Saturday, 27 March 2010

WrestlemaniaRewind - Wrestlemania XIV Results & Highlights

March 29, 1998 in Boston, MA
Fleet Center drawing 19,028 ($1,029,230)
Shown live on PPV
  1. LOD 2000 won a "tag team battle royal" (8:19). The other teams in the match were: Savio Vega & Miguel Perez, Recon & Sniper, Chainz & Bradshaw, D-Lo Brown & Mark Henry, The Quebecers, The Rock-n-Roll Express, Jesus Castillo & Jose Estrada, The Headbangers, Scott Taylor & Brian Christopher, Steve Blackman & Flash Funk, The Godwinns, Skull & Eight Ball, Farooq & Kama, and Bob Holly & Bart Gunn.
  2. WWF Light Heavyweight Champ Taka Michinoku pinned Aguila (5:57).
  3. WWF European Champ Hunter Hearst Helmsley pinned Owen Hart (11:29).
  4. Marc Mero & Sable beat Goldust & Luna (9:11) when Sable pinned Luna.
  5. WWF I-C Champ Rocky Maivia beat Ken Shamrock (4:49) via DQ.
  6. Terry Funk & Cactus Jack beat Billy Gunn & Jesse Jammes (10:01) in a "dumpster" match to win the WWF Tag Title. However, the belts were held-up due to a technicality.
  7. The Undertaker pinned Kane (16:58). After the match, Kane piledrove Pete Rose.
  8. Steve Austin pinned Shawn Michaels (20:02) to win the WWF World Title. Mike Tyson was the special referee.
Guests: Gennifer Flowers, Pete Rose

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