Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Extreme Rules 2009: United States Championship Fatal-Four Way

After Kofi's win over MVP on Monday Night Raw, he became the new United States Championship and we now know that he will put that title on the line at Extreme Rules on Sunday. MVP, Matt Hardy, William Regal and the Champion will enter the Fatal-Four Way this Sunday and one will leave with the gold. William Regal and Matt Hardy have earned this title shot by doing Vickie Guerrero's dirt work and this looks like it's going to be MVP's rematch. The match isn't Extreme per-say, but a Fatal-Four Way has No-DQ, so anything and everything should happen between this four men. The match being extreme would, you think, put Kofi Kingston at a disadvantage, but at WrestleMania 25 we saw what he could do with a ladder. You will see Matt atempting to use that cast and maybe even William Regal go "old-school" and bring out the brass-knucks for once. This match could be a great match, which that has been added to a strangely large card. This is only the second match on the card with more than two superstars in the match and they should and will use this to their advantage, at times I believe that it will look like a Tornado-Tag Match and why wouldn't it? But this match should and will deliver this Sunday at WWE Extreme Rules.

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