Sunday, 31 January 2010 - TNA's Ultimate X Match, First Time Outside of USA at Wembley Arena

Major WWE Rumor: Batista to reform Mean Street Posse

So this is a joke of course, but have you seen his backstage attire (see picture below). Now compare this with the picture below it of Pete Gas, Joey Abs and Rodney. Now I am not saying that a return of the Posse would necessarily be a bad thing but why does Batista as a heel have to have such bad dress sense. Heel Batista from Evolution use to wear suits and that was good so let see a return to that. As O'Dea will tell you I have been watching wrestling a lot longer than he has and I remember what the Mean Street Posse use to be like an in all honesty it would fit Batista's heel character to have some bumbling idiots trying to help and failing costing him more matches. So if WWE ever run this storyline you heard it here first.

Royal Rumble 2010: WWE Championship Match

The Viper vs. The Milkman

This is my first one of these so lets make it a good one. Sheamus the Celtic Warrior vs. Randy Orton. Well rewind a few months and no one would have believed that this would ever happen. But as they always say 'anything can happen in the WWE!'

Well this match came about after about two years of people seeing the same three people in the main event picture on RAW one way or another usually together: Randy Orton, Triple H and John Cena. Vince for once listen to the fans and went for a young new champion in Sheamus. However, some fans were not happy with that, they moaned that it should have been Bourne or Kofi. Well the old saying goes you can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but you can't please all of the people all of the time. Personally I like Sheamus as champ but I am bias because he is from Ireland and I am from England and we hate the Irish slightly less than the Americans (joke although most stereotypes would have you believe this.)

Orton vs. Sheamus is a Heel vs. a Tweener. WWE would rather Orton was fully heel but the people just love to cheer him. This match could be a classic or it could suck majorly. This depends on Orton's temperament and the crowds reaction and believe it or not the commentary. How this story is told is perhaps more important outside the ring by the commentary team as both Sheamus and Orton are good workers.

The 'smart money' is on Orton according to many people because he is the safe hands the veteran going into Wrestlemania. But given the right opponent at Mania and the right under card joint main event I don't see why he cannot be trusted with the match. Personally, I want to see the Celtic Warrior Sheamus to win. Just to prove that Vince can put faith in a non-veteran to win at a big four.

Royal Rumble is Sunday, 31st January 2010 Live on Pay-Per-View at 8pm ET/5pm PT/1am GMT.

Royal Rumble 2010: ECW Championship Match

Biblically Extreme

I mean, really, who had Big Zeke winning the ECW Homecoming (unless you read the results from the house shows), which I have to credit WWE for, with a massive gap between PPVs and apparently no number 1 contender (thanks Shelton, you won't be needed anymore, don't worry here's Vance Archer) this concept did a good job and gave some interesting brand overlap, well kinda, the ratings say something else.

Personally, this is the match that I am least looking towards (Methos might disagree), I haven't seen anything really wrestling solid from Jackson, i.e. not just squash matches, personally I think that he wouldn't be anywhere without Master Regal. Regal showed again two Tuesdays ago on ECW what a great wrestler he is with a fantastic 15+ Minutes Match with ECW Champ Christian.

But with the Road to Wrestlemania starting at the Royal Rumble, I wouldn't be surprised if Big Zeke actually wins the title and that Christian gets involved in some sort of controversy. Last Year was the same with Jack Swagger beating Matt Hardy in January and Matt Losing the Rematch at last year's Rumble and as they say the rest is history.

I'm sorry that this preview is short but I don't think the Guyanese Goliath should win, really because I'm not his biggest fan, I'm almost sorry for Christian that he has to wrestle him at all let along at a Big Four Pay-Per-View. (It really does day something that I wrote nearly 3 times more for the Women's Championship Match)

Royal Rumble is Sunday, 31st January 2010 Live on Pay-Per-View at 8pm ET/5pm PT/1am GMT.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

I Am The One!

It's January and that means one thing, the Royal Rumble. 30 men, 1 ring. The winner gains a world title shot at Wrestlemania. The question is who will be 'the one?' But before that I think it is important to look at why the Royal Rumble appeals so much. Well firstly I think it is the uniqueness of the match. I mean a Battle Royal is one thing but the Royal Rumble has the combatants enter one at a time at timed intervals meaning you get more bang for you buck. Another aspect that make the Royal Rumble special is the surprise or random competitors. Who can forget when Drew Carey enter the Royal Rumble in 2001? The fact the Rumble happens once a year adds to hype. The stakes of the match make it that whole much more special. Now once the boring bit of this article has been done it is time to look at some of the entrances and their likelihood of winning or how much I want them to win.

