Sunday, 4 October 2009

HIAC 2009 Match Preview - R-Truth vs Drew McIntyre

I only found out a couple of minutes ago that this match is on the card, why? They had 6 matches on the card even before they added the Divas Championship Match, with 3 of them being Hell in a Cell Matches what could go to 30 minutes each. I guess that its a feud that could do with some sort of match, but has Drew McIntyre had a proper match at all in this run in the company, he's just ran around beating up people and double-arm DDT'ing them. I'm probably wrong because we haven't seen him in match action, and WWE have to trust him to have his first TV match as a Pay-Per-View, but people won't be buying the PPV tonight because this match is on the card. I guess the storyline progression is there as well with Drew McIntyre getting a beating at the hands of R-Truth this Firday Night gone, whilst also destroying the Smackdown 10th Anniversary Cake and most of the catering. Both of these guys have something to prove, R-Truth has been around just about a year now, and hasn't made that much of an impact, we've heard the grumblings that Vince hasn't been happy with him. Evident by his absence at WrestleMania 25, even though he was on the poster, and the only one on that poster not to appear on the grandest stage of them all. The speak was that he was replaced by Mark Henry in the match, and back then (and personally still for me) that wasn't great for Ron Killings. This match could do well or it could be the throw away match where McIntyre destroys Truth before the match starts and does a John Cena and magically lowers the Cell and leaves him in a bloody heap on the floor (the only blood we might see tonight). For the sake of these two I hope they have a good match, but I probably will be saying after tonight that they could have had a better and long match on Smackdown.

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