Thursday, 3 September 2009

Jim Ross Jumping Ship? is reporting that a "huge WWE name" is considering joining TNA Wrestling. The person in question is Jim Ross. His contract with World Wrestling Entertainment is set to expire at the end of the year and the company has yet to offer him a new one. It should be noted however that Ross is considering all of his options and joining TNA is very much a possible scenario he's taking seriously. He could just as well stay in WWE though. I don't believe this one bit and it'll be interesting to see what he has to say on the matter, because believe me he'll pick up on it or get contacted about it. And please give me one sane reason why he shouldn't stay where he is, he's not Taz(z) for god sake. Even if he did leave WWE he has so many other projects at this point in time as he mentioned his last blog: "I will be starting a radio gig Wednesdays at 5 central time on which is the site with streaming audio of sports talk powerhouse 1560 The Game in Houston. We'll talk some 'rasslin and Big 12 Football. Tune in if you can...
...You can also catch me Friday mornings at 6:45 central time on the Oklahoma City Fox 25 Morning Show. I'll be doing a short segment doing football predictions. Rising at 5ish in the morning and driving up to OKC at that hour there is no telling what I may say in my morning delirium...
...My first "7 Points to Ponder" column is going to be posted Wednesday or Thursday on Suprise...this will be about OU Football and their upcoming game."
And this isn't even taking into account the BBQ business and restaurants he runs.

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