  • Dolph Ziggler Despite my partners bromance with Mr Ziggles he is yet to be entered into the Rumble this year and if his current run of form is to be counted he won't be. Personal preference to win: 0/10 Likelihood to win: 0/10 
  • The Miz The Awesome One just cannot be stopped at the moment and his improved ability has astounded everyone but as the current U.S Champ and still behind main event status I do not believe he will win the Rumble although would love to see the face on the fans if he did. Personal preference to win: 8/10 Likelihood to win: 2/10 
  • Kane The Big Red Monster is entering his 12th consecutive Royal Rumble and holds the record for the most eliminations in one Rumble (11) but has never won the match. I don't believe WWE will give this Mr. Reliable the Wrestlemania headline spot but it would be popular with the fans. Personal preference to win: 7/10 Likelihood to win: 3/10 
  • Triple H The Cerebral Assassin has won the Rumble before and has headlined Wrestlemania too. But this year it does not seem to be his year. He is currently one half of the Tag Champions and he is teaming with Shawn and so him becoming champ will have to be put on hold. Personal preference to win: 5/10 Likeilhood to win: 4/10 
  • Shawn Michaels Could he do it? Maybe, but I don't know if WWE will do Taker vs. HBK again one year later, but anything can happen right? I would suggest that maybe DX could implode in the Rumble rather than HBK win. Personal preference to win: 5/10 Likelihood to win: 4/10
  • Vladimir Kozlov Again he has not been entered into the Rumble but I hope that he could win just to see the fans faces. Personal preference to win: 8/10 Likelihood to win: 0/10 (2/10 if entered) 
  • Goldberg Atlanta, Georgia host this years Rumble could this be one of the surprise entrance and could he take the title and beat the World Champion at Mania? Personal preference to win: 5/10 Likelihood to win: 0/10 (3/10 if entered) Likelihood to appear: 5/10 
  • Gillberg 'If you can't be first be next' if Goldberg is not available or even if he is, perhaps the WWE could reintroduce Gillberg for one night only. Personal preference to win: 3/10 Likelihood to win: 0/10 (0/10 if entered) Likelihood to appear: 5/10 
  • Edge The Rated R Superstar is on the shelf at the moment and unless the reports have been fabricated to prevent spoilers it seem unlikly the Rated R Superstar will appear but if he does I think he could go all the way. Personal preference to win: 7/10 Likelihood to win: 0/10 (8/10 if entered) Likelihood to appear: 2/10 
  • CM Punk 'I need a Hero' one of the lines from one of the Rumble's themes songs. Is the Straight Edge Saviour 'The One' I would suggest that he could be the hot pick and with a Face title match from Smackdown it could build a great Mania match. Personal preference to win: 9.5/10 Likelihood to win: 9/10 
  • Chris Jericho Y2J has 'never ever' won the Rumble but this year I think he could do it, why? Just to spite HBK, just to prove he is better than HBK. The only thing that might prevent this is his recent alcohol arrest. Personal preference to win: 9.5/10 Likelihood to win: 8/10 
  • Big Show Having been split with Y2J, Big Show win the Rumble. Perhaps, but like Andre the Giant big men rarely do well in the Rumble and this could count against him. Personal preference to win: 6/10 Likelihood to win: 4/10 
  • William Regal The first person to win the Rumble and challenge for the ECW title? OK I know it is unlikely on all fronts but I thought I would show my support for my fellow countryman. Personal preference to win: 8.5/10 Likelihood to win: 2/10 
  • Booker T 'Can you dig it, Sucker?' Now that he has left T*A maybe no is his time to return to WWE just leave the King outfit at home please. Personal preference to win: 1/10 Likelihood to win: 0/10 (1/10 if entered) Likelihood to appear: 1/10 
  • Kofi Kingston 'Boom Boom Boom' Kofi is on a roll. But will WWE show one last leap of faith? Maybe. Kofi could be the dark horse of the Royal Rumble especially if Orton wins his match, but only time will tell. Personal preference to win: 5/10 Likelihood to win: 5.5/10 
  • Boogeyman 'I'm the Boggeyman and I'm coming to gettcha' No! Personal preference to win: 1/10 Likelihood to win: 0/10 (1/10 if entered) Likelihood to appear: 0.5/10 
  • Batista Sick of being screwed over Batista is angry and you wouldn't like him when he is angry and if your name is O'Dea you wouldn't like him full stop. But with the Smackdown main event as is he could be a good shout. Personal preference to win: 1/10 Likelihood to win: 6.5/10 
  • John Morrison Another dark horse in the Rumble he could easily win it if WWE show a leap of faith. They did it with Sheamus why not JoMo? Personal preference to win: 7.5/10 Likelihood to win: 5/10
  • Jack Swagger The All American American has lost momentum since leaving ECW and has never looked like picking it up and I doubt the Rumble will change this. Personal preference to win: 3/10 Likelihood to win: 1/10 
  • Evan Bourne (See Swagger minus the All American American bit) OK that was a joke but sums up Evan Bourne. Personal preference to win: 3/10 Likelihood to win: 1/10
  • Goldust Yet to be entered into the Rumble but I do hope the Bizarre One get his shot, even if he is unlikely to win it is always good to see him in the Rumble. Personal preference to win: 3.5/10 Likelihood to win: 0/10 (0.5/10 if entered) 
  • Bret Hart Unlikely to enter into the match because he wants to fight Vince I would have thought but who knows? Anything can happen in the WWE. Personal preference to win: 1.5/10 Likelihood to win: 0/10 (0.5/10 if entered) 
  • Montel Vontavious Porter With his focus being on The Miz I think this year's Rumble is out of MVP's reach but who knows? Personal preference to win: 1/10 Likelihood to win: 0.5/10
  • John Cena 'The Champ...' is not here. I hope he doesn't win the Rumble and WWE have to particularly hyped him to win, but this is Cena so he is always in for a shout. Personal preference to win: 0.25/10 Likelihood to win: 4/10 

