Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Blast From The Past - September 16th, 2005

On the 16th Spetember 2005, one of the biggest rivalries of 2005, Randy Orton vs Undertaker, progressed to part three on today's episode of Smackdown. Undertaker won at Wrestlemania 21 and Orton had won at SummerSlam, and tonight it took a strange turn. After plenty of back-and-forth action, Orton was able to buy himself some time after a DDT on Undertaker. This allowed Cowboy Bob Orton and some men to back a U-Haul truck up to ringside. The truck actually contained a casket. But Undertaker finally turned the tables, catching Orton with a leg to the head before wearing him down with some hard right hands, a flying shoulder and a big leg drop. Eventually, the action went to the outside, and Taker had Orton on his shoulder ready to place him in the casket. But when he opened the casket, Undertaker saw a spitting image of himself lying there. Undertaker almost appeared spooked as Orton went back on the offensive, even hitting an RKO. But Undertaker would amazingly kick out and then sit up, meaning curtains for Orton. One chokeslam later, the pin was in order until Cowboy Bob interrupted the pin and attacked Undertaker. Taker dispatched of the Hall of Famer before connecting on a Tombstone on Randy and recording the pin. Despite coming out on the losing end, it has become clear that the Ortons are messing with Undertaker's mind like no one before.

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