Sunday, 4 October 2009

HIAC 2009 Match Preview - United States Championship Triple Threat Match

"I got you where I want you,
Your clock's run out of time
Cause you know I know you, and I'll show you 
That the heat you feel is mine"
Get on Your Knees by Age Against the Machine
(Jack Swagger's Entrance Theme).

Kofi Kingston (now apparently from Ghana, having spent a lot of time in Jamica) has been in so many of these multi-person matches since he won the United States Championship from MVP the week before Extreme Rules, and has prevailed every time, but this time I think his clock has run out of time. As Miz or Jack Swagger will (or at least should) walk out of the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, the new United States Champion.

These three have done well to build this match, but I'm not 100% convinced and they will and should give us a good match tonight. The one thing that I love about this match is that the Miz is instant heat, as soon as his music hits the arena erupts with a chorus of booing. I liked at Breaking Point his French promo, considering they were in Montreal and anyone with half a brain cell could guess where he was going with it.

Jack Swagger proved himself as a main event player earlier this year during his ECW Championship reign, but since he's been on Raw, he hasn't been given the time he really needs and deserves, instead they cram the 2 hours with Hornswoggle. Also the fact that they are in America, where they have to have a ad break every 10 minutes on a live Raw broadcast only one other match except for the main event is allowed to go through an ad break, which is stupid.

Anyway, I digress, these three have everything they need to put on a match of epic proportions, but I think the amount of matches on the card will harm their chances to put on a truly fantastic match. Miz and Swagger are future main event players, and Kofi, I guess, it looks like thy're trying to remove the Jamaican gimmick from him (like announcing him from Ghana, West Africa, which is like announcing William Regal from England, North Europe, Stupid. And taking the Jamaican flag off his entrance video/set thing). So they should be trying to make a real statement tonight, but would WWE really let them do that.

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