Saturday, 28 February 2009

Also On The Road Again

Raw was good show, great ending but unlike the Cena v Edge story line where the mic work and in ring work has taken the lead, which I think is a good thing. The RKO and Legacy vs HHH storyline is poor because I'd rather see HHH vs legacy a few times rather than this last ten mins showdown each week. Elsewhere the rest of the show was good but I rather see Regal in the MitB than Punk. I don't want Punk to win the WWE or World title because WWE took the mickey last time. Basically my take on Smackdown mostly was that Kozlov did exactly what was need to beat Taker without giving too much away if the match went to Wrestlemania. Also WWE missed a great opportunity to finally unite the Tag titles and reduce the number of titles in WWE and on top of that WWE could have removed Carlito and Primo from the title picture. I don't rate them as a team and I think the Miz and Morrison are the best tag team in the WWE and need to be given the titles. Personally I think WWE should give Chavo or MVP the US title and put Shelton in the MitB match. Along with Tommy Dreamer. Hopefully if that was to happen Dreamer could win the match and win the ECW title and stay on the show cause otherwise Dreamer is going to go and then ECW gonna be left with Swagger and Christian and that's about it. Just a closing point why was Manu released when Kizarny was allowed to stay I mean I know who I would rather have in WWE.

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