Sunday, 18 April 2010

Even More Bad Updates on Raw Crew Getting Out of Belfast

Again as of this writing, all air travel in UK Airspace including in Belfast where the Raw Crew is, has been totally "shut down" until now the earliest 1AM Sunday Night/Monday Morning and in Ireland that has been extended until Midday Local Time Monday (though Northern Ireland is part of UK, but not definitely in UK airspace). That is also looking like that deadline will be pushed back even further, making it now nearly impossible for the Raw Crew to New Jersey before Monday Night. Here is the latest estimated Ash Cloud Map with Belfast being the Red dot:
Here are some more WWE Tweets:

Kofi Kingston:
"in total limbo right now waiting for the air space to be cleared. On the bright side, there are worse places than Belfast to be stranded in."

John Morrison on his Experiences on the way home:
"while looking for terminal 1 at Madrid Airport: "I think we just went in a circle." " I think we made a wrong turn in Chicago 2 weeks ago.""

Matt Hardy on his:
"Although I feel bad that the WWE had to postpone the Turkey & Austria events for those fans.. Hate we had to miss those shows to get home. Here's the deal-Wake up at 6 am Fri morn, prep, travel, & catch a train at 11 am (5 hrs) Uncomfortable train ride from Hannover, Germany to Zurich, Switzerland that took 7 hrs (12 hrs) Go directly to venue & perform which was 5 hrs (17) Get on a bus for 6 hrs (23) Break, eat, & get the ONLY bus that would take us to Madrid, Spain (24 hrs) spent 18 torturous hours on that bus (42 hrs) to barely make our flight to the States which took almost 10 hrs (52 hrs) Clear customs, get to hotel and a bed took about 2 hrs (54 hrs total) Top that travel story guys!"

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