Saturday, 29 August 2009 - Remember This Guy, I Won't Blame Ya (HD)

Remember this, one minute promo, then never to be seen again, he had been in developmental for over a year and a half, but then was dropped two weeks after this first promo. Complete Fail.

Wrestling Quote #25: "He had to say his name twice!"

JR on Mr Kennedy on the 1st October 2007 Edition of Raw, when he faced John Cena, the night (and it looks like the match in which) Cena got injuried:
"Uh Oh, He had to say his name twice! I think Kennedy would say his name all night long, if We'd listen. Two Hours of Kennedy!"
Harking back to a better time of wrestling and a rollercoaster of a ride the WWE Championship then had at No Mercy, which John Cena was meant to main event against Randy Orton in a Last Man Standing. You can also see in the video, Cena says to the ref:
"He's gonna say his name twice"

"Matt Hardy was looking fatter than William Regal this week"

This week's Smackdown was fantastic and unlike Raw, lived up to the expectation and benchmark set from SummerSlam. This edition was what I wanted from a piece of WWE programing, it was fun, athletic, emotional, great storylines and looked fresh from ever angle, and was edited for no apparent reason.

To start off the night we had "The Only Straight-Edge World Heavyweight Champion in History", CM Punk, who has cemented his place as one of the top heels in wrestling today, everything about him has become distasteful and I love it. The fact that he illustrates himself as the good guy, for telling truth, that frankly the audience can't handle, means that his character is labeled, as Chris Jericho would say, a parasite. I really enjoyed Jeff & Punk's back and forth during their promo, most of all CM Punk saying "I Hate these people booing at me", just adding more fuel to the fire. At least we didn't get the MVP "Oh Please SHUT UP!", think of something original Montel (or WWE Creative), that is the weakest and most lazy (creative!) response ever, I'm not watch this at stupid hour on a Tuesday morning, so you can say that to one of the best wrestlers and best speaker of his generation, Y2J. Anyway I got sidetracked at fucking Porter.

Next up was a strangely short opening bout (for Smackdown), with John Morrison & Matt Hardy (returned from the bad boy position) to face the up and coming, and growing to my good side rapidly, The Hart Dynasty. Before, I say anything, Matt Hardy was looking fatter than William Regal this week and his movement around the ring confirmed that. The Hart Dynasty and John Morrison are just fantastic! Most of all Tyson Kidd. Some people were a bit turned by the news that The Hart Dynasty were moving up to Smackdown from ECW after being together for only couple of weeks and to a show (sorry, company) with no real tag team, as it was thought at the time, but they have really shown how good they are, sightly being carried by Kidd, which is good cause I love him in the ring. This was more a Monday Night Raw match, but still was decent.

Enjoying these Melina-Maria skits, is WWE really illustrating Dolph as a nice guy behind the scenes or is because they're not sure about turning Maria heel.

Next up was Drew MacIntyre kicking R-Truth's Head off, keep an eye on him and also he's a fellow Scot, so some home field advantage. 'Nough said!

Melina-Layla & McCool, whatever.

Rey Mysteriod was is action versus Kane and got the crap beaten out of him at the end by Kane & Dolph (he is so good!), and I think that this was because they knew about Rey's violation at the TV tapings or before Tuesday, like the way they use to crap on Kendrick because he kept on smoking pot and paying the fines and so WWE had no reason to push him when they could squash him into a pancake. Rey, what where you doing, you're one of the biggest stars in the biggest wrestling company in the world, adored by millions of children around the world and you seem to be able to take time off on tap, and didn't you remember you have two children and another one coming, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Also, when Khali came out I thought "Oh, fucking hell" but after staying with it because I have to watch this shit, I enjoyed the Kendo Stick segment then Dolph Zig-Zagging his way to a title match next week and not at WWE Breaking Point.

Shad Gaspard should never be let loose as a singles wrestler or was it just cause they were angry? But the tag match in the end was good, but just like with the ECW Championship match, why would Americans pay $40 just to see the match the next week for free. Well Done Cryme Tyme, why are the make shift team of team of MVP & Mark "bright primary colour" Henry getting a title match?

