered to host the show. While WWE claims they still have not determined where the show will be held, the show will most likely be held in Colorado Springs, where the following night's SmackDown/ECW tapings will take place. This morning on ESPN, there was a segment called "Blog Buzz" where ESPN determined that the WWE-NBA story is capturing more sports fan interest than the actual NBA or NHL playoffs. To watch a video of the segment, visit Yahoo! Sports is joining in on the "Pepsi Center fiasco" with a tongue-in-cheek article about what would happen if Monday Night Raw and Game 4 of the NBA Western Conference finals took place simultaneously in the same arena. The article includes mock play-by-play commentary of a WWE vs. Lakers vs. Nuggets showdown. To read their list of gems that include Undertaker being called for after clotheslining Kobe Bryant, click here.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

MSG/Staples Center coming to the Rescue of Raw?

From STAMFORD, Conn. — The Denver debacle that has jeopardized this coming Monday’s edition of Raw in Denver’s Pepsi Center has yielded an outpouring by some of the biggest arenas in the world who have opportunistically offered to host Monday Night Raw live on Memorial Day. While working to resolve the scheduling conflict between Raw and the Denver Nuggets’ NBA Western Conference Semifinals game against the Los Angeles Lakers, WWE officials have received proposals from numerous venues including Madison Square Garden and, ironically, the STAPLES Center – the home of the Nuggets’ Monday night opponents, the Lakers. In addition to numerous other venues, these major-capacity metropolitan arenas proposed to have WWE’s flagship program emanate from their locations instead of Denver’s double-booked Pepsi Center this coming Monday. As reported by and countless media outlets, officials from both WWE and the Denver Nuggets are still attempting to determine a resolution for the scheduling calamity in Colorado’s capital.

WWE Brag that People what them instead of Denver Nuggets NBA Playoff

From As revealed via multiple television and online polls, both the general public and sports fans in particular have sided with WWE in the recent scheduling nightmare with the Denver Nuggets.
As the WWE Universe is well aware, there is an ongoing conflict with this Monday night’s sold-out Raw, as despite WWE’s earlier claim on Denver’s Pepsi Center, the arena was double-booked with a Denver Nuggets playoff game. In a poll seen on CNN Headline News, viewers texted in to vote in favor of WWE’s claim in what has become the “Denver debacle.” Elsewhere, even dedicated sports fans on the Yahoo Sports website spoke out in support of Monday Night Raw’s preexisting claim to a sold-out show at the Pepsi Center. Though the people have made it clear that they believe the WWE Universe should be filling the Denver arena on Monday night, the outcome of this situation is still in question.

Even More WWE vs NBA Media Coverage

This morning on ESPN's First Take, during the 1st and 10 segment, Skip Bayless, Doug Stewart and Ryan Stewart debated the hot topic of the WWE vs. the NBA. They played clips of Vince McMahon discussing Stan Kroenke as a bad businessman, and then started discussion. Skip Bayless said that the Nuggets, specifically Stan Kroenke could have changed this back in April before the contract was signed and says the players should be offended by their owner because of his lack of faith in the team. Doug Stewart agreed with this and agrees with Vince that Stan Kroenke is a bad businessman. Ryan Stewart said that it is an accidental double booking and that no one could have seen this coming, and that it was an accident that is getting too much attention. Doug Stewart and Skip Bayless disagree, and point out that multi-million dollar organizations do not make "accidental" booking mistakes, or that they shouldn't. Ryan Stewart tried to defend Stan Kroenke, while Skip Bayless and Doug Stewart said that this never should have happened. Sportscentre on TSN in Canada this morning covered the "WWE vs. NBA" situation. It was a short piece, where the sports journalists didn't mock wrestling, and basically was there to get non-wrestling fans up to speed on the situation.

Wrestling Quote #11: You Whore!

After Lita's affair with Edge (Adam Copeland), Matt Hardy makes his return, jumps Edge, and then grabs the mic:
"Adam, you bastard, I'm gonna make your life miserable and Lita, you whore, I'm gonna make your life miserable too, and the WWE can kiss my ass. Come see at the Ring of Honor! R-O-H!"
Then security tackles him and takes him away from the ring and Edge and Lita.

