Sunday, 7 November 2010

Cena's choice

At Survivor Series Cena has a choice to make a choice I sympathise with. He has to chose to lose his job or help the he hates win the WWE title. I understand how he fells, sometime no matter what you do it is wrong. It is a tough choice to make, but unlike somepeople Cena can see the two outcomes and well his choice is easier than somepeople think. If Barrett loses then Cena is fired, he is out of WWE for good, this means he could never get revenge. Whereas if he lets Wade Barrett win the WWE title he is free from Nexus and a WWE superstar and he can get his revenge or if the WWE Universe hates him for his actions he could join the Nexus as a willing memnber. See Cena is lucky he can see the outcomes of his actions before he act. So, although his decision is similar to the concet of a 'locked room' as put forward by philosopher John Locke, there is only one option for Cena that appears to be logical, screw Orton. At this moment in time my sympathy does not lie with Cena cause he knows what's going to happen in advance. Some of us don't...

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