Saturday, 30 January 2010

Royal Rumble 2010: Women's Championship Match

Oink, Oink..... But Seriously

Be thankful people, this might be one of the best divas feuds in a long time and is a serious contender for the best divas match for 2010. Mickie and Michelle are two of the best two women in wrestling right now, no doubt. Mickie James has time and time again shown why she is one of top and best loved women in the WWE, looking for her 5th Women's Championship this Sunday. Michelle has evolved as a wrestler over her career in the WWE and with the exceptions of some unfortunate injuries, she has held her spot as one of this companies best heels. And she isn't a let down in the ring either, you just have to look back to when she won the championship from Melina at last year's The Bash, which was the best and roughest women's match of 2009.

This feud has actually been building for longer than I originally remembered from even before the European Tour in November, when during a match between Mickie and Natalya, Michelle McCool and Layla cut up everything in Mickie's bag whilst Natalya had her in the Sharpshooter, that was over 2 months ago, when was the last time you saw a WWE Divas Feud that has had that longevity and still is a as fresh as when it started. I was a bit annoyed to find out that these to had a match at WWE TLC, which I obviously can't remember. But truly time has been on their side, it has been 6 weeks since that PPV, you just don't get that with the Tri-Branded WWE PPVs anymore (with the exception of Wrestlemania); they have had the time they needed to build a solid program between these two, between matches.

Now if you think about it WWE have been very cleaver, this is such a simple feud, all it is about is bullying for the simple reason that she might be a little bigger than the others, but is she really, she might weigh a bit more than the others, but the audience doesn't necessarily know that. Yeah she might not be inch perfect in places but she isn't fat, I mean have you looked at the size of Western Civilization recently, we're fat b*****ds. To be honest if WWE wasn't PG right now, it would be more probable that they were calling her a country "slut", you need to do some research on that point.

During this feud since TLC there has been very little wrestling, McCool, for example, since Christmas has only been in one match, the one against Layla as "Piggy" James this past Friday on Smackdown. But this isn't a bad thing, not in this feud at least the quality of promos have been fantastic and the fans would rather see that than a divas tag match with Maria (no offense, doll), Michelle is gold on the mic, along with Maryse, she is one of the female Chris Jerichos, don't forget she was a teacher, she has that way with words.

There have been three other very interesting people in this feud, mainly on the side of Michelle, the first being Beth Phoenix, with her decision in whether to be a part of the bullying or not and stand up for Mickie. I would say that it's good psychology by WWE, but to be honest it is very run of the mill WWE heel/face turn if you think about it. Second is Layla, who has formed a great heel stable with McCool, Lay-Cool (straight from Matt Striker's mouth). Those two are great together and have perfect charisma. They tired to pair Alicia Fox with Michelle during mid-2009 but the fire wasn't really there, but for Layla, this feud and being Michelle's partner in crime is exactly what she needed, she wasn't getting far in dancing matches versus Eve, whilst being cheered on by the boys from the hood. Third is the amazing Matt Striker, he has added to the outnumbered feel against Mickie in this feud, cheering on Team Lay-Cool and backing up every action and thing they said. Sometimes watching Mickie/Lay-Cool segments on Smackdown can be like watching old Raw is War episodes with super heel commentary from Jerry Lawler and I love it. "Puppies!"

Believe me I have come to appreciate this feud and they will not disappoint this Sunday.

Royal Rumble is Sunday, 31st January 2010 Live on Pay-Per-View at 8pm ET/5pm PT/1am GMT

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