More Media Coverage on WWE vs NBA

ESPN's Mike and Mike on ESPN 2, and they discussed the WWE vs. the NBA deal this morning on their show. They played sound bites of Vince McMahon's interview on ESPN news from last night, and joked that Vince is taking full advantage of the publicity and that he is a sound bite machine. Mike and Mike both agreed that WWE was in the right in this situation, as they booked the venue in August and were given the go by Stan Kroenke to begin selling tickets in April. The guys then put over the success of the WWE and discussed their favorite wrestlers, mostly guys from the 1980s, played "Real American" and read tons of favorite wrestling names that the fans mailed in. They were both having a really good time. They also played an audio clip, proposing that they play the basketball game and Raw at the same time, which ended with HHH taking out Kobe Bryant, distracting the referee and the Undertaker pinning Kobe. Overall this was a very positive piece for WWE, as both guys supported their position and spoke positively about WWE and wrestling as a whole.
The Associated Press has a story up on the WWE/Denver Nuggets conflict. According to the story, the NBA has left it up to WWE and the Pepsi Center to settle the issue. The article also features Vince McMahon criticizing Denver Nuggets owner Kroenke Sports. Vince also promises to send WWE's trucks to Denver on Monday and assuming RAW will happen at the Pepsi Center, even if the Nuggets keep their game scheduled for the same time. He says he will hold the show in the parking lot if he has to. MGH-TV in Denver interviewed Vince McMahon over the issue with the Denver Nuggets and the Pepsi Center. During the interview, McMahon held up Lakers gear and said that's what he thinks of Denver Nuggets owner Stan Kroenke. McMahon said that Denver is a great city but that WWE is being thrown out. "Even though the Denver Nuggets had a strong team this year and were projected to make the playoffs, obviously Nuggets and Pepsi Center owner Stan Kroenke did not have enough faith in his own team to hold the May 25th date for a potential playoff game," McMahon said.

Raw Main Event Matches Set for Extreme Rules

Two Matches were made yesterday night on Raw. The WWE Championship will be on the line in a steel cage, will Orton be able to keep the Animal caged and retain his title or will Batista give the champion his just desserts.

Denver Nuggets vs Monday Night Raw

From Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers are scheduled to be at the Pepsi Center in Denver next Monday night. Problem is, so are John Cena and a bunch of wrestlers -- and they called it first. World Wrestling Entertainment said it is booked at the arena for an episode of Monday Night Raw, the same night the Nuggets are slated to host the Lakers in Game 4 of the Western Conference finals. WWE chairman Vince McMahon told The Associated Press he doesn't believe there was "any malice, just ineptness," on the part of Kroenke Sports, which owns the team and the building, but can't tolerate the company "just simply throwing us out on our ear." Without a quick resolution, McMahon plans to send his trucks to Denver. "That's what we intend to do," he said. "We're going to show up." Pepsi Center officials told the ABC television affiliate in Denver that the Nuggets game will be played as scheduled and that they are working with the WWE to reschedule or move its event. Paul Andrews, executive vice president of Kroenke Sports Enterprises, issued a statement Monday night concerning the scheduling conflict, saying: "We are working with the WWE to resolve the situation amicably." WWE spokesman Robert Zimmerman said the organization secured the Pepsi Center last Aug. 15 and has already sold more than 10,000 tickets for the event. He says the organization expects a sellout, with tickets ranging from $20 to $70. McMahon blamed Kroenke for not believing his team was good enough to still be playing in mid-May. "The fans in Denver had a lot more faith in making the playoffs than the owner," he said in a phone interview from Louisville, where Raw was taking place later Monday night. Denver is usually done with basketball by now. The Nuggets had lost in the first round five straight years, but as the No. 2 seed in the West are in the conference finals for the first time since 1985. The league, which handles scheduling during the playoffs, is leaving it up to the team and the WWE to figure things out. "The Nuggets and the WWE understand that the date of Game 4 of the Western Conference finals cannot be changed," NBA senior vice president Mike Bass said. "We are confident that the Pepsi Center and the WWE will resolve their scheduling conflict." Zimmerman said the Pepsi Center confirmed in March with the WWE that the organization wanted to keep the May 25 date, and sent a contract on April 15 -- the final night of the regular season -- which WWE signed and returned. Tickets went on sale April 11. The conflict didn't arise until Sunday, when the Lakers beat the Houston Rockets in Game 7 of the Western Conference semifinals. Had the Rockets won, Denver would have had home-court advantage in the next round, hosting Games 1 and 2 and putting the May 25 game in Houston. As of Monday afternoon, the schedule on the Pepsi Center's Web site listed WWE for 6:30 p.m. local time and Western Conference finals Game 4 at 7 p.m. Tickets for the wrestling event could still be purchased online. McMahon said he couldn't guess how much he would make from the show, but that canceling wasn't easy because of how much is involved in moving his equipment, plus filling its obligated time slot on USA Network. Litigation is likely -- but he plans to be putting on a card. "When you do have a date, you plan everything around it," he said, adding, "we may be holding an event in a parking lot somewhere."

