Friday, 26 March 2010

Wrestlemania XXVI Preview: Triple Threat Match

End of a Legacy

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, finally we get the real implosion of Legacy. How long have they been teasing this? Year and a half? Oh yeah, that was it, Ted was meant to leave the others behind and become face, just in time for his new movie coming out. But thanks to a couple of guys on the internet, that never happened and his movie, The Marine 2 (or something) probably bombed, I mean they hardly talked about it.

Anyway back to the match, and the Apex Predator of the WWE, Randy Orton is now the good guy in all of this. But Triple Threat? I know it’s like the only thing we haven’t seen between these guys, but these guys have been left on the back burner on Raw, I mean there would have been better build up if Randy had been seen by Ted kissing Cody, Ted running off cry and bitch slapping Randy Orton.

I heard around a month ago that they wanted to have a Triple Threat with their fathers in each corner and I would actually prefer that, storyline wise. I mean Ted and Cody could have easily beaten up Cowboy Bob Orton whilst he just happened to be visiting his son (for no apparent reason). I mean, hello! Dusty Rhodes just happens to be a play-by-play at FCW, easy or what? And the Million Dollar Man is being inducted into something the night before, what is it? Oh Yeah, The Hall of Fame!

Now seriously back to the match, I have no doubting it will be a good match and these three can pull it off. Well that’s what I said about the Mickie James vs. Michelle McCool match at the Royal Rumble and see what happened to that. This should be a good match and a perfect opportunity for Cody and/or Ted to become breakout stars, and if you want to go with the triple threat stip with the match, you could say single breakout stars.

If they want to be able, by the end of the night, say “I Made It”, this is their make or break match. I say this because I truly want them to succeed, because they have potential and I want them to breakout and in Cody’s case, lose a slump, a cloud around him or is it a glass ceiling. He’s been pissed on too much. Both of them nearly broke through and truly made their names during their feud with DX last year. I mean they were at the top of the world after their win at Breaking Point in their Submissions Count Anywhere Match, but under a month later, they, and mostly Cody, got shat on at Hell in a Cell.

“No one wants to see those young guys, they will never be anything, they suck!”

Well they wouldn’t suck so much if their push hadn’t been stopped at a click of the fingers.

“Who’s that one with the nose, I wanna see more of him”.

Yeah, Triple H didn’t really let those two get past the starting post, Shawn seemed to be up to it, but who’s the Son-In-Law? Oh Yeah.

God, I really can't keep on subject can I. All I can say now is that I hope the match is hundred times better than the build-up. I'm looking for this match to go into the double figures in the minutes column, time wise. And I'm looking for real separation from Cody and Ted, okay fair enough, they will go after Randy together and that I'll play into the commentators hands, but I want it to be a real Triple Threat and not another 2-on-1 with a bit of play fighting between the other two. No matter how gay it sounds.

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