Saturday, 27 March 2010

WrestlemaniaRewind - Wrestlemania 22 Results & Highlights

“Big Time”
April 2, 2006 in Chicago, IL
All-State Arena drawing 17,155 ($2,500,000)
Shown live on PPV
  1. Viscera won a “battle royal.” Also in the match were: Lance Cade, Simon Dean, Eugene, Funaki, Goldust, Sylvan Grenier, Joey Mercury, Trevor Murdoch, Johnny Nitro, Psicosis, William Regal, Stevie Richards, The Road Warrior, Gene Snitsky, Matt Stryker, Super Crazy, and Tyson Tomko.
  2. World Tag Champs The Big Show & Kane beat Chris Masters & Carlito (6:41) when Kane pinned Carlito.
  3. Rob Van Dam beat Shelton Benjamin, Fit Finlay, Ric Flair, Matt Hardy, and Bobby Lashley (12:21) in a “money in the bank ladder” match.
  4. Hall of Fame Introduction: Tony Atlas, Verne Gagne, Eddie Guerrero (posthumous), Bret Hart (not present), Blackjacks Lanza & Mulligan, Sherri Martel, Gene Okerlund, and William Perry.
  5. John Bradshaw Layfield pinned Chris Benoit (9:44) to win the WWE U.S. Title.
  6. Edge pinned Mick Foley (14:37) in a “hardcore” match.
  7. The Boogeyman beat Booker T & Sharmell (3:52) in a “handicap” match when he pinned Booker.
  8. Mickie James pinned Trish Stratus (8:48) to win the WWE Women’s Title.
  9. The Undertaker beat Mark Henry (9:26) in a “casket” match.
  10. Shawn Michaels pinned Vince McMahon (18:28) in a “street fight” match.
  11. Rey Mysterio beat Randy Orton and Kurt Angle (9:18) in a “triple threat” match to win the World Title when he pinned Orton.
  12. Torrie Wilson pinned Candice Michelle (3:54) in a “Playboy pillow fight” match.
  13. WWE Champ John Cena beat Triple H (22:02) via submission.
Guests: P.O.D. (vocalists), Michelle Williams (vocalist)

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