Monday, 18 May 2009

The Great American Bash: Lost Legacy?

Sometime in the last couple of days, WWE has changed the name of The Great American Bash to "The Bash", which is already an informal title for the PPV. This comes after they switched this PPV with Night of Champions. This is the second PPV name change in recent months, as One Night Stand was changed to the more PG-friendly "Extreme Rules" (which is a rather patronising title).
Now this most recent change is not to make the title PG-friendly, to be honest "The Bash" could be seen as worse than "One Night Stand", anyway I digress, This PPV has been passed through Wrestling ages and promotions, with The Great American Bash starting in 1985 with NWA, where Ric Flair become World Heavyweight Champion and "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes won a steel cage match for the World Television Title. For the next two years it was a tour show, before returning to a single PPV and the Baltimore Arena, which held 8 of The Great American Bashes in the NWA/WCW era of the PPV. Ric Flair states in his Autobiography, To be The Man, that Dusty Rhodes was responsible for the invention of the concept of The Great American Bash.
This year will be the 6th Great American Bash that WWE have produced since 2004, is the name change just the WWE trying to make this PPV their own? Are they trying to make it more marketable and modern, trying to get away from the History of Wrestling? Or has this famous name really been forgotten about? To quote the Miz, is it just the WWE corporate machine trying to get their own way?

Two Matches Set for Tonight's Raw

Two matches are set for tonight's Raw. United States Champion MVP will defend his gold against a familiar foe, Matt Hardy. Also there will be a Diva's Battle Royal to determine the next #1 Contender for Maryse's Divas Championship, Live on Raw at 9pm ET/2am BST.

WWE Ask Fans to Help Them in Naming Future PPV

WWE sent out an email today, asking fans to participate in a survey to help them name a future event. Below is the survey: Thank you for your participation. We're reaching out to the WWE Universe to help us name a future event. This event would feature submission matches for all main events on the card. Please keep this in mind as you answer the following questions What is your age? * Under 14 years old * 14-17 years old * 18-24 years old * 25-34 years old * 35-49 years old * 50 years old or older What is your gender? * Male * Female How much do you like the following titles for a future WWE event where all main events are submission matches? Fans are asked to rate the following as: Love It, Like It, So-So, Not So Good, Hate It * WWE Submit & Quit * WWE Submission Sunday * WWE Total Submission * WWE Breaking Point Using the list below, please rank the following titles from favorite to least favorite. Your favorite title should be ranked #1 and your least favorite should be ranked #4. Select ranking from the drop-down boxes. * WWE Submit & Quit * WWE Total Submission * WWE Breaking Point * WWE Submission Sunday Generally, who in your WWE pay-per-view viewing group is most interested in seeing the event? * Myself * My child * My parent / grandparent / guardian * A friend or other relative Into which age group does this most interested person fall? * Under 8 years old * 8-11 years old * 12-17 years old * 18-24 years old * 25-34 years old * 35-49 years old * 50 years old or older Generally, how many people are in your WWE pay-per-view viewing group when watching the event in your home or someone else's home (including yourself)? * 1 * 2 * 3 * 4 * 5 * 6 * 7 * 8 * 9 * 10 or more You can participate in the survey at this link.

Wrestling Quote #10: Fink Chicks

Shawn Michaels: "I may be going out on a limb here, but I'm guessing Howard Finkel does not get a lot of chicks!"

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Wrestling Quote #9: Bookmark

After looking at a Playboy issue featuring Christie Hemme, Jerry "The King" Lawler says:
"You have no idea what I'm using as a bookmark!"

Saturday, 16 May 2009

So That's Why you DON'T piss Michael Cole Off

The following clip is why you don't piss off Michael Cole, this clip includes Strong Language (Well that hasn't stopped us before).