Well those are my thoughts so we will have to see what happens on January 31st and who will be the 'One.' - Randy Orton Comments On Jericho/Helms Arrest


Royal Rumble 2010: Women's Championship Match

Oink, Oink..... But Seriously

Be thankful people, this might be one of the best divas feuds in a long time and is a serious contender for the best divas match for 2010. Mickie and Michelle are two of the best two women in wrestling right now, no doubt. Mickie James has time and time again shown why she is one of top and best loved women in the WWE, looking for her 5th Women's Championship this Sunday. Michelle has evolved as a wrestler over her career in the WWE and with the exceptions of some unfortunate injuries, she has held her spot as one of this companies best heels. And she isn't a let down in the ring either, you just have to look back to when she won the championship from Melina at last year's The Bash, which was the best and roughest women's match of 2009.

This feud has actually been building for longer than I originally remembered from even before the European Tour in November, when during a match between Mickie and Natalya, Michelle McCool and Layla cut up everything in Mickie's bag whilst Natalya had her in the Sharpshooter, that was over 2 months ago, when was the last time you saw a WWE Divas Feud that has had that longevity and still is a as fresh as when it started. I was a bit annoyed to find out that these to had a match at WWE TLC, which I obviously can't remember. But truly time has been on their side, it has been 6 weeks since that PPV, you just don't get that with the Tri-Branded WWE PPVs anymore (with the exception of Wrestlemania); they have had the time they needed to build a solid program between these two, between matches.

Now if you think about it WWE have been very cleaver, this is such a simple feud, all it is about is bullying for the simple reason that she might be a little bigger than the others, but is she really, she might weigh a bit more than the others, but the audience doesn't necessarily know that. Yeah she might not be inch perfect in places but she isn't fat, I mean have you looked at the size of Western Civilization recently, we're fat b*****ds. To be honest if WWE wasn't PG right now, it would be more probable that they were calling her a country "slut", you need to do some research on that point.

During this feud since TLC there has been very little wrestling, McCool, for example, since Christmas has only been in one match, the one against Layla as "Piggy" James this past Friday on Smackdown. But this isn't a bad thing, not in this feud at least the quality of promos have been fantastic and the fans would rather see that than a divas tag match with Maria (no offense, doll), Michelle is gold on the mic, along with Maryse, she is one of the female Chris Jerichos, don't forget she was a teacher, she has that way with words.

