Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Monday Night Thoughts/Tuesday Morning Reactions

Lets be honest, this was a very strange and indifferent episode of Monday Night Raw. First off the best wrestlers tonight were the Unified WWE Tag Team Champions "Team Ego" Chris Jericho & Edge, with a great (but cut short) promo before their title defense, which was a fantastic match where all four performers work perfectly with each other.
I'm getting a bit ahead of myself, lets start at the start with Vince McMahon and his continuing heel turn, he's not giving away a commercial-free Raw or a ticket refund because WWE can't afford it and it creates easy heat. I heard something about a 15 man trade for about 2 seconds, but since that had already slightly leaked onto the net, there was no worries. Then he introduced the guest host not the GM, Batista! Ohhhhhh! I don't give a s**t! No no, I'm being harsh, he gave us a 4-man tournament and a 3-on-Randy Orton Gauntlet Match (which Batista did really well not to tell us that it was going to be 3 new Raw superstars). Tournament Cena-Miz & HHH-MVP, well I wonder how that's gonna turn out.
First match tonight, Triple H vs MVP. It was obvious which way the match was going to go, but this was a rubbish match to start Raw, it didn't even go over an ad break. The finish was rubbish, too predictable! MVP goes for the playmaker, I knew that HHH would get out of it then s**t all over one of the best young competitors in WWE with the Pedigree (which is the most boring and over use finisher EVER!). Will Triple H ever lose against someone like MVP. And can he please leave Randy Orton alone, how much more can they do between these two, Randy is great, HHH is a douche! They tried to re-vamp this feud in the Road to WrestleMania, considering they had a long summer run last year, ending quicker than WWE would have wanted when Hunter broke Randy's collar bone. So, for the rest of the first hour I was pissed off about how Triple H shat on MVP, why?
Next up was the Unified WWE Tag Team Championship Match, already talked about this, loved it all. Okay, at the time of writing, I hadn't watched the whole of "The Bash" PPV so didn't see all the Cena-Miz Match but I heard that it was crap and didn't live up to any of the hype. On Raw they replayed the recap promo from the night before and I think that it must have been longer than the actually match on Sunday.
This match, which was the second in the Night of Champions #1 Contenders Tournament was good and was a solid match and they should have had a match of that caliber at the PPV, it's called a Pay-Per-View for a reason! I enjoyed this match when I got into it and knew that it wouldn't be a straight squash (and why the f**k would it be!). Except for the very end, "Moves of Doom" and Short tap to shit hold, I like this match considering it was unfortunately obvious the outcome.
I'm really liking the Miz, he's good in and out (theoretically) of the ring, even Chris Jericho, master of the heel, said about Miz practicing his promos backstage on Sunday: "In the pretape room inside re Arco arena watching Miz stumble and mumble his way through humane society promos. Top entertainment!".
Haven't heard of a Women's Fatal-Four Way before yesterday night, not bad, but don't they have a better heel than Rosa Mendes. Alright match, but when they where on the outside trying to allow others to fight in the ring, they looked like right idiots. One thing, near the end of the match, Beth Phoenix was dropped off the apron and it looked like she really smashed her head on the ring steps, that look and sounded too real, if it was, Michael Cole said that Maryse was laughing at that point, evil bitch, haha.
Here comes the Big Show, where is he going with any storyline right now, what, is he going to get a United States Championship match at Night of Champions, shut up. Double countout, could you really see a non-Big Show win against Kofi being anything but a countout or DQ, but hey a double countout is the same sorta stuff. Show then looked like a douche by storming out, doing nothing and the camera following him all the way, couldn't they have just gone to a break earlier. Silly match.
The Main Event was a 3-on-1 Gauntlet Match with the WWE Champion Randy Orton facing off against 3 new performers that have been "traded" to Raw. First up Evan Bourne, yeah! That's good, and strangely I didn't know how much of a size difference the was going to be between Evan and Randy, Evan looked like a child with his child-like head. He did well in the short time but lost from a massive top rope RKO after Orton stopped the Shooting Star Press, lost. Up next, again from ECW, Jack Swagger! YES! I'm loving this, he showed in april at the Draft show against John Cena how he can hold his own against the big boys in WWE. His future is bright. And finally, Mark Henry, who got a great reaction? What? Does everyone in the arena remember who this is, but actually he played it as a babyface, this is the only way I think I'm going to be able to enjoy Mark Henry, but I think I'm really going to enjoy face Mark Henry. I started to remember Sexual Chocolate, it won't be like that, but he's smiling and soaking up the pop from the crowd, who have been very good all night. But the end was very lackluster, I was thinking "Oh, Is that it? I guess so... Erm, Yeay!"
It was alright and it'll be interesting to see how the new superstars will slot in, is Jack Swagger the new Legacy member, Randy was rather surprised at Jack's actions and count-out (on the ring apron). I think I'm looking forward to next week, Ted DiBiase Sn. as Guess Host and HHH-Cena for WWE Title shot at Night of Champions (btw its so obvious its going to be a triple threat, because they've done Orton-HHH, too much and they will not let either of their biggest faces be beat like they beat Miz & MVP), YEAH?

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