Wrestling Quote #8: Kirk Angel

Chris Jericho to Kurt Angle: 
"Welcome to RAW is Jericho! And Kirk Angel, I admit you've got the Intercontinental Championship, but you've also got bad breath and a terrible case of BO! And I would much rather look like this than look like a 30 year-old, never-kissed-a-woman olympic geek who still lives at home with his mommy. So Mrs. Angel, put down your Whiskey sour, pick the corn chips from between your teeth and see your baby boy 'Jackass' get a Y2J beating that he will never, ever forget a-gain"

Judgement Day 2009: World Heavyweight Championship (HQ)

After defeating John Cena at Backlash, it didn’t take long for World Heavyweight Champion Edge to find out he would be defending his gold against the high-flying Jeff Hardy at Judgment Day. On the first SmackDown after Backlash, Jeff Hardy won a No. 1 Contender Fatal-4-Way Elimination Match against formidable foes, Kane, Chris Jericho, and Rey Mysterio in Madison Square Garden. The victory officially gave Hardy the opportunity for a match with The Rated-R Superstar. And on that same night in The Garden, Hardy delivered a Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb to Edge, who found himself in a vulnerable position after losing a non-title match to CM Punk. Hardy has made it clear. He wants gold – something that was taken from him at Royal Rumble by none other than Edge, after a shocking betrayal from his own brother, Matt Hardy. At Backlash, Jeff finally got revenge on his brother by winning their emotion-charged “I Quit" Match. Now, Hardy has set his sights on the world champion. Can Edge find a way to beat Hardy like he did Cena at Backlash, or will The Charismatic Enigma ride a wave of momentum into Judgment Day and leave with gold around his waist?

Judgement Day 2009: WWE Championship (HQ)

WWE Champion Randy Orton has made a career out of accomplishing the unthinkable. At just 24 years of age, The Legend Killer became the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history. He’s held the coveted WWE Championship a total of three times. And, most notably, he has single-handedly brought the McMahon family to their knees – a conquest culminated by a kick to the skull of Triple H at Backlash. The time to celebrate his latest unsavory success, however, may have already passed. Now, it appears, another seemingly insurmountable challenge presents itself: Retain the WWE Championship at Judgment Day against a fuming Batista bent on revenge. It’s not an easy proposition. After all, The Animal has been starved for competition for months while rehabbing from a blow to the head, an injury caused by a kick from Orton. There’s little doubt that Batista would love nothing more than to punish the man who put him on the shelf. And if his performance of late is any indication, The Animal appears more than ready to administer retribution. If any opponent can slither out of the ring with a victory, though, it’s most definitely the current incarnation of Orton. The past seven years have wizened the once self-destructive rebel. While he remains as unpredictable as he was while in Evolution with Batista, his attacks appear more calculated, more focused – there now appears to be a method to his madness. His cultivation of his Legacy cohorts Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase only serves to bolster the argument that Orton is willing to wait for just the right moment to strike, and he isn’t afraid to enlist help to further his cause. The WWE Champion has been relishing his recent conquests in the lead up to Judgment Day, and would likely savor the opportunity to add Batista to his list of already impressive accomplishments. For his part, the challenger – a multiple-time former World Heavyweight Champion – would like nothing more than a chance to end Orton’s tyrannical reign and, in the process, lay claim to a title he’s never held.

Judgement Day 2009: John Cena vs Big Show

For months, John Cena and Big Show have been on a collision course, interfering in each other’s matches and costing one another championships and title opportunities. Now, the two Superstars will wage an all-out war at Judgment Day, in a confrontation that will no doubt prove to be as vicious as their rivalry has been. The roots of this enmity can be traced back to the weeks leading up to the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania. Originally, Big Show was set to challenge World Heavyweight Champion Edge one-on-one for his title on The Grandest Stage of them All. That was until John Cena turned the bout into a Triple Threat Match after threatening to reveal General Manger Vickie Guerrero’s secret affair with the 7-footer. In the title match, Cena capitalized on his opportunity, delivering an Attitude Adjustment to Big Show and Edge at the same time before pinning the giant to win the World Heavyweight Championship. This turn of events didn't sit well with The World’s Largest Athlete, and he made his anger known at Backlash when he interjected himself into The Champ’s Last Man Standing Match against Edge. Just when it appeared that Cena would put The Rated-R Superstar away for good, Big Show stomped out and brutally chokeslammed Cena through a 7,000-watt searchlight. The ruthless attack cost Cena the match and the World Heavyweight Title, which Edge brought back with him to SmackDown. The following Monday on Raw, Cena got some payback during Big Show and Batista’s No. 1 Contender’s Match for Randy Orton’s WWE Championship. Despite internal injuries suffered by the giant’s ruthless assault the previous night, Cena staggered onto the stage and lured the behemoth out of the ring, resulting in a count-out loss for the big man and a WWE Title opportunity for The Animal at Judgment Day. The short-tempered 485-pounder, enraged more than ever by the defeat, told Vickie Guerrero that he wants to end Cena's career. Although Cena has not yet been cleared to compete, Guerrero assured the colossus he will have his opportunity at Judgment Day.

