Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Even More WWE vs NBA Media Coverage

This morning on ESPN's First Take, during the 1st and 10 segment, Skip Bayless, Doug Stewart and Ryan Stewart debated the hot topic of the WWE vs. the NBA. They played clips of Vince McMahon discussing Stan Kroenke as a bad businessman, and then started discussion. Skip Bayless said that the Nuggets, specifically Stan Kroenke could have changed this back in April before the contract was signed and says the players should be offended by their owner because of his lack of faith in the team. Doug Stewart agreed with this and agrees with Vince that Stan Kroenke is a bad businessman. Ryan Stewart said that it is an accidental double booking and that no one could have seen this coming, and that it was an accident that is getting too much attention. Doug Stewart and Skip Bayless disagree, and point out that multi-million dollar organizations do not make "accidental" booking mistakes, or that they shouldn't. Ryan Stewart tried to defend Stan Kroenke, while Skip Bayless and Doug Stewart said that this never should have happened. Sportscentre on TSN in Canada this morning covered the "WWE vs. NBA" situation. It was a short piece, where the sports journalists didn't mock wrestling, and basically was there to get non-wrestling fans up to speed on the situation.

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