Monday, 24 August 2009

Blink and it's over....But He's Back

William Regal's plan unfolded??? According to Matt Striker. So instead of blindsiding the champ before the match and winning the title. His plan was to lose the match and then beat Christian up. Now I do not claim to be an expert but ECW is not until Tuesday and I would like to think the next ECW title match will be 'Breaking Point' which is three weeks away. So is there going to be some residual effects? I don't think so. Well to make up for this absolutely stupid idea hopefully Regal will destroy Christian at 'Breaking Point' with the Regal Strech and give some class to the ECW Title.
To be honest, I can live with DX winning cause it was an amazing match with a great entrance, Legacy were on the top of their game and will only get better working with DX. I am pleased Show and Y2J won and even pleased MVP beat Swagger although I would have liked a longer match. Kane vs Khali was surprisingly good especially the ending with the veteran outsmarting the rookie, using his emotions. But I will not be able for a long time to be able to understand the decision to make the ECW title match go down like that. Restart after restart, wow, i never knew Orton vs Cena could be this bad and yet... the match was restarted not once, not twice, not three times but four times. The fan, a plant? A nutjob? Since when could another official correct a mistake of another in the past the in ring official would have gone with his original decision. Likewise how did Lilian Garcia get news from Vince without a headset? When Freddie Prinze Jr was interviewed he implied that he was going to interfere on Cena's behalf to help him win but that was not to be. To be honest all I know is that after that awful match I don't want Cena Vs Orton at 'Breaking Point' I would rather Orton vs HBK or Orton vs MVP or perhaps even dare I say it Orton vs Santino Marella at 'Breaking Point'! TLC led to RIP. Jeff Hardy lost,can't say I am not happy cause I am ecstatic. I think this could also signal the end of Jeff Hardy's run in WWE despite Matt Hardy saying he was staying. Taker is the new World Heavyweight Championship number 1 contender and Punk is the champ. Hardy was almost stretchered out before the end of the match (kayfabe I assume) but a (kayfabe) injury could be just what WWE need to get him off screen and out of his contract. But it could just be away to get him and Matt working together again? Only time will tell. The match itself was good and the ending was amazing, the high impact climax balanced with the realistic fight for the belt, however this is become more and more over used in ladder matches and WWE need to be careful that they balance out the endings in ladder matches to keep things fresh. The big return was meant to be DX but on a personal level for me I am much more excited about the return of The Demon of Death Valley. This combined with the fact that two of my favorite wrestlers could enter into a feud! Taker Vs Punk. Hopefully Hell's Gate vs Anaconda Vice at 'Breaking Point'

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