Saturday, 29 August 2009

"Matt Hardy was looking fatter than William Regal this week"

This week's Smackdown was fantastic and unlike Raw, lived up to the expectation and benchmark set from SummerSlam. This edition was what I wanted from a piece of WWE programing, it was fun, athletic, emotional, great storylines and looked fresh from ever angle, and was edited for no apparent reason.

To start off the night we had "The Only Straight-Edge World Heavyweight Champion in History", CM Punk, who has cemented his place as one of the top heels in wrestling today, everything about him has become distasteful and I love it. The fact that he illustrates himself as the good guy, for telling truth, that frankly the audience can't handle, means that his character is labeled, as Chris Jericho would say, a parasite. I really enjoyed Jeff & Punk's back and forth during their promo, most of all CM Punk saying "I Hate these people booing at me", just adding more fuel to the fire. At least we didn't get the MVP "Oh Please SHUT UP!", think of something original Montel (or WWE Creative), that is the weakest and most lazy (creative!) response ever, I'm not watch this at stupid hour on a Tuesday morning, so you can say that to one of the best wrestlers and best speaker of his generation, Y2J. Anyway I got sidetracked at fucking Porter.

Next up was a strangely short opening bout (for Smackdown), with John Morrison & Matt Hardy (returned from the bad boy position) to face the up and coming, and growing to my good side rapidly, The Hart Dynasty. Before, I say anything, Matt Hardy was looking fatter than William Regal this week and his movement around the ring confirmed that. The Hart Dynasty and John Morrison are just fantastic! Most of all Tyson Kidd. Some people were a bit turned by the news that The Hart Dynasty were moving up to Smackdown from ECW after being together for only couple of weeks and to a show (sorry, company) with no real tag team, as it was thought at the time, but they have really shown how good they are, sightly being carried by Kidd, which is good cause I love him in the ring. This was more a Monday Night Raw match, but still was decent.

Enjoying these Melina-Maria skits, is WWE really illustrating Dolph as a nice guy behind the scenes or is because they're not sure about turning Maria heel.

Next up was Drew MacIntyre kicking R-Truth's Head off, keep an eye on him and also he's a fellow Scot, so some home field advantage. 'Nough said!

Melina-Layla & McCool, whatever.

Rey Mysteriod was is action versus Kane and got the crap beaten out of him at the end by Kane & Dolph (he is so good!), and I think that this was because they knew about Rey's violation at the TV tapings or before Tuesday, like the way they use to crap on Kendrick because he kept on smoking pot and paying the fines and so WWE had no reason to push him when they could squash him into a pancake. Rey, what where you doing, you're one of the biggest stars in the biggest wrestling company in the world, adored by millions of children around the world and you seem to be able to take time off on tap, and didn't you remember you have two children and another one coming, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Also, when Khali came out I thought "Oh, fucking hell" but after staying with it because I have to watch this shit, I enjoyed the Kendo Stick segment then Dolph Zig-Zagging his way to a title match next week and not at WWE Breaking Point.

Shad Gaspard should never be let loose as a singles wrestler or was it just cause they were angry? But the tag match in the end was good, but just like with the ECW Championship match, why would Americans pay $40 just to see the match the next week for free. Well Done Cryme Tyme, why are the make shift team of team of MVP & Mark "bright primary colour" Henry getting a title match?

The Main Event was absolutely fantastic, at times left me speechless, like when Punk superplex'd Jeff from the top of the cage, that was nearly on parallel with the superplex onto the ladder on Sunday. This was to good for my words, you just needed to see it and everyone now knows that Jeff went out on two of some of the best matches of his life that helped Punk massively. Jeff's end speech was short which didn't matter as the crowd were into it their self. I saw a leaked video from a fan in the arena and Jeff took ages going around giving everyone high-fives who he could reach and also going into the crowd, which on the final product was heavily edited (you can see as he changes his clothing around very quickly for no apparent reason). The cheap shot by Punk to end the show wasn't written in good taste, you don't need that, yeah it might create heat but WWE give anyone going away no dignity at all, i.e. when Victoria "retired" she got squashed (as babyface) by Michelle McCool, and then had a emotional good bye that was never showed on TV, another example was when Vickie Guerrero quit as Raw GM, and she got verbally "shat" on by Edge, and this wasn't received very well in the locker room, considering everything she has done and has gone through with/for WWE (i.e. death of her husband Eddie and one of her best friends Chris Benoit).

All in all, I'm impressed, WHY CAN'T RAW BE LIKE THIS!!!

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