Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Hot RAW with Hot Rod! Boom, Boom, Boom! Be Miz!

'For the Hundreds in attendance and the millions watching at home lets get ready to' Pedigree Hornswoggle!
Hot Rod was amazing as the guest host and despite the opening segment which was weak, Iron Sheik whatever. Other than that it was amazing! Hot Rod and Vince at Mania, maybe? But that led to the rise of the next star of Raw, Kofi (phony Jamaican) Kingston. who Boom dropped his way to stardom (what elevation by the way.) Also and amazing match was MVP vs The Miz and although a bit random, it was a solid match with a good finish and if I am honest, I think that there will not be a Marty Jannetty between the Miz and Morrison just two HBKs.
Another plus point is that WWE have finally worked out how to do a multi-team tag match properly, if there are 3 teams make it a triple threat in the ring. The match was far to short, but it did build up Survivors Series well and it made me want to see it more.
Another earning votes as the Power25 would put it is the Celtic Warrior Sheamus, he beat up the time keeper (easy heat) and the King (easier heat) I the future is bright, the future has orange hair, watch this space!

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