Judgement Day 2009: Intercontinental Championship

If you ask Chris Jericho, he’ll tell you that he should be competing for the World Heavyweight Title at Judgment Day. But he’d be better suited not to dismiss the Superstar he is facing at the pay-per-view — Rey Mysterio — for the Intercontinental Championship. On last Friday’s SmackDown, Jericho marched into General Manager Theodore Long’s office, shoved Mysterio out of the way and demanded a World Heavyweight Championship Match. While he wasn’t given an opportunity flat-out, he was given a chance—if Jericho could defeat Jeff Hardy that night, then the main event of Judgment Day would become a Triple Threat Match between World Heavyweight Champion Edge, Jericho and Hardy. However, when the first-ever Undisputed Champion and The Charismatic Enigma met in the ring later that night, Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio appeared at ringside and distracted Jericho, allowing Hardy to hit the Twist of Fate and a Swanton Bomb for the victory. Mysterio then scaled the top rope and launched himself onto the prone Jericho, scoring a measure of retribution for Jericho's insult earlier in the night. Clearly, The Ultimate Underdog had enough of the loudmouthed, egotistical Jericho and wanted to send him a message. Since being drafted to SmackDown, Jericho has done nothing but insult the WWE Universe and claim that he is the most important Superstar on the roster. Mysterio, a Superstar who considers SmackDown his home, took it upon himself to put Jericho’s rampant ego in check, and he’ll get another chance to do just that when he defends his title against Jericho at Judgment Day. This contest won’t be an easy one for The Master of the 619. While Rey wowed the WWE Universe when he won the Intercontinental Championship from JBL in an unbelievable 21 seconds at the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania, he is facing one of the greatest Intercontinental Champions of all time. No Superstar has held this title as many times as Jericho, and his amazing eight reigns are a testament to the fact that he rises to the occasion whenever gold is on the line. Can The Ultimate Underdog repeat his showstopping WrestleMania performance and shut Jericho’s mouth, or will Jericho “Codebreak” his way to a ninth Intercontinental Title and move one step closer to finding the respect he demands?

Judgement Day 2009: ECW Championship

ECW Champion Christian didn’t get to enjoy his new status among the Land of the Extreme for long without having the vulture-like hungry Superstars for ECW’s most coveted prize knocking at his door. On the Tuesday following their ECW Title Match at Backlash, former title holder Jack Swagger insisted on a rematch, which would take place at Judgment Day. Moments later, Tiffany confirmed the contest. Ensuring he would also get retribution against Christian in addition to the title back, Swagger interfered in Tommy Dreamer’s match against the champion later that evening on ECW on Sci Fi, forcing the trophy to remain in Captain Charisma’s possession. Christian heads into Judgment Day with the advantage, having defeated Swagger for the gold at Backlash. But who knows what tricks “The All-American American” has up his sleeve to make sure he can regain his role as the face of Extreme? Find out, only on pay-per-view.

Judgement Day 2009: CM Punk vs Umaga

If it wasn’t for Umaga, CM Punk may very well be the current World Heavyweight Champion. Twice The Straightedge Superstar defeated World Heavyweight Champion Edge in non-title matches, twice he had the golden opportunity to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase and twice he was blindsided and brutalized by The Samoan Bulldozer before he had the chance to take the championship from The Ultimate Opportunist. These savage, unprovoked attacks have left CM Punk with no choice but to issue a challenge to Umaga for a one-on-one match at Judgment Day. Anyone else would be insane to willingly invite a wrecking machine like Umaga into the ring, but Punk has clearly been pushed too far. He can either meet this destructive force head-on or continue looking over his shoulder, wondering when the 350-pound monster will strike again. While the raw, unbridled power of Umaga is not to be taken lightly, Punk’s recent victories over the likes of Kane have proven he has the wits and agility to overcome some of WWE’s largest competitors. Will Mr. Money in the Bank’s educated feet lead him to victory in his hometown of Chicago or will he regret ever challenging the massive Samoan? Find out at Judgment Day, only on pay-per-view.

