Friday, 8 January 2010

Big Show: "There's Not Anybody Good Enough to Take My Position"

In an interview the Sun Newspaper here in the UK, Former ECW, WCW and WWE Champion, 37-Year Old, Big Show has sent out a stark message to the younger talent in the WWE, that he's not going to give up his position at the top and in the main event easily. Saying among other things:
"I want to let you know flat out there's not anybody good enough to take my position. And I'm certainly not going to give my position up just because I've been on top for a while, and nor would anyone else. If there's another giant that can walk in and take my position, then good for him. He can run with it and I'll retire.

Until then I'm going to work on top as long as I can, make as much money as I can and entertain the fans as much as I can. It's up to the younger generation to come to the locker room, step up and be leaders. Every one of us who is on top right now has had to fight and dig and bend to the penthouse and bend to the outhouse as far as booking and positioning goes. I'm not just going to lay down because somebody new comes in — they're going to have to earn it."

Unlike some outside of the WWE, Show doesn't blame Vince McMahon in anyway for the lack of new stars over the past couple of years:
"These guys need to step up. If there was a young guy who could step up, Vince would push them in a heartbeat. They've got every opportunity in the world to grab the ring and get to the top.

Look at John Cena — he is singularly the hardest working guy in our business. I flat out have so much respect for John and the work ethic that he puts in. He might not go home for two months between wrestling shows, interviews, appearances and charity work.And that's the thing that John Cena has above everyone else — it comes down completely to work ethic."

But its not all negative from the World's Largest Athlete, Big Show can see that there obviously future talent right in front of them in the WWE, but are they willing to put everything in to their wrestling careers to make it to the top?:
"Talent will get you so far, but work ethic is the key. That's the thing that the guys on top have. We don't complain about flights. We don't complain about not going home. We don't complain about having an hour's sleep and then doing interviews at 5am.

That's why we're on top — because we step up to the plate and do whatever it takes to make the company succeed. A lot of people aren't willing to do that, they're happy and content to be where they are. I really do think that is strange, and it plagues a lot of older guys in the locker room. We can't understand why they are not taking these opportunities. But let them be content. I'll stay on top!"

Read the Whole Article here.

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