Thursday, 11 June 2009

Master's Legacy?

If the rumours that Orton helped get Chris Masters his job back with WWE then perhaps he will be the fourth member of Legacy. But is he the only option and does he fit the bill? Well technically he is not a Second or a third generation. But could the rules be flouted so that Legacy could get the power house they need. the real question is who else is there? Perhaps the return of Brian Christopher AKA Grand Master Sexay, although that appears highly unlikely. Perhaps the Bizarre One Goldust could be reunited with his half brother Cody. Would WWE actually bring in Teddy Hart again and if they did would he be Legacy or New Hart foundation material? Would the Colons, sorry the Colóns became Legacy second tag team member, unlikely as Team Priceless are currently gunning for the tag titles. Now his aunt Vickie is leaving could Chavo revert back to being a serious Heel with Legacy. An interesting plot change could be The Big Show joining legacy as in his WCW days as The Giant he was billed as being Andre the Giant son. A unexpected and some what random twist could be Paul Bearer's Kayfabe son and The Undertaker's Half brother Kane could be the power house member of Legacy but don't hold your breath. So Legacy desperately need a power house in the Stable because their cunning not ignored Legacy are one man away from being the best.

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