Judgement Day 2009: Shelton Benjamin vs John Morrison

At Judgment Day, two of the most athletic Superstars in WWE will unleash their rivalry on the WWE Universe as John Morrison takes on Shelton Benjamin. Destiny has been moving these two driven, squared-circle technicians toward an explosive collision since Morrison premiered on SmackDown in Madison Square Garden. On that fateful night, The Shaman of Sexy educated Benjamin in the ways of the Palace of Wisdom, defeating the former United States Champion. This set the dangerous wheels of mayhem in motion, as Benjamin and Morrison launched a dual-brand rivalry, using both Thursday and Friday nights as a staging ground on which to wage their relentless physical and psychological warfare. On “WWE Superstars” two weeks ago, The Gold Standard truly shined, interfering in Morrison’s match against Chris Jericho which led directly to his defeat. However, when Benjamin tried to proclaim “ain’t nobody stopping me, no!” on SmackDown - recruiting his former tag team champion partner Charlie Haas to topple Morrison - The Friday Night Delight lit Haas’ fire. His momentum then broke on through in the last week leading up to Judgment Day. First, on “WWE Superstars,” Morrison floored Benjamin after The Gold Standard lost to Rey Mysterio. Then, on Friday night, Morrison and his ‘mystery partner” CM Punk proved triumphant over Benjamin & Haas in a high-octane tag team match of mayhem. Week after week, Morrison and Benjamin have fueled the fires, and now only the explosion remains. And when the combined skill and determination that these two Superstars have unloads itself upon the WWE Universe, they could very well steal the show. Don’t miss Judgment Day, Sunday May 17 at 8pm ET/1am BST, only on pay-per-view.

Friday, 15 May 2009

WWE Superstars Theme Song

Click here or the image bellow to listen to the WWE Superstars theme "Invincible" by Adelitas Way. To Download, right click the link then click "Save Target As..." or "Download Linked File As..."

Randy Orton Talks on WrestleMania, Title Run, Manu & More

Randy Orton recently took part in an interview with The Sun. You can see some highlights below and check the whole article out here. About his match with Triple H not meeting expectations: "This was a storyline where Triple H needed retribution. He needed to beat the living p*** out of me because of what I did. I handcuffed him and made him watch while I beat up his wife and then kissed her while she was unconscious. Then to top it off after I do that, I knock him out with a sledgehammer to the head. I kick his father-in-law in the skull and put him in the hospital, and do the same to his brother-in-law. I think when all that happens and then you have this match where he can’t be disqualified or he loses the title, you kind of screw yourself. We were not able to do everything that the other guys were able to do. Matt and Jeff Hardy had a hardcore no-holds-barred match. They were able to use all the bells and whistles to beat the hell out of each other. Everyone was expecting Triple H and I to do the same, but we had rules that put a fence around everything we were able to do. We weren’t able to go to the extreme. If anything hurt us, it was that." I wasn't going to comment but him saying "If anything hurt us, it was that" just makes me think he is delusional. No one credible has praised that match. His delusion became clear when he added, "No, because I was happy with the match. I really was." About how his current title run will be different than the others he has had, he said: "The older and more mature I’ve become in the business, the more responsibility I’m able to carry in being champion and representing the company. This is going to be where I make my name and I cement myself in history." About former Legacy member Manu: "Manu had some respect issues. There are a lot of different reasons he wasn’t good for Legacy, but the reason he’s not with the company anymore had a lot to do with his backstage attitude."

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Official Mr Kennedy Return Promo (HQ)

WWE Superstars #4

On the forth ever edition of WWE Superstars there will be one of the big mis-matches in WWE History, When Hornswoggle faces the Big Show. Click to see the Tale of the Tape. Strangely with this only being the 4th episode of WWE Superstars, this is the 3rd time Hornswoggle would have made an appearance on the show and the Big Show's Second.
Also on this edition of WWE Superstars, The Gold Standard Shelton Benjamin will face the current Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio, what will happen between two of Smackdown's best Superstars, just 3 days before Rey defends his Championship against Chris Jericho at Judgement Day.
And Finally on this Episode of WWE Superstars, the ECW Champion will have his hands full with "The World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry, with his title defense to Jack Swagger only 3 days away, Expect Everything.
This is the 100th Post here on The Dirt Sheet HD blog, I wanted to do something better and bigger, but the blog had been left not updated for nearly a week, so I had to at least get this one in.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

100th Blog Post Celebration: Ring Collapse (HD)

Only One more post until the 100th Post and all that only since 28th February 2009.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Latest on Jericho vs Mysterio

News Backstage is that Chris Jericho has requested a lengthy program with Rey Mysterio and will have a creative hand in putting the feud together. Rey's mask will be incorporated into the angle because of the reaction they got after Jericho "accidently" unmasked Mysterio on the European tour.
Below are two matches between the two whilst they where fighting over the Crusierweight Championship in WCW.

