Friday, 11 September 2009

This Day in Wrestling History - September 11th

September 11th, of course, is one of the most recognisable dates in recent history, everyone can remember the events and aftermaths of the events of September 11th 2001 (9/11). And today will have the usual remembrance services in name of the 2993 people who lies were lost on this day 8 years ago. Obliviously, Wrestling isn't the biggest thing obvious on this day in history.
2007: ECW came to you from Minneapolis, where on the road to Unforgiven 2007, where ECW Champion CM Punk and Stevie Richards took on #1 Contender Elijah Burke and Kevin Thorn, where the ECW Champion and Original reigned supreme on a night where The Miz got a "extreme" Victory against Tommy Dreamer.
2006: Five years after 9/11, WWE Raw came to the rest of the USA from the heart of New York and Madison Square Garden, in front of a sell out crowd of 17,298. This episode of Raw was the last before Unforgiven 2006 and marked Trish Stratus' last appearance on Monday Nights, before retiring as Women's Champion that Sunday after beating then champ Lita. She beat, the "spunky", Mickie James in her last Raw appearance. After being absolutely destroyed at the hands of Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch, ECW Champion Big Show and Shane McMahon, Degeneration X where left in a bad way (and not to mention Triple H's ear) before their Hell in a Cell Handicap Match, only 6 days later. But Vince wasn't stopping there, he claimed his first Main Event win at MSG, by beating HHH in a No Hold's Barred Match, with the help from Shane and Show. Unforgiven opponents faced off in a 6 man tag at the MSG as well, with John Cena, Jeff Hardy and Carlito beating WWE Champion Edge, Intercontinental Champion Johnny Nitro and Randy Orton.
2001: The September 11, 2001 event was cancelled due to the terrorist attacks. On September 13 2001, SmackDown! was broadcast live from Houston (with Jim Ross and Paul Heyman filling in as hosts Michael Cole and Tazz were absent) as the first major and televised event since the attacks as thousands were in attendance. The ring ropes are usually blue for the SmackDown! shows but were red, white and blue for this night; these colors were commonly used during the 1980s and through the 1990s. They would remain that way, with an American Flag on the mini-tron, for two weeks.

1977: TNA Knockout Josette Bynum aka Sojourner Bolt or Josie was born on this day in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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