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Merchandise Review: Tagged Classic DVD King of the Ring 2001 and Invasion 2001

This was something that started in the fledgling days of the Dirt Sheet HD and it never took off, but I have lots of books, DVDs and I have a good eye for WWE fashion and will look try to review as much as my time will allow.

Firstly I will point out that this DVD set was bought from which is where I get most of my WWE DVDs from because they are often cheaper, are released earlier and the delivery is amazing time wise and price (free.)

Well the best thing about the WWE tagged classics is that for some reason the 'WWF' logo is allowed to be used, I believe it has something to do with the fact they have been previously released but don't quote me on that. This means unlike lots of pre-lawsuit DVDs there is not loads of blurring over the screen, which improves the view quality.

The first thing about both these PPVs is that the commentary is by Paul Heyman and Jim Ross, this is because The King had quit because his wife was released. Jr and Heyman had a kayfabe rivalry and this is reflected in their comments. But it really does set the matches up well. Heyman is a heel ECW commentator and part of the Alliance, whereas Ross is WWF/E through and through. This is just adds to the quality of the matches.

Now lets look at the PPVs on the DVD King of the Ring 2001. The King of the Ring tournament matches were good matches but they were nothing compared the two main event matches in my opinion which were the Street Fight and the triple threat main event. The street fight was brutal and included three spots which defy description, I won't tell you what they are but I will say that they are a must see. The rest of the card is good but, I have to say that it was a solid event, worth watching.

The Invasion PPV was an interesting concept and it contained some amazing matches. Awesome and Storm vs. Edge and Christian was an amazing tag team match and set the tone of the card brilliantly. The ref matches was interesting but again well worth watching. The next 5 matches on the card were average but they are merely fillers for the next amazing match. Jeff Hardy vs, RVD for the Hardcore title