The Main Event was absolutely fantastic, at times left me speechless, like when Punk superplex'd Jeff from the top of the cage, that was nearly on parallel with the superplex onto the ladder on Sunday. This was to good for my words, you just needed to see it and everyone now knows that Jeff went out on two of some of the best matches of his life that helped Punk massively. Jeff's end speech was short which didn't matter as the crowd were into it their self. I saw a leaked video from a fan in the arena and Jeff took ages going around giving everyone high-fives who he could reach and also going into the crowd, which on the final product was heavily edited (you can see as he changes his clothing around very quickly for no apparent reason). The cheap shot by Punk to end the show wasn't written in good taste, you don't need that, yeah it might create heat but WWE give anyone going away no dignity at all, i.e. when Victoria "retired" she got squashed (as babyface) by Michelle McCool, and then had a emotional good bye that was never showed on TV, another example was when Vickie Guerrero quit as Raw GM, and she got verbally "shat" on by Edge, and this wasn't received very well in the locker room, considering everything she has done and has gone through with/for WWE (i.e. death of her husband Eddie and one of her best friends Chris Benoit).

All in all, I'm impressed, WHY CAN'T RAW BE LIKE THIS!!!

Friday, 28 August 2009

Sins of a Hero!!!

Rey Mysterio was the last person I would have thought would have in drugs offensives after what happened to his close friend Eddie Guerrero and to be honest it is a sad day for WWE and for Rey. I can't write anymore because to be honest I am simply disgusted!

Rey & Drugs in the Past

Source & Report: Ryan Clark
As announced yesterday (Thursday) on, effective next Wednesday, Rey Mysterio has been suspended for 30 days for a violation of the company's drug testing policy. It seems likely he will work next Tuesday's SmackDown taping in Cleveland in order to drop the Intercontinental Championship before serving his suspension. Dolph Ziggler secured an Intercontinental Championship match at next month's WWE Breaking Point pay-per-view by defeating Mike Knox and Finlay in a No. 1 Contender's Match on last night's edition of WWE Superstars.

While this is Mysterio's violation of WWE's drug testing policy, this isn't the first time his name has been linked to substances of a questionable nature.

On March 19, 2007, the official website of Sports Illustrated posted an article in its continuing series investigating a steroid and HGH ring used by a number of professional athletes in several sports. The article mentioned several current and former WWE wrestlers — including Mysterio — as being tied to the ring. David Wilbirt, an Arizona doctor, allegedly issued prescriptions for the anabolic steroids nandrolone (also known as Deca-Durabolin) and stanozolol (also known as Winstrol) to Mysterio. Wilbirt had been investigated by the Drug Enforcement Agency from 2001 to 2005 for allegedly writing 3,879 prescriptions between November 2004 and April 2005, all for "patients" who had requested drugs over the Internet.

WWE later made a statement on the situation, mentioning that the allegations preceded the drug testing program the company launched in February 2006. Through WWE, Mysterio declined commenting on the allegations to Sports Illustrated.

Mysterio's name would once again be linked to a shady doctor later that year following the Chris Benoit double murder and suicide. On this occasion, his name was being linked to the federal investigation of Benoit's physician, Dr. Phil Astin III. He was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for his conviction on illegally dispensing prescription drugs to 17 patients from 2002 until his arrest in 2007. One of the patients he was arrested for improperly dispensing medications to was "O.G.", which happens to be the initials of Mysterio's real name, Oscar Gutierrez. It was later confirmed by that "O.G." was indeed WWE wrestler Rey Mysterio. In the indictment filed against Astin, it was disclosed that "O.G." had been prescribed 120 Percosets, 150 Lorcets and refills allowed for 450 more Lorcets on June 28, 2006. He received a similar level of medication a few weeks later on July 20, 2006. He was listed as having only made those two visits to Astin.

When questioned about his involvement with Astin during an appearance on Fox News' Red Eye program in August 2007 promoting his return from injury at SummerSlam a few days later, Mysterio said he was prescribed pain medication from Astin due to six knee operations. He also denied ever using steroids.

Monday Night Rhodes

From Tune in to Raw this Monday night to witness The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes, reign as special guest host. There's no telling how funky the WWE Hall of Famer will get!

