Sunday, 1 March 2009

WWE = PG, Sorry What?

Can you just run that by again, Vince. You want WWE to have a PG-Rating for all its broadcast television, but why the fuck would you do that?
Exactly, Vince. One thing about WWE going PG is trying to reach out to a family atmosphere, just cause it says PG and doesn't have blood in it, doesn't mean your going to get the whole family to sit down for two hours every monday at 9 to watch. If your main audience is males between 25 and 40, you're gonna lose them cause it's not what it use to be when they grew up watching it, what a downer that must be, if a kid wasn't totally allowed to watch WWE when he was young and then when he is old enough, WWE goes all family-friendly, you'd be pissed off. Really if you want it to be family-friendly, why don't thet go to TV G, and they'll be the only so ever to go from TV R to TV G in around a decade, wtf? I don't get how this is helping their ratings because since the start of Raw and Smackdown their numbers have gone down every year because of these changes and also it's harder to suspend people's belief anymore whilst watching Wrestling, especially if it's in HD. To be honest WWE has kinda lead its own downfall, and to add to the bad ratings the low attendance numbers all WWE events and not to mention the recent credit crisis making their stock price fall wildly over the last year. This year's Wrestlemania isn't even sold out yet, its too expensive and also that the sale date was put back twice due to hurricanes etc. In the past years Wrestlemania would be sold out within the day, if not in hours. And thanks to US Residents having to fork out $50 to watch all 4 hours of Wrestlemania (It's £15 in the UK, around half), it will be interesting to see what return they get. For example, last year's Wrestlemania was one of biggest ever, adding everything together and in the end wasn't good on the WWE's checkbook. Anyway, I digress, WWE is getting nowhere with TV PG, you can't call ECW extreme anymore, when it first came back it was extreme and still slightly felt like the ECW of old, but that was in TV 14 rating and they practically could do what they wanted. The only way you can see the real hardcore WWE of old is by watching the PPV. Well I say that, but at No Way Out, no one in either Elimination Chamber bled, come on, after 'Taker DDT'd Big Show on the steel can't that be a chance to get some blood out. The Only blood came from Randy Orton then he really started to bleed after Shane hit him the TV from the Announce table. To be honest, The WWE going PG hasn't gone over big with the fans, and I hope that in the future they sneak back to 14 or whatever it is (I'm from UK, we don't have age ratings on TV, just warings on swearing etc. and only on films on TV in listings and the like).

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