There have been three other very interesting people in this feud, mainly on the side of Michelle, the first being Beth Phoenix, with her decision in whether to be a part of the bullying or not and stand up for Mickie. I would say that it's good psychology by WWE, but to be honest it is very run of the mill WWE heel/face turn if you think about it. Second is Layla, who has formed a great heel stable with McCool, Lay-Cool (straight from Matt Striker's mouth). Those two are great together and have perfect charisma. They tired to pair Alicia Fox with Michelle during mid-2009 but the fire wasn't really there, but for Layla, this feud and being Michelle's partner in crime is exactly what she needed, she wasn't getting far in dancing matches versus Eve, whilst being cheered on by the boys from the hood. Third is the amazing Matt Striker, he has added to the outnumbered feel against Mickie in this feud, cheering on Team Lay-Cool and backing up every action and thing they said. Sometimes watching Mickie/Lay-Cool segments on Smackdown can be like watching old Raw is War episodes with super heel commentary from Jerry Lawler and I love it. "Puppies!"

Believe me I have come to appreciate this feud and they will not disappoint this Sunday.

Royal Rumble is Sunday, 31st January 2010 Live on Pay-Per-View at 8pm ET/5pm PT/1am GMT

Monday, 25 January 2010

Zing, Zest & Ziggler

I just finished watching Rey Mysterio vs Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship from SummerSlam, where Dolph had one of the matches of his career, he was on it every second of the way and was getting a great reaction from the crowd in LA. Unluckaily for Ziggler, Mysterio prevailed and then couple of weeks later handed the baton to John Morrison before quietly being ushered out of the way for 30 days. And if you believe what you read on the internet, Dolph was going to walk out of the Staples Center with the gold, if it wasn't for a stubborn little man, anyway I'm not going to elaborate.

That match alone, without even going back to their first encounter at Night of Champions, illustrated Dolph Ziggler's class, talent and ability. You have a great athlete who obviously can step up to the plate when it really matters and then they just drop him on his head, leave him to dissolve into the SmackDown mid-card, why?! Dolph is one of the greatest talents in the years and they just go off him, lose interest.

Dolph is a victim of circumstance, Dolph was going to win at Breaking Point, Rey and him had a match on card in the weeks leading up to the PPV. Unluckily, Dolph ended up laughing at Pat Patterson on the 30th Anniversary of the him winning the first Intercontinental Championship, which to be honest I think that Vince does that every week backstage, yes he works for them.

The irresponsible actions of Rey Rey was really the main reason Dolph lost his "push". The drugs I mean, not the fact that he wanted to make love to his championship for another month before giving it over, before his urine told the doctors that he needed to hand it over a little earlier and not to Dolph.

The last time that Dolph was on PPV he was the first to get eliminated in the Team Miz vs Team Morrison match at Survivor Series, not really something to brag about, considering seconds after Evan pinned him, Bourne got mashed up by Drew McIntyre. Dolph was going to be in the 7-vs-7 Bragging Rights Match, until 2 days before when they they totally U-Turned the whole team leaving Dolph empty handed again. The last one-on-one match on PPV was at Hell in a Cell, vs Morrison for the title, which was a good match, and as Jim Ross said at the start of that match, those two are the future of the WWE. But since then, the term bench-warmer comes to mind, yeah he's been on TV, who hasn't? But it's not good enough, this is one talent that has hit a slight peak so far, at the wrong time. And that's not anything against him, like I said he's a victim.

WWE need to have some confidence in Dolph, or as John Morrison would say "Mr Ziggles" (which really didn't help his cause and for me was embarrassing to watch, I hope that John didn't come up with that himself). Give him a match at No Way.... sorry...... Elimination Chamber, maybe put him in the Intercontinental Title hunt again in a multi-person situation with McIntyre and Morrison, believe me WWE, you won't be disappointed. And please, help yourself, by building him and building the higher mid-card.

I think it's a shame that he can't have a match against Chris Jericho, to help his stock a bit, you've seen the great matches he has week in week out on SD with the likes of Morrison, Kane, R-Truth.

