Monday, 5 October 2009

17 World/WWE Championship Changes in 2009

Thanks to forum member Megatallica for the following, plus my own edits and additions:

Here are all the WWE and World Heavyweight Title Changes this year...
WWE Championship
1. Royal Rumble - Edge def Jeff Hardy (No DQ Match)
2. No Way Out - Triple H def Edge, Jeff Hardy, Big Show Undertaker & Kozlov (Elimination Chamber)
3. Backlash - Legacy (Randy Orton) def Triple H Shane McMahon & Batista (6-Man Tag Team Match, if Triple H's team got pinned, forced to submit, DQ'ed or counted out Triple H would lose the Championship)
4. Extreme Rules - Batista def Randy Orton (Steel Cage Match)
5. Raw 3-For-All, 14th June - Randy Orton def Triple H, Big Show & John Cena (Fatal Four Way for Vacant Championship)
6. Breaking Point - John Cena def Randy Orton ("I Quit" Match)
7. Hell in A Cell - Randy Orton def John Cena (Hell in a Cell Match, Orton's Last Chance at the Title)
8. Bragging Rights - John Cena def Randy Orton (60-Minute Anything Goes WWE Ironman Match, If Cena lost he would have had to leave Raw)
9. WWE TLC - Sheamus def John Cena (Tables Match)

World Heavyweight Championship
1. No Way Out - Edge def John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, Kane & Mike Knox (Elimination Chamber)
2. Wrestlemania - John Cena def Edge & Big Show (Triple Threat)
3. Backlash - Edge def John Cena (Last Man Standing Match, Edge's last chance at John Cena's championship)
4. Extreme Rules - Jeff Hardy def Edge (Ladder Match)
5. Extreme Rules - CM Punk def Jeff Hardy (MITB cash-in)
6. Night of Champions - Jeff Hardy def CM Punk
7. Summerslam - CM Punk def Jeff Hardy (TLC Match)
8. Hell in a Cell - Undertaker def CM Punk (Hell in a Cell Match)

That adds up to 17 World/WWE Title changes in 2009.

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