Sunday, 28 March 2010

Wrestlemania XXVI Preview: CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio

Happy Birthday

Never before has such a happy moment seemed so eerie. “Happy Birthday” normally a song filled with love and happiness was usurped and made to be a battle cry of rage and hate of the Straight Edge Society. I mean what’s not to like about this match? CM Punk is one of the most solid performers and evil characters in the WWE right now. He has a massive loathing and hatred behind him and the fact he is picking on Rey, who is one of the most beloved superstars in wrestling right now, and his family means that Punk stock only goes up further.

I’m sorry to say but that girl was crying like CM Punk was the Grim Reaper, pure evil. I really hope that Rey’s Family will be there, backstage or otherwise, just so there can be a bit more Punk-Mysterio Family Interaction. And let’s not forget that if Rey loses he has to join the Straight Edge Society. I mean on the surface you wouldn’t see that happening, but I’ve been thinking recently and been listening to people more in the know than me, who are saying that it’s more viable that Punk walks out of the University of Phoenix Stadium with the win.

“But they wouldn’t let Rey lose, he needs revenge, I mean he’s the fan favourite. You’ll break all the little kids’ hearts”

Stop right there, surely that is exactly what this feud has been about, why not do it again. I mean that would be a kid’s worst nightmare, seeing their hero, their Rey Rey made to follow in CM Punk’s Straight Edge footsteps. And if they have a feud going through summer, which I really hope is the case, it’ll add a fantastic dimension, i.e. with Rey trying to escape from the group, failing up to, say, Summerslam at the Staples Centre, LA in August.

These two have never really fought each other before now, one exception I can remember was at Armageddon 2008 when CM Punk beat Rey to become the #1 Contender for William Regal’s IC Title; Punk nearly broke Mysterio’s nose that time. These two are great athletes, performers and entertainers which will leave it all in the ring tonight. For me this is the dark horse of the night, obviously won’t steal the show thanks to HBK-Taker, but they will give us our money’s worth and get a pay check they deserve. Also look for the SES to do some great work outside the ring.

“Happy Birthday... to... you”

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