Saturday, 27 March 2010

WrestlemaniaRewind - Wrestlemania X-8 Results & Highlights

March 17, 2002 in Toronto, ON
Skydome drawing 68,237 ($3,846,033)
Shown live on PPV
  1. Rikishi, Scotty Too Hotty, & Albert beat Mr. Perfect, Test, & Lance Storm (3:06) when Rikishi pinned Perfect.
  2. Rob Van Dam pinned William Regal (6:19) to win the WWF I-C Title.
  3. WWF European Champ Diamond Dallas Page pinned Christian (6:08).
  4. WWF Hardcore Champ Maven NC Goldust (3:15). Throughout the show, the title changed hands several times. Spike Dudley pinned Maven to win the title. Hurricane pinned Spike to win the title. Mighty Molly pinned Hurricane to win the title. Christian pinned Molly to win the title. Maven pinned Christian to win the title.
  5. Kurt Angle pinned Kane (10:45).
  6. The Undertaker pinned Ric Flair (18:47) in a "street fight" match.
  7. Edge pinned Booker T (6:32).
  8. Steve Austin pinned Scott Hall (9:51).
  9. WWF Tag Champs Billy Gunn & Chuck Palumbo beat The Acolytes, Matt & Jeff Hardy, and Bubba & D-Von Dudley (13:50) in an "elimination" match. D-Von pinned Bradhsaw (3:25). Jeff pinned Bubba (11:48). Gunn pinned Jeff (13:50).
  10. The Rock pinned Hulk Hogan (16:23).
  11. WWF Women's Champ Jazz beat Trish Stratus and Lita (6:16) in a "triple threat" when she pinned Lita.
  12. Triple H pinned Chris Jericho (18:41) to win the WWF World Title.
Guests: Drowning Pool (vocalists), Saliva (vocalists)

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