The Great Khali trys to do a powerbomb, Fail!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Official Judgement Day WWE Championship Match Promo (HQ)

Cena talks on "Working Two Jobs" has a brief article on this Saturday's WWE house show in Youngstown, with quotes from John Cena. When asked about his dueling careers as a wrestler and movie star, Cena said: "I’m going to be the first guy to work two full-time jobs. I’m certainly not going to leave wrestling anytime soon, but I’m not going to do movies as a hobby. I really want to devote 100-percent effort into any project I get involved with." You can ready the full article at this link.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

3rd Time Lucky?

On the next edition of WWE Superstars, two of Smackdown's biggest new stars face off after their confrontation Friday Night.
This Thursday Edge brings The Cutting Edge to WWE Superstars, with his Judgement Day opponent Jeff Hardy, what will happen before their clash in Chicago.
And also Santina and Kelly Kelly team up in "Diva" tag team action.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Official WWE Backlash Recap (HQ)

Melina & John Morrison back together

Melina and John Morrison were together at the Hall of Fame ceremony a few weeks ago as they are once again a couple. They were put back together on the same brand at least in part as a result of their relationship. A couple of years ago they were a on-screen heel couple on Raw as part of MNM, it'll be interesting to see if WWE use them as an on screen couple again, and with Morrison's face turn, it looks like that could be possible.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Thoughts on Orton vs Batista & WWE's Young Guns (HQ)

I don't know why, but I feel like I've seen Orton-Batista too many times and over a too short a time period, by looking at the picture on the match preview, it just looks too same-ish. And when it's only Judgement Day, the second summer PPV, that's not great for WWE, there's a long time until Summerslam and I'm already bored with this match. It might be because of the disappointing match they had a Armageddon, which I don't actually remember that well.
In theory these two are two of the biggest stars in the WWE, and probably could have a great match. But they will not because Batista is not the star, athlete or wrestler that Randy Orton is, he's boring, he's the same old stuff night after night and to be honest he's an over paid and over hyped powerhouse (like the common fat school bully). His best years are behind him, from this point on, he will not have a career-defining match. At this point in time, someone like Santino Marella has a better chance at a history-making match or moment, than Batista.
Sure, I'm being harsh and angry, but that's it as well, I feel distain for Batista, he angers me (and seeing him doing absolutely nothing, just standing around, at the Hatton-Pacquiao fight on Saturday didn't help, only cause WWE didn't have any House Shows this weekend).
Anyway, away from how s**t Batista is. WWE could have used this as a chance to get a real #1 contender, and not just through a stupid match, that was an apparent set up by Vickie and Big Show, which was always going to go Batista's way. But I do have to commend the WWE slightly on the drama with Cena coming out to taunt Show, considering they nearly killed him off the night before; I have to admit I didn't expect that.
As I was saying, with two of the WWE's top superstars "on the shelf", this could have been the golden opportunity to showcase some real young talent. Whilst on the subject, it'll be interesting to see how a John Morrison face turn will work, you can see it happening already, even with him saying "S'up Teddy" to Teddy Long rather casually. And I really want to see Morrison and Jericho square off, ironic considering JR has called Morrison a young Shawn Michaels; he also looked good against Shelton Benjamin, but would have loved to seen an epic match, like Shelton and 'Taker had the other week. That's another supertstar who has it all just not the backing from Vince, at least he's got a bit further than his former tag team partner Charlie Haas, who seems to be finishing his impersonating days and tag teaming with Knox whilst over here in Europe. And also it'll be good to see how Miz's heel run goes on Raw after his "win" over John Cena on Monday Night.
Here is a clip from Friday Night's Smackdown were Chris Jericho & John Morrison meet for the first time, their part starts from 1:02.

Judgement Day Card So Far

Click images to go to the official Preview.
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