Rey Mysterio Suspended

WWE announced yesterday night that Intercontinental champion Rey Mysterio has been suspended 30 days for violating the WWE Wellness Policy. Mysterio does not have any previous violations of the Wellness Policy according to WWE's official records.

WWE stated the suspension takes effect on Wednesday, September 2, which is the day after next week's Smackdown TV taping. Mysterio is booked for an Intercontinental Title defense at the Sept. 13 Breaking Point PPV, which would fall in the middle of the suspension. It appears that Rey will be written off TV at next week's taping whilst somehow dropping the Intercontinental Championship to Dolph Ziggler.

Thursday, 27 August 2009 - New Live Chat Feature (HD) - The Boy Becomes A Man

At WrestleMania 12, Bret "The Hitman" Hart & Shawn Michaels faced off for the WWF Championship in a 60-minute Ironman Match (Which went to over time) in one of the most famous WrestleMania Match where HBK cemented his place in Wrestling History. Click for enlarged view.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009 - WHC Steel Cage Match This Friday

Raw and New Found Respect for Todd Grisham

RAW was poor, 30 minute opening segment with DX with very litte point, yes it was mildly ammusing and yes it was funny to see Big Dick Johnson return but was it necessary? No. The guest host was there for like 10 seconds and all he did was set up a crap tag team match. Oh and one other thing relating to the tag team match can you break this code: 'PVM NDA RAKM NHEYR SA A GAT EAMT LILW UCSK!' and was the of two poor boxing related segments. The only high point was The Miz vs Santino Marella. Oh and I supose the fact Cena only appeared for 5 minutes is always a positive.
Also a subpoint unrelated to RAW after seeing his abuse of TNA on Byte this, I now have respect for Todd Grisham!!! Also the last caller on the vid summed it up "TNA sucks!" - Todd Grisham Hates TNA! - ME WANT TITLE MATCH! - Y2J Funny Moments

Monday, 24 August 2009

Randy Orton Responds to Ken Anderson on PWR Show on 540 ESPN

Randy Orton occasionally posts messages at, a discussion forum for all things Orton. The adminstrators have confirmed several times that it is indeed the WWE Superstar. Furthermore, he has made announcements there in the past, such as the birth of his first daughter and his apparent motorcycle accident last summer.

It was brought to Orton's attention that during a recent interview, Ken Anderson, formerly known as Mr. Kennedy in WWE, blamed both him and John Cena for getting him fired from the company. He also implied they were using political clout to bury other wrestlers. In response to his allegations, Orton made the following post:

"He is in denial. He thinks you have to be able to do a moonsault to know how to work. And, as for dropping me on my head, he did. He never got to see all 4 camera angles of him doing it. I did. Plus, the left side of my neck down to my trap was sore all week in MX. I did tell Ken that he shouldn't be dropping me on my head with such a simple basic move. He never said sorry, and even called me a liar after the match! I remember looking at him in disbelief. And yes, I did tell managment I did not want to work with him after that. Who wouldn't? That's my side."

He later followed up his initial post with another post regarding Kennedy. Here is what he wrote:

"There is another thing.....never did I get my neck 'taped' as he claims it was in that interview. Also, the whole 'bear hug' story does have some truth to it. Early in the day that morning in LA, he came up behind me and grabbed around my chest and picked me up off of the floor. I don't know anyone who enjoys being tackled from behind and picked up off the floor. When he let go and I relized that it was ken, I was like oh,ok, your back, cool. My reaction of his big return was watered down and I found it very funny reading in his interview that he felt like I had an agenda,or almost like I wanted him gone.
Not until I was given a belly to back suplex onto back of my neck did I have any neg feelings with Mr anderson. I honestly hope for his wifes sake that he can find sometrh
Else he's marginally good at,and earn a living. I know he really wants to entertain, so
Good luck ken, you r gonna need it.

RKO" - DX's SummerSlam Army Entrance

Wrestlemania Main Event Boxer & Guest Host's vehicle seen at shooting scene on Sunday

This from The Associated Press: LAS VEGAS — Police in Las Vegas say they're searching boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s Rolls-Royce at his home after witnesses reported it was involved in a shooting outside an ice skating rink. Lt. Patrick Charoen said Monday that police obtained a warrant to search the vehicle at one of Mayweather's Las Vegas-area homes after the shooting late Sunday night outside the Crystal Palace Skating Center. Charoen (shar OHN') says no one was hurt in the shooting, but a vehicle was hit with several bullets between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. Mayweather isn't named as a suspect. Charoen says witnesses only identified his vehicle, which drove away. The 32-year-old Mayweather is scheduled to fight a welterweight bout Sept. 19 against Juan Manuel Marquez. However, On TMZ, Mayweather Sr has said that Mayweather Jr was taking his children to skating on Sunday, which is a usual practice. There is no word yet of what this means for tonight's Raw Guest Host situation, but other press on the matter has been very positive.

Blink and it's over....But He's Back

William Regal's plan unfolded??? According to Matt Striker. So instead of blindsiding the champ before the match and winning the title. His plan was to lose the match and then beat Christian up. Now I do not claim to be an expert but ECW is not until Tuesday and I would like to think the next ECW title match will be 'Breaking Point' which is three weeks away. So is there going to be some residual effects? I don't think so. Well to make up for this absolutely stupid idea hopefully Regal will destroy Christian at 'Breaking Point' with the Regal Strech and give some class to the ECW Title.
To be honest, I can live with DX winning cause it was an amazing match with a great entrance, Legacy were on the top of their game and will only get better working with DX. I am pleased Show and Y2J won and even pleased MVP beat Swagger although I would have liked a longer match. Kane vs Khali was surprisingly good especially the ending with the veteran outsmarting the rookie, using his emotions. But I will not be able for a long time to be able to understand the decision to make the ECW title match go down like that. Restart after restart, wow, i never knew Orton vs Cena could be this bad and yet... the match was restarted not once, not twice, not three times but four times. The fan, a plant? A nutjob? Since when could another official correct a mistake of another in the past the in ring official would have gone with his original decision. Likewise how did Lilian Garcia get news from Vince without a headset? When Freddie Prinze Jr was interviewed he implied that he was going to interfere on Cena's behalf to help him win but that was not to be. To be honest all I know is that after that awful match I don't want Cena Vs Orton at 'Breaking Point' I would rather Orton vs HBK or Orton vs MVP or perhaps even dare I say it Orton vs Santino Marella at 'Breaking Point'! TLC led to RIP. Jeff Hardy lost,can't say I am not happy cause I am ecstatic. I think this could also signal the end of Jeff Hardy's run in WWE despite Matt Hardy saying he was staying. Taker is the new World Heavyweight Championship number 1 contender and Punk is the champ. Hardy was almost stretchered out before the end of the match (kayfabe I assume) but a (kayfabe) injury could be just what WWE need to get him off screen and out of his contract. But it could just be away to get him and Matt working together again? Only time will tell. The match itself was good and the ending was amazing, the high impact climax balanced with the realistic fight for the belt, however this is become more and more over used in ladder matches and WWE need to be careful that they balance out the endings in ladder matches to keep things fresh. The big return was meant to be DX but on a personal level for me I am much more excited about the return of The Demon of Death Valley. This combined with the fact that two of my favorite wrestlers could enter into a feud! Taker Vs Punk. Hopefully Hell's Gate vs Anaconda Vice at 'Breaking Point'

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Final Card for WWE SummerSlam Tonight

World Heavyweight Championship, Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match:
Jeff Hardy (c) vs. CM Punk
WWE Championship Match:
Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena
Degeneration X vs. The Legacy
ECW Championship Match:
Christian (c) vs. William Regal
Intercontinental Championship Match:
Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler
Unified WWE Tag Team Championship Match:
Chris Jericho & The Big Show (c) vs. Cryme Tyme
MVP vs. Jack Swagger
Kane vs. The Great Khali

A sign of things to come?

With England winning the ashes in cricket today, is this a good omen for William Regal in his ECW title defence? Only time will tell, but well done England and come on Regal!!!

Saturday, 22 August 2009 - Y2J De-masks Rey

At Extreme Rules, Chris Jericho de-masked Rey Mysterio whilst regaining the Intercontinental Championship. Click Image for Larger View.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Vince Not Happy With the Product, As Always

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter ( One of the most prominent things heard at WWE creative meetings from Vince McMahon is his overall frustration with the product as of late and complaining about the company's inability to create new stars. Probably the biggest criticism the company is getting now is pushing their TV harder than PPV events in the last year or so. One WWE source added, "Vince and his current crop of generals are so inside a bubble that they cannot even define what is logical anymore. Vince has put considerable distance between his brilliance as a promoter and matchmaker and his current path, which I can best describe as disjointed booking and promoting that even he second guesses. That's never good. The difference between Vince and others is that he's falling for the trap of buying into the sh*t that a lot of the wrong generals are shoveling his way. Guys like Brian Gewirtz are horrendously bad for business. Hayes is solid and consistent but he's paranoid as sh*t nowadays and also is long gone in terms of having an understanding of cultural shifts." It should also be noted that during a creative meeting two weeks ago, McMahon actually said, "GOD DAMIT! WHY CAN'T WE CREATE NEW STARS?"

Wednesday, 19 August 2009 - Matt Hardy, Divas & A Very Mysterious Man

This from Matt Hardy's Twitter, saying:
"A lil taste of last nite, the lovely @mslayel, the beautiful @EveMarieTorres, a very mysterious man, & well, me! :)" & "Shhhh!! Don't tell anyone, but that's Rey's little brother, Jay Mysterio!! His tattoos are so close to Rey's that it's uncanny!!"

Tuesday, 18 August 2009 - SummerSlam 2009 Main Event Run-Down

Wrestling Quote #23 & #24: And If Your Not Down With That...

The following wrestling quote is brought to you by your friends at Dirt-Generation-X.

HHH: "Are you ready? No, I said ARE YOU READY? Then, for the thousands in attendance, and the millions watching at home. Let's get ready to suck it!"

HBK: "If you're not down with that, we got two words for yah!"

Crowd: "SUCK IT!"

Wrestling quote 24 and the second part of the DX reunion quotes is taken from a previous DX reunion party.

"I'm da Boggeyman and I'm Cummin'... to see if I can join DX?"

So DX returns on Raw tonight and 'if your not down with that we got just 2 words for ya'! S*ck it'

Are You Ready?

Get In the Mood for the return of DX (no matter how lame you think it is), download their theme music. Right Click the link below and click "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As..." or left click to listen to the theme music in the web browser. Click Here for the DX Theme Music

Friday, 14 August 2009

Wrestling Quote #22: Pool Breakfast

Jerry 'The King' Lawler talking about the Big Show:
"I hear even his cereal bowl has a lifeguard!"
This was one of the funny momments on RAW along with the DX segments.

Thursday, 13 August 2009 - The 2nd Coming

Near the end of 2007, a legend returned to the WWE, Chris Jericho and he's made as much as an impact as he did the first time. Click image for Bigger View.

New Feature: - The Hottest Stage of them All

At Wrestlemania 22, Mick Foley and Edge faced off in a Hardcore Match, which will never be forgotten and this how it all ended, Edge speared Foley through a flaming table to create one of the most memorable moments in WWE History.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009


As the title of the article suggests I am find WWE's programing a bit repetitive. The reunion of DX the third although funny and the future promises to be funny I can't help but feel that it is a case of been there done that. On top of that if this senario is anything like what WWE did with the Miz and Morrison, DX will probably beat Legacy as the dinosaurs beat the young guns. The main event picture is no better with Randy Orton taking on John Cena again. It feels stale. Also if we look at Cena's recent sparing partner The Miz he has been reduce to being banned from 'SummerFest' sorry 'SummerSlam' by some no name wally of a guest host. On top of that He took on the returning Eugene to get his title back. Mark Henry is now face, but not the sort of face that could be the new number one contender, just a joke in primary colour, why not put Eugene with Hornswoggle the perfect combo. Also two of the biggest heels in the company, one literally one not so. The Big Show and Y2J have been bundled together as tag champions at a time when Smackdown needs Jericho as CM Punk is the only top end heel. Also Big Show looks awful in primary colours and should only wear black because that suits his character. However it is not all bad, William Regal is now the ECW number 1 contender. Also the young guns of Swagger, Kofi, MVP, Shelton, Morrison, Ryder, Ziggler, Evan Bourne and Chris Masters are being given some time to shine. Mickie James is the new Divas Champion which is thoroughly deserved as she is one of the best divas in the company. So there is some light at the end of the tunnel. So at the momment I've got just one word for WWE, Repetative.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The Ken Anderson Interview from The Pro Wrestling Report on 540 ESPN Radio

This is from Dameon Nelson of The Pro Wrestling Report: Below are some of the highlights from the very candid and revealing interview with Ken Anderson from the Pro Wrestling Report on 540 ESPN Radio. The 90 minute interview can be found in it's entirety at Here are some of the highlights of our exclusive interview with Ken Anderson from the August 3rd edition of the Pro Wrestling Report on ESPN Radio. Regarding the circumstances of Anderson's release from WWE - "To be quite honest with you, I really don't quite understand all the stuff that led up to it. It was a bunch of different things. I had some detractors in WWE obviously. I made some mistakes along the way and I will take full responsibility for those mistakes. The line I was given was that they were not happy with the things that happened that Monday Night and they decided not to go with the Ken Kennedy Character anymore." "You get the people who say, he's just pointing fingers...I worked my ass off for the company. I did everything on my end for the company besides opening my mouth when I should not have." "To be honest with you I kinda had a weird vibe all day. Randy Orton and I had become very good friends...we rode together, we were tight, we were buds...when I got to the building I ran up behind him and gave him a big bear hug from behind and he treated me like I was just an acquaintance of his. And then the fact that he made such a big stink about supposedly dropping him on his head. He literally blew up in front of all the talent including Vince and Stephanie and began to lecture me about how I had to be careful and his health was very important. It just doesn't make sense to me." "It got to the point where everything I did was wrong" Regarding the allegations of a botched suplex on Randy Orton leading to his release - "Randy jumped really, really hard. In wrestling it's give and take....It was a matter of either I drop him on his head or I help him through this. His neck never even touched the mat which makes me wonder why he even went to the trainers room to get his neck taped up. He was so injured that he went on to wrestle three nights in Mexico." Regarding the WWE environment and planning - "Your never told anything. It kinda sucked being the talent being in the dark all the time. When certain guys get injured they make a big deal about their return. When I came back I had a match with Scotty Too Hotty, not much of a splash." "There are two mountains in the WWE, the mountain that the Undertaker stands on and the mountain the other guy stands on...and it's not just HHH...You can't compete with Sunday Brunch" "You hear all the horror stories about how WCW died...that's the way it is now in WWE. Sometimes shows continue to be written after the show has started" Regarding lack of consistent enforcement of the WWE Wellness Policy - "I can neither confirm or deny. All I know is I was tested was random...I was the one that was always on the list. I was tested probably 10 times in a year." Regarding WWE's view of TNA - "I don't think that WWE views TNA as a threat at this point. I do think that TNA is very close to breaking through that glass ceiling. There is always room for change. They are about one or two stars away from being a major competitor." On whether or not he will go to TNA - "I have absolutely no idea at this point...there's been some's just pleasantries at this point. Yes, I would go to TNA...TNA gives guys opportunities...I want an opportunity to show that I can entertain. I want an opportunity to work in that environment" Anderson made it a point to say the following - "The stuff that I have said so far is not just coming from me...there are a lot of guys in the locker room that are just frustrated" There is much more to the interview which went over 90 minutes including comments on The Undertaker, Bob Holly, Shawn Daivari, Paul Heyman and much more! You can listen to the full interview at! The interview is also available on iTunes and YouTube.

Wrestling Quote #21: Ants Are Doing Fine

Jerry Lawler during last night's Monday Night Raw: 
"Sometimes I think this size disparity is overrated. Look at the whales are endangered, but the ants are doing just fine."
Don't really know what he was on last night, probably taking about the United States Championship Match, the whale being well you know, funny though!
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