Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Randy Orton Accused of Assaulting Teen

ABC Affiliate out of Boston, WCVB 5 is reporting among other news outlets that a teenage boy has pressed charges against Randy Orton for assault on Tuesday, this is from their website
"BOSTON -- A local teen said a World Wrestling Entertainment star assaulted him outside a restaurant on Tuesday after he asked for a picture.

Wrestler Randal “Randy” Orton is accused of spitting gum in the face of the teen and swearing at him outside Kowloon Restaurant, WickedLocal Saugus reported.

A 15-year-old male went to the Saugus Police Station on Tuesday to reported that Orton, 29, assaulted him after asking if he could take a picture with the wrestler at the Route 1 restaurant around 6:30 p.m.

A second teen told police he witnessed the incident.
Police filed a hearing request on the matter for simple assault and battery, the paper reported."

It is also making the rounds on the Wrestling Dirt Sheets that once the boy's mother interjected about the incident he said, "So Sue Me!"

Randy Orton has been known for his short temper in the past and has spoken about it openly and frankly, and the anger management that he underwent a few years ago. The most recent example of this, even though it could have easily have been planned, was when he "flipped out" in an interview on Mexican TV, when the interviewer called him "fragile", as you can see in the video below:
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