Friday, 12 June 2009

Wrestling Quote #16: As Exiciting as a Coma and last longer than a Recession

Jim Cornette has a feature on his official website,, where fans can ask him his take on any subject. He admits to being "politically incorrect." Anyway, when asked who he feels is the most overrated wrestler of the past and today, he feels overrated is not the correct term, instead opting for "overpushed." Cornette wrote:
"The whole idea of promoting wrestling is to make the fans think a wrestler is better than he is, so to me, overrated is not the term. OverPUSHED is a different story. Who has been pushed on a major league basis way more than their talent or attitude should have dictated? One has to look no further than the mass hypnosis Vince McMahon worked in getting the Ultimate Warrior over. A body with no substance, Warrior was stunningly bad when he entered the business, and never got much better. His work sucked, he was dangerous, never tried to get better, he couldn't cut a coherent promo, he had a superstar attitude, he was a prick to many of his fellow talents, and he was pushed solely because of Vince's fascination with steroided-up male bodies. He had a 3 or 4 year run before both his bad attitude and the public seeing through him coincided, and a 6 week nostalgia run 4 or 5 years later. The only legacy he left was that he made a lot of money undeservedly and had really bad matches with some really good workers.
On the female side, look to the female version of Warrior, Sable, and pretty much repeat the above paragraph. Couldn't talk, no emotion, couldn't work and wouldn't try to learn, star attitude (she did hide it well toward those in power--for awhile), and was pushed only because of her ability to pick a good plastic surgeon and Vince's apparent sexual frustrations. I've seen hotter ice sculptures. Killed her husband's career by powerbombing him on TV and no guys would sell for him (or in Steve Austin's case, even WORK with him) after that.
For the present, let's go with Hunter Hearst Helmsley-McMahon. Actually, he's a very good worker and studies the business. His promos are usually as exciting as a coma and last longer than this recession, but he has good matches. Problem is, as hard as he's been crammed down people's throats for the past 10 years, he should have surpassed Hogan, Austin, and Rock, but HHH is what is called in the business "the guy that works with the guy that draws money." He should be in there to have a good match and put the star over. Actually, he should have been fired in 1996 when he s**t on the entire sport with the infamous "curtain call" at MSG, but Vince, the guy with "balls of steel", let HHH piss in his face and not only didn't do anything about it, but let him marry his daughter! And a sledgehammer? Jesus Christ, I wish he'd hit me in the head with it before he starts talking on TV. HHH will be the top guy in the WWE until he looks like Dick the Bruiser in his final days working an Indiana county fair show, and if THAT'S not overrated, I don't know what is."

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