Friday, 6 November 2009

Oh Dear O'Dea: This Product is Part of the Generic WWE PPV Range

Don't forget to watch Survivor Series on PPV later on this month, as part of the mundane-ity range from World Wrestling Entertainment, now full of Pay Per Views that mean nothing in the history of wrestling, thanks to Breaking Point replacing Unforgiven, Hell in a Cell replacing No Mercy, TLC replacing Armageddon and Elimination Chamber replacing No Way Out. And now the 23rd Edition of Survivor Series, looks like its also going to fall into that bottomless pit. It's meant to be one of their top four PPVs but I'm not feeling it; it might be the fact that only a couple of weeks before the event we've got two meaningless Main Events that really were made up from nothing. In the recent months WWE have been throwing PPVs and Pay Per View Matches at us that really haven't meant anything, not help by the Gimmicks added to the PPVs. Breaking Point turned out well strangely, Hell in a Cell was a massive fail (3 Cell matches and no blood in one night fuck off), Bragging Rights was just a load of advertising with an Ironman Match thrown in there for good measure, which I've forgotten already, not saying it was a bad match, it was a great match.

I don't see their reasoning for turning No Way Out into Elimination Chamber, they've already had that gimmick match or two chamber matches happening only at that PPV for the last couple of years, we get it, we aren't that stupid and they do go about quite a bit, why change now. And don't get me started on Armageddon or TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs, they've already had a Ladder match and TLC match this year, that's enough!

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