Saturday, 5 June 2010

WWE Play-by-Play Notes for WWE Superstars June 3, 2010

  • Oh No Here Comes the world's blandest Man
  • I like the cocky and arrogant Primo that cheeky Cartwheel was great.
  • Henry kicks out and throws Primo half way across the ring
  • The Crowd seems to be hot for this match, probably cause its the first of the night and Mark kinda has homefield advantage
  • I like that lil' Michael's esk turnbuckle roll
  • Michael Cole has a man crush on Mark Henry
  • So they're advertising Tiffany vs Michelle, please not the main event
  • Gail Kim & Jillian Hall the most underused Divas
  • Hey Gail's been in TNA and Jillian was trained by Lance Storm
  • No Michael I don't wanna imagine you and Jillian doing Karaoke
  • OMD It's been like only a minute or two into the match and they're already on the outside and I'm loving it, physical, high flying and athletic
  • One of the best Diva's matches in weeks, no thanks to Cole & King
  • Really can they not talk more about Jillian's ability then her singing
  • Like I read on the net, when was the last time you saw a Superplex in a Divas match?
  • See Diva's that is how you put on a good match and sell Gail's finisher
  • Co-Besties #1 vs GM Reject #2
  • Wow, Ruff and Tumble, first Tiffany's bottom half of her costume, Layla's streaking and then the knee to the announce table
  • "I feel story for her"
  • That was any alright match, not a negative
  • Stop singing Match, please.
  • I think that Matt Stiker having 4 Sister's may have had an adverse affect
  • I think that Dolph can do better than Vickie, remember when he used to date Maria, woah! She's hot (and fired)
  • Clever WWE putting Evan Bourne in the Superstar Profile Package thing, remind you now he's getting a push
  • NXT better than Raw Rebound, wait I already said that
  • Chavo vs Christian was going alright but like Vickie said, it did make it more interesting and not a leprechaun in sight, just a Kent State Uni Grad
  • "Vickie Guerrero strikes again"
  • I don't wanna know that Christian beat these two with that thing last week
  • Dolph's character is perfect for his style, aggressive and cocky
  • Matt Striker taking the high ground on keeping relationships to yourself. Yeah but there are pictures of your manhood on the web, so shut up
  • "Roll the dice again"
  • They say these 3 are young superstars
  • Chavo never gets to hit all 3 amigos, that last one must be lonely
  • I didn't know you could tag someone's foot
  • That was a raw Zig-Zag
  • And that's a Wrap

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