Monday, 25 January 2010

Zing, Zest & Ziggler

I just finished watching Rey Mysterio vs Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship from SummerSlam, where Dolph had one of the matches of his career, he was on it every second of the way and was getting a great reaction from the crowd in LA. Unluckaily for Ziggler, Mysterio prevailed and then couple of weeks later handed the baton to John Morrison before quietly being ushered out of the way for 30 days. And if you believe what you read on the internet, Dolph was going to walk out of the Staples Center with the gold, if it wasn't for a stubborn little man, anyway I'm not going to elaborate.

That match alone, without even going back to their first encounter at Night of Champions, illustrated Dolph Ziggler's class, talent and ability. You have a great athlete who obviously can step up to the plate when it really matters and then they just drop him on his head, leave him to dissolve into the SmackDown mid-card, why?! Dolph is one of the greatest talents in the years and they just go off him, lose interest.

Dolph is a victim of circumstance, Dolph was going to win at Breaking Point, Rey and him had a match on card in the weeks leading up to the PPV. Unluckily, Dolph ended up laughing at Pat Patterson on the 30th Anniversary of the him winning the first Intercontinental Championship, which to be honest I think that Vince does that every week backstage, yes he works for them.

The irresponsible actions of Rey Rey was really the main reason Dolph lost his "push". The drugs I mean, not the fact that he wanted to make love to his championship for another month before giving it over, before his urine told the doctors that he needed to hand it over a little earlier and not to Dolph.

The last time that Dolph was on PPV he was the first to get eliminated in the Team Miz vs Team Morrison match at Survivor Series, not really something to brag about, considering seconds after Evan pinned him, Bourne got mashed up by Drew McIntyre. Dolph was going to be in the 7-vs-7 Bragging Rights Match, until 2 days before when they they totally U-Turned the whole team leaving Dolph empty handed again. The last one-on-one match on PPV was at Hell in a Cell, vs Morrison for the title, which was a good match, and as Jim Ross said at the start of that match, those two are the future of the WWE. But since then, the term bench-warmer comes to mind, yeah he's been on TV, who hasn't? But it's not good enough, this is one talent that has hit a slight peak so far, at the wrong time. And that's not anything against him, like I said he's a victim.

WWE need to have some confidence in Dolph, or as John Morrison would say "Mr Ziggles" (which really didn't help his cause and for me was embarrassing to watch, I hope that John didn't come up with that himself). Give him a match at No Way.... sorry...... Elimination Chamber, maybe put him in the Intercontinental Title hunt again in a multi-person situation with McIntyre and Morrison, believe me WWE, you won't be disappointed. And please, help yourself, by building him and building the higher mid-card.

I think it's a shame that he can't have a match against Chris Jericho, to help his stock a bit, you've seen the great matches he has week in week out on SD with the likes of Morrison, Kane, R-Truth.

Yes, Dolph in past weeks has been picking up great technical wins against Kane, using some great "real" wrestling. But I'm feeling any sort of "buzz" around him that I do with the likes of Jericho and Morrison. He needs a build to a one-on-one PPV Match, or PPV standard match now we're on the Road to WrestleMania. Talking of WrestleMania, I like the sound of Dolph in the MITB, I don't think that he would win, WWE don't have the metaphorical "balls" to do that at this moment in time, but he would be perfect for the match, yes, he would have to get a bit use to the ladders, but so does everyone else.

I pray for Dolph right now and thinking about the money in the bank, I don't want him to end up as a Shelton Benjamin, great athlete, can have fantastic TV matches but is going to have glass ceiling above him and him hitting the real main event.

But hey, what do I know?! Maybe he should cash in on Maria's appearance on Celebrity Apprentice, by doing more closet scenes (not gay innuendo).

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