Saturday, 23 May 2009

Déjà PPVu - Latest Extreme Rules Card

Lets be honest, right now the WWE PPV summer schedule is in full swing, but this is a bit off-colour having the 1st five PPV matches that have been confirmed being a rerun of Judgement Day, just with stipulations. I understand that this is the way the WWE run their summer feuds, and maybe even with Cena-Show, the stipulation has a bit of sorry behind it, but it just seems too "same-ish" (and not in a good way). And then you add in that people like Cena and Mysterio apparently (story-line wise) want to move on from their Judgement Day opponents, but still get put back into those matches, it's too obvious because is there anyone else for Cena to go after whilst Randy Orton is locked in a Steel Cage. And what is a Samoan Strap Match, on Smackdown Friday night is just looked like a long and fat belt, it that it (and it was strange to here Umaga speak in his normal "American" voice, well he hardly going to have a strong Samoan accent, considering Dwanye "Not the Rock" Johnson is his cousin). FOLLOW-UP NOTE: I've been doing to research and I've found out that CM Punk hasn't been on a PPV card only 6 times since WrestleMania 23 (the point at which all WWE PPVs became Tri-branded) in 2007 (and on one of them, at Cyber Sunday 2008, he could have had a match and was also on the poster for the PPV). And between WrestleMania 23 and 24 he only missed Backlash 2007. At the worst PPV in WWE History, December to Dismember, CM Punk was in the Extreme Elimination Chamber after only being on WWE Programming for 5 Months, that after being in DX's Survivor Series team in 2006. WWE seem to have trust in him ever since he came to the company and now believe that he can become one of the biggest faces on Smackdown.

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