Thursday, 12 March 2009

Bye Bye Boogey

The Boogeyman is gone and I wish him the best of luck and hope he stays away for TNA! ECW loses one of it's stars, but as they say every cloud has a silver lining and this cloud's is the fact that Kizarny has also gone Goizod luizck tizo hizm, however he can go to TNA. Speaking of TNA it is rumoured that 'dangerous' Danny Bonaduce' will be taking part in a match at Lockdown and despite the fact he is the best in Hulk Hogan's CCW he should not be in the six sided ring he should be in the WWE four sided ring. Actually I don't think anyone should be in the six sided ring and Dixie Carter should cut her loses and shut TNA down, before WWE has to buy it out like WCW and ECW before it. Wrestlemania 25 looks to be hoting up but my major concern is that with 23 days and counting left not all of the matches have been decided and therefore there may be a struggle to build up enough heat. Although the two Texans in the main event HBK and The Undertaker will take the roof off and when Taker wins (sorry if Taker wins) the hometown crowd will go wild. Finally just to say that I agree with JR who said he wanted Joey Style to commentate on the Diva Battle Royal, it would be interesting how many times he would say 'OH MY GOD!' or 'CAT FIGHT!' the way that only he can.

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