Yes, Dolph in past weeks has been picking up great technical wins against Kane, using some great "real" wrestling. But I'm feeling any sort of "buzz" around him that I do with the likes of Jericho and Morrison. He needs a build to a one-on-one PPV Match, or PPV standard match now we're on the Road to WrestleMania. Talking of WrestleMania, I like the sound of Dolph in the MITB, I don't think that he would win, WWE don't have the metaphorical "balls" to do that at this moment in time, but he would be perfect for the match, yes, he would have to get a bit use to the ladders, but so does everyone else.

I pray for Dolph right now and thinking about the money in the bank, I don't want him to end up as a Shelton Benjamin, great athlete, can have fantastic TV matches but is going to have glass ceiling above him and him hitting the real main event.

But hey, what do I know?! Maybe he should cash in on Maria's appearance on Celebrity Apprentice, by doing more closet scenes (not gay innuendo).

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Randy Orton Responds To Assault Claims

Randy Orton wrote a message on his website regarding the alleged incident after the recent WWE show in Boston at Kowloon's restaurant. Here's Orton's side of the story:
“Here’s what happened: I walked out of Kowloon’s Friday night around 12:30-1 a.m. with Santino and a police officer escort. As I was being rudely hounded for pictures and autos (I had a 6:40 a.m. flight through Minni to Lincoln, then a drive to Omaha, a match, a drive back to Omaha, then a charter to Minni, and a driver to Rochester for the next show the next day, btw), I was confronted by an older women who said: ‘Hey Randy, you spit on my handicapped son a few years ago at a show, what do you have to say about that?’ My replay...`So Sue me.’ Then I proceeded to my car, with Santino and the cop and drove back to our hotel by the Boston airport. I know I have been a bit of a hothead in the past, but I DID NOT spit gum and call names to any child. The women is claiming I called her son a `retard’ 3 times, and spit gum in his face. Come on people, even at my worst temperament, I would never call a handicapped child something awful like that. I’ll actually sign anything for any child with any disability. I heard just today from WWE attorneys that this women filed assault charges against me 4 days later? Hmmm, oh, and what about the dozens of cops at the restaurant that were there for crowd control since there were over 100 wrestling fans there? Not to mention the cop that escorted me to my freaking car. I’ll be happy when this is over. I guess if I’ve learned anything from this, it is not to ever challenge anyone to sue me.”

Friday, 15 January 2010 - New Promotional Elimination Chamber Poster featuring Batista

Track Listings for "A New Day - WWE The Music Vol. 10"

On WWE's Twitter page over the last two hours they have announced the track listings for WWE Music Vol.10 Titled "A New Day" which will be released on Jan 28, on Amazon in the USA, UK, Germany & France, here is the final track listing:
1. It's A New Day - The Legacy
2. I Am Perfection - Dolph Ziggler
3. I Came to Play - The Miz
4. Just Close Your Eyes - Christian
5. Return The Hitman - Bret Hart
6. Written In My Face - Sheamus
7. Insatiable - Tiffany
8. Domination - Ezekiel Jackson
9. Born To Win - Evan Bourne
10. Oh Puerto Rico - Primo
11. Radio - Zack Ryder
12. New Foundation - The Hart Dynasty
13. You Can Look (But You Can't Touch) - Bella Twins
14. Crank The Walls Down - Chris Jericho & The Big Show

Full Run Down of Departures from WWE in 2009

This from Ryan Clark at
World Wrestling Entertainment parted ways with a confirmed total of fifty-seven "name" individuals in 2009 — twenty-seven performers from the main roster, eighteen wrestlers from developmental, as well as twelve "name" personnel. This is up one from the previous year.
If the past few years are any indication, you can expect at least fifty more departures from WWE by this time next year as 2009 marked the fourth consecutive year in which over fifty "name" individuals parted ways with the company.

Here is this year's complete list of WWE departures:

2009 Main WWE Roster Departures

» Bam Neely - released on January 9, 2009
» Boogeyman - released on March 4, 2009
» Candice Michelle - released on June 19, 2009
» D-Lo Brown - released on January 9, 2009
» Eugene - released on August 14, 2009
» Gavin Spears - released on January 9, 2009
» "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan - departed on October 3, 2009
» Hardcore Holly - released on January 16, 2009
» Jeff Hardy - departed on August 25, 2009
» John "Bradshaw" Layfield - departed on April 5, 2009
» Kizarny - released on March 9, 2009
» Lauren Mayhew - departed on November 24, 2009
» Lilian Garcia - departed on September 21, 2009
» Manu - released on February 23, 2009
» Mike Adamle - departed in January 2009
» Mr. Kennedy - released on May 29, 2009
» Ricky Ortiz - released on August 8, 2009
» Ron Simmons - released on January 13, 2009
» Ryan Braddock - released on March 8, 2009
» Scotty Goldman - released on February 20, 2009
» Sim Snuka - released on June 19, 2009
» Tazz - parted ways on April 3, 2009
» The Brian Kendrick - released on July 30, 2009
» Umaga - released on June 8, 2009
» Val Venis - released on January 9, 2009
» Vickie Guerrero - departed on June 8, 2009 (returned on September 29, 2009)
» Victoria - departed on January 13, 2009

2009 WWE Developmental Departures

» Aiden Frost - released on September 12, 2009
» Barry Allen - released on June 4, 2009
» Dylan Klein - departed in December 2009
» Espiral - released on September 12, 2009
» Fletcher Chase - released on September 12, 2009
» Hade Vansen - released on January 9, 2009
» Jon Cutler - released on June 4, 2009
» Joseph Canterbury - released on June 4, 2009
» Kafu - released on June 4, 2009
» Kaleb O'Neal - released on March 6, 2009
» Kevin Thorn - released on January 9, 2009
» Kris Logan - released on September 12, 2009
» Lupe Santiago - released on June 4, 2009
» Mike Kruel - released on January 9, 2009
» Saylor James - released on January 2009
» Troy Jackman - released on September 12, 2009
» Tyson Tomko - released on early 2009
» Vic Adams - released on August 2009

2009 WWE Personnel Departures

» Afa Anoa'i, Sr. - released in March 2009
» Freddie Prinze, Jr. - departed in February 2009
» Jim Korderas - released on January 9, 2009
» John Carle - released on March 4, 2009
» Kevin Keenan - released on January 9, 2009
» Marty Elias - released in August 2009
» Matt Cappotelli - released on January 9, 2009
» Mickie Henson - released on January 9, 2009
» Mike Posey - released on January 9, 2009
» Sgt. Slaughter - released on January 13, 2009
» "Superstar" Billy Graham - released on April 17, 2009
» Tim White - released on January 9, 2009

Thursday, 14 January 2010 - Ultimate Warrior vs Orlando Jordon

WWE Sound Engineer to Tyler Reks "Nice Knowing Ya"

Source: PWPIX.NET:
It would appear that Tyler Reks is in danger of being let go by World Wrestling Entertainment as a sound engineer who works for the company cryptically wrote "Nice knowing ya" on his Twitter account this evening in reference to witnessing the sparingly used ECW grappler behaving erratically during his flight home from Green Bay this morning — the site of last night's SmackDown & ECW television tapings.

The sound engineer in question, Marc Lanciaux, wrote a lengthy blog on his website detailing the bizarre incident he witnessed.

Sarcastically referencing Reks as 'Einstein,' he noted that 'Einstein' became terrified when he saw the airplane flap move just before takeoff. A worried Reks informed a flight attendant that he was a pilot himself and said that wasn't supposed to happen. Feeling that the plane was unsafe, he raised his voice and became belligerent. Apparently feeling that he could be a disruption during the flight, flight staff had the plane return to the terminal in order to escort him off. But just before he got off the plane, Lanciaux claims Reks mumbled "that if anyone else on the plane didn't want to die, they should get off the plane too." The pilot then announced to the remaining passengers that the plane was indeed safe to fly.

Here is what Lanciaux wrote regarding the incident in question "This time, instead of a frightened teen running off the plane, one of 'our guys,' one of the new wrestlers that recently started traveling with the show walked out. Though I recognized him, he's so new that I'm not sure what his name is. After today there's probably no good reason to try and find out either. I will just call this unknown wrestler 'Einstein.' Turns out that Einstein was sitting near the wing, and out the window, witnessed a terrifying (to him) event. To his horror, one of the flaps that make the plane fly or land or whatever it is that those moving parts on the wing do... moved! GASP! After witnessing this, Einstein freaked out, telling the flight attendant that he was a pilot himself and he knew that wasn't supposed to happen. He was sure the plane was unsafe. He started getting louder and louder, and more and more obnoxious. The decision was made. Time for Mr. Einstein to go bye-bye. Our flight turned around and my double date with both Ginger and Mary-Ann was ruined. On his way out the door, Einstein mumbled that if anyone else on the plane didn't want to die, they should get off the plane too. I'm sure that the waiting TSA knuckle-draggers had a field day with this guy."

You can read his blog post in its entirety at the following link.

Lanciaux then identified him by name on his Twitter account, cryptically writing: "Thank you Tyler Reks for not only delaying our flight, but also for providing me with blog material. Nice knowing ya."

While Reks has not appeared on WWE programming since early November, he is still being flown to shows on a weekly basis. As of late, he has been trying out a new found heelish persona at live events and dark matches.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Randy Orton Accused of Assaulting Teen

ABC Affiliate out of Boston, WCVB 5 is reporting among other news outlets that a teenage boy has pressed charges against Randy Orton for assault on Tuesday, this is from their website
"BOSTON -- A local teen said a World Wrestling Entertainment star assaulted him outside a restaurant on Tuesday after he asked for a picture.

Wrestler Randal “Randy” Orton is accused of spitting gum in the face of the teen and swearing at him outside Kowloon Restaurant, WickedLocal Saugus reported.

A 15-year-old male went to the Saugus Police Station on Tuesday to reported that Orton, 29, assaulted him after asking if he could take a picture with the wrestler at the Route 1 restaurant around 6:30 p.m.

A second teen told police he witnessed the incident.
Police filed a hearing request on the matter for simple assault and battery, the paper reported."

It is also making the rounds on the Wrestling Dirt Sheets that once the boy's mother interjected about the incident he said, "So Sue Me!"

Randy Orton has been known for his short temper in the past and has spoken about it openly and frankly, and the anger management that he underwent a few years ago. The most recent example of this, even though it could have easily have been planned, was when he "flipped out" in an interview on Mexican TV, when the interviewer called him "fragile", as you can see in the video below:

Jim Ross Responds to Vince Russo's Cage Match Comments

Jim Ross posted a blog on in response to recent comments from TNA writer Vince Russo. Here is what Russo originally said:

"Show me the wrestling rule book where it says you can't have a DQ in a cage match. As far as Monday night's match went - there was a reason 'behind the scenes' why the match had to end in a DQ. Also, are you saying that you would never see a DQ in an MMA match because it's inside a cage?"

JR then posted the following response:

"Been reading on line some interviews with those in the biz who feel that Cage Matches need not a winner via the stipulations set forth in the presentation. I could not disagree more. Cage Matches were created to bring about closure, literally and figuratively, and to have a disqualification in a cage match is my opinion. Granted, my opinion may not be 100% accurate either but it's my opinion nonetheless.

I'm not even a big fan of 'escaping the cage' to determine a winner in a cage match but I can live with that easier than I can seeing someone get disqualified inside a cage in a pro wrestling match. Ugh."

Tuesday, 12 January 2010 - Rob Van Dam: "It's Not Just About Breaking the Law, It's Specifically about Prejudice against Cannabis, Based on Ignorance because They Know Nothing About It"

Brian Kendrick: "TV Sucked Because You Saw a Circus, Backstabbers, Power Hungry People, Suck Ups, Weak People"

This from Ryan Clarke at
In an interview with Canada's, former WWE superstar The Brian Kendrick Kendrick speaks out against the "backstabbers, power hungry people, suck ups, weak people" in World Wrestling Entertainment. Kendrick told SLAM! that his time on the RAW brand, his final run with the company, was miserable.
"I am a good wrestler, I did a good job. I also know that certain behavior was encouraged, some actions were frowned upon, and I didn't care. TV sucked because you saw a circus, backstabbers, power hungry people, suck ups, weak people," Kendrick said. "Also lots of really great, nice, funny people. But I felt like a tool sitting in the bleachers waiting in case they need my skills for something."

Kendrick suspects his marijuana use was part of the reason he was underutilized and says WWE Executive Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis acted "cowardly" by firing him over the phone.

"He then tells me ... I wasn't really getting the job done like they expected, at which point I said, "Bulls--- Johnny, I made a 60-year-old man look like he still belongs in the ring; don't give me that.' Johnny had always been very supportive of my work to my face, always. I know that was garbage. He then says, 'Look do you want help getting to Japan or what?' I was insulted. I don't want his help. I told him I don't need his help. I asked for the real reason, "Is it the pot fines?' I had a script for it, I had heated discussions with Dr. Black, I had to refuse a test to get him to call me at one point. He wouldn't admit to that. I wanted honesty, maybe I got it, but I think more likely I am dealing with a coward. He did fire me over the phone after all."

Kendrick even said he was smoking cigarettes during that time and if he had one now, he'd puke.

"The boss, I heard, not from his mouth, hates cigarettes, so I would smoke a half a pack a day at work," he said. "It was also an excuse to get the f--- out of the building for 10 minutes at a stretch."

Kendrick also spoke about his tag team with Paul London, what he's doing now and his future in the wrestling business.

RIP Ludvig Borga

The Dirt Sheet HD has the unfortunate duty to announce the passing of Tony Halme, he was 47 Years old at the time of his death. Halme was more commonly known in the wrestling community as Ludivg Borga due to his time with WWE in 1993-94. After his time in WWE he went on to fight in MMA. Outside of the ring he was a politician in Finland. At this time the cause of death is unknown. The Dirt Sheet HD would like to extend our condolences and our thoughts and prays to his family and friends at this time. RIP Tony Halme January 6th 1963 - January 10th 2010

Friday, 8 January 2010

Big Show: "There's Not Anybody Good Enough to Take My Position"

In an interview the Sun Newspaper here in the UK, Former ECW, WCW and WWE Champion, 37-Year Old, Big Show has sent out a stark message to the younger talent in the WWE, that he's not going to give up his position at the top and in the main event easily. Saying among other things:
"I want to let you know flat out there's not anybody good enough to take my position. And I'm certainly not going to give my position up just because I've been on top for a while, and nor would anyone else. If there's another giant that can walk in and take my position, then good for him. He can run with it and I'll retire.

Until then I'm going to work on top as long as I can, make as much money as I can and entertain the fans as much as I can. It's up to the younger generation to come to the locker room, step up and be leaders. Every one of us who is on top right now has had to fight and dig and bend to the penthouse and bend to the outhouse as far as booking and positioning goes. I'm not just going to lay down because somebody new comes in — they're going to have to earn it."

Unlike some outside of the WWE, Show doesn't blame Vince McMahon in anyway for the lack of new stars over the past couple of years:
"These guys need to step up. If there was a young guy who could step up, Vince would push them in a heartbeat. They've got every opportunity in the world to grab the ring and get to the top.

Look at John Cena — he is singularly the hardest working guy in our business. I flat out have so much respect for John and the work ethic that he puts in. He might not go home for two months between wrestling shows, interviews, appearances and charity work.And that's the thing that John Cena has above everyone else — it comes down completely to work ethic."

But its not all negative from the World's Largest Athlete, Big Show can see that there obviously future talent right in front of them in the WWE, but are they willing to put everything in to their wrestling careers to make it to the top?:
"Talent will get you so far, but work ethic is the key. That's the thing that the guys on top have. We don't complain about flights. We don't complain about not going home. We don't complain about having an hour's sleep and then doing interviews at 5am.

That's why we're on top — because we step up to the plate and do whatever it takes to make the company succeed. A lot of people aren't willing to do that, they're happy and content to be where they are. I really do think that is strange, and it plagues a lot of older guys in the locker room. We can't understand why they are not taking these opportunities. But let them be content. I'll stay on top!"

Read the Whole Article here.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Jeff Hardy Going Back to TNA This Monday

Former WWE Superstar Shannon Moore posted this on his Twitter:
"Big change of plans. Got a call from TNA. Looks like I'm heading to Orlando and meet with Hulk Hogan tomorrow."
Followed by Jeff Hardy saying on his Twitter:
"Hell yeah Gonna roll with my boy @TheShannonBrand to FLA to put in a good word & check out tha show."
And then Jeff's Girl Friend Beth Britt said on her Twitter:
"Cancel our lift tix.We headin' South y'all! Me & Jeffro are gonna ride shotgun with @TheShannonBrand to sunny FLA! Sweet!"
Later TNA President Dixie Carter posted on her Twitter:
"Heard Jeff Hardy is going to crash the party tomorrow. Everyone is welcome!!! Gonna be fun."
Think of that which ever way you think, but with CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy at Wrestlemania 26 apparently in the works, anything could happen on either side. Maybe we'll see more of this:

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