Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Fall From Grace? More Like A Step-Ladder

So the first elimination of NXT Season 2 has come and gone, wait, really?! I didn't even know before the actual live show that there would be an elimination, I could have sworn that it would be the same as season one and just do a poll at the start to see how everyone was getting on. One thing was good about the elimination night was that the WWE Universe got "50%" of the vote, I mean I know that I cast my vote, did you?

It is Titus O'Neil who is the first to leave the new season of NXT. Premature? Yes. I think that he had more to give and wasn't given any time what so ever. I mean, a couple of weeks ago they did a fly-on-the-wall backstage segment with his WWE Pro Zack Ryder having a heart to heart conversation about turning his situation of the opening weeks around, and they had an opportunity, but never followed it up in any sort of serious way, just a fleeting mention on commentary on the next week. Oh yeah, but he did have the worst record between all the rookies; though only 3 matches and 3 losses before being eliminated, he got screwed over, at least people knew who Bryan Danielson was when he got eliminated first and after not winning one match, until the night before he got "eliminated".

I saw him as the sort of Darren Young of season two, the one who is most improved and grows on me the best as time goes on or as Skip Sheffield, you know, the dumb idiot at the start who improves when he starts to warm up to his pro, also has the same sort of steroids, sorry, genetics in him.

I'm glad that Kaval came first, he should be there in his rightful place at the top, I hope it isn't a bad omen of things to come.

Oh yeah, it's been long time no blog. Sorry.
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