Sunday, 3 May 2009

Thoughts on Orton vs Batista & WWE's Young Guns (HQ)

I don't know why, but I feel like I've seen Orton-Batista too many times and over a too short a time period, by looking at the picture on the match preview, it just looks too same-ish. And when it's only Judgement Day, the second summer PPV, that's not great for WWE, there's a long time until Summerslam and I'm already bored with this match. It might be because of the disappointing match they had a Armageddon, which I don't actually remember that well.
In theory these two are two of the biggest stars in the WWE, and probably could have a great match. But they will not because Batista is not the star, athlete or wrestler that Randy Orton is, he's boring, he's the same old stuff night after night and to be honest he's an over paid and over hyped powerhouse (like the common fat school bully). His best years are behind him, from this point on, he will not have a career-defining match. At this point in time, someone like Santino Marella has a better chance at a history-making match or moment, than Batista.
Sure, I'm being harsh and angry, but that's it as well, I feel distain for Batista, he angers me (and seeing him doing absolutely nothing, just standing around, at the Hatton-Pacquiao fight on Saturday didn't help, only cause WWE didn't have any House Shows this weekend).
Anyway, away from how s**t Batista is. WWE could have used this as a chance to get a real #1 contender, and not just through a stupid match, that was an apparent set up by Vickie and Big Show, which was always going to go Batista's way. But I do have to commend the WWE slightly on the drama with Cena coming out to taunt Show, considering they nearly killed him off the night before; I have to admit I didn't expect that.
As I was saying, with two of the WWE's top superstars "on the shelf", this could have been the golden opportunity to showcase some real young talent. Whilst on the subject, it'll be interesting to see how a John Morrison face turn will work, you can see it happening already, even with him saying "S'up Teddy" to Teddy Long rather casually. And I really want to see Morrison and Jericho square off, ironic considering JR has called Morrison a young Shawn Michaels; he also looked good against Shelton Benjamin, but would have loved to seen an epic match, like Shelton and 'Taker had the other week. That's another supertstar who has it all just not the backing from Vince, at least he's got a bit further than his former tag team partner Charlie Haas, who seems to be finishing his impersonating days and tag teaming with Knox whilst over here in Europe. And also it'll be good to see how Miz's heel run goes on Raw after his "win" over John Cena on Monday Night.
Here is a clip from Friday Night's Smackdown were Chris Jericho & John Morrison meet for the first time, their part starts from 1:02.

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