Friday, 20 March 2009

Match Preview: Unified Tag Team Championship Lumerjack Match

First off, I was surprised to see that Morrison (and maybe even Carlito and Miz) didn't get into the Money in the Bank because of the athletic skill he showed in last years match, along with Shelton Benjamin, they were the highlight reel of that match. Still, this match should show that these teams can perform on the Grandest Stand of them all, well grander than ECW and Smackdown. These four have had a number of great bouts, and after they both won back their respective titles, you knew that it was going to lead to something like this. But, Unified, are they just going to hold each and have title matches for both or is it just going to be one title, and if so you know that Miz and Morrison are to going to win because the end up on nearly every show anyway. That would make Miz and Morrison the only team to have won all three titles (in less than a year aswell, considering they lost the WWE Tag Team Championship at the Great American Bash 2008). All other stuff aside, this could be a great match, four talented superstars all with athletic prowess. Their match will need all of that high-flying prowess and with big athletic spots throughout could make for a match truly worth of Wrestlemania. It will be Miz and Primo's first Wrestlemania and Primo's first PPV (what a way to start), they really need to step up to the plate and not worry about getting hurt but just going all-out to put on the best show they can. Morrison and Carlito know what is needed on the big occasions, to give everything at Wrestlemania. These four also know how each other work and probably can trust each other to put on the best show night after night, let alone at Wrestlemania. That's good for all of them, unlike some of the singles matches, where the competitors wouldn't have had the match experience they need before WM25. The match experience they need they're getting. The Bella Twins have also added a new dimension to this feud (and you'll see something more interesting with them next week on Smackdown). As Miz and Morrison seem to be getting the upper hand on the female side of things. Lets be honest, Miz and Morrison are gold on the mic and that is what you need along with in-ring experience. But ever since Carlito has turned face, he can't cut a promo to save his life, whilst he was a good heel on Raw years ago, he could really use his mouth as well as his wrestling skill; the same is true of Shelton Benjamin, but he never gets given the mic anymore, even when he was the US champion and could give him a golden opportunity to run his mouth, I think him being the "Gold Standard" hasn't helped him, he can't be Shelton Benjamin anymore. Anyway, I digress. Primo is shite on the mic and even though he's high-flying and good to watch, he's in my eyes the weak link between these four and I just don't see him being the next big thing like Miz and Morrison will be and to get into a match at Wrestlemania you have to be something big (wtf Mark Henry in MITB: big person, yes, big superstar, no). This should be a great match and if they do it right they could hit gold with it and also give the winners the chance to call themselves The Tag Team Champions in the WWE, not something you normally get. UPDATE: Since this article was written, the match has been changed to a Lumerjack Match, which will only make that match will have a real winners and that it gives some more face time for any other wrestlers not involved on the night.

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