Sunday, 28 March 2010

Wrestlemania XXVI Preview: World Heavyweight Championship Match

Spear vs. Codebreaker

Royal Rumble winner Edge takes on World Heavyweight Champion and former tag team partner Chris Jericho, in a match that is much more than a title match, this is a grudge match of epic proportions.

Edge was injured during his tag team title reign with Y2J which led to the formation of JeriShow. It also led to lots of taunting from Y2J with regards to Edge’s weakness. Now you don’t need to be a Smark to see what was coming next. Edge returning from injury surprising EVERYONE and went and one it, ruining my predictions I might add! Now all that needed to be addressed was the issue that Edge had a date for the big dance and it wasn’t Y2J. Enter HBK at Elimination Chamber, for purely selfish reasons he took out The Undertaker costing him the big gold belt, in to process much to Edge’s delight Chris Jericho happened to win the Elimination Chamber earning the Big Gold Belt.

Now as this was going on Edge debut an amazing fan favourite phrase ‘Spear!’ no said once is fine, repeated 1,000 times however it begins to grate ever so slightly. But not only did he say the word 1000 times he used the move almost as many taking out the likes of Big Show, Miz and Wade Barrett. Jericho also seemed to be out witted by Edge on every occasion they met, but then there was that fateful Highlight Reel on Smackdown when Y2J attempted to introduce Edge to the Jeri-tron 6000 (I think it is the Jeri-tron 6000 but don’t quote me on that.) Edge reversed it, and set up the Spear, but Y2J was ready and clocked Edge with the WHC belt knocking him out. Fast forward one week to the Cutting Edge and once again Y2J got the better of Edge hitting him this time with the Codebreaker. Through this time Y2J has compared Edge to David Beckham (wow, there is a reference I never thought I’d make on this site) and suggesting that Edge’s DNA well cost him the match as he is injury prone, which compared to Y2J is the case.

This match will probably and hopefully be the last match on the card so that WWE follow tradition of putting the Royal Rumble winners match last on the card. The winner however is not such a clear cut decision, on one hand Edge could complete his triumphant return and spear his way to the Big Gold Belt or will Y2J be able to break the code of the spear and retain? Plus there is the wild card option as there looks to be a Money in the Bank PPV view this year so will Vince continue the Wrestlemania tradition of the past two years of less than a minute title matches and have the MitB winner cash in at Mania against ever the WHC or WWE Champion? All I know for a fact is that I cannot wait for Wrestlemania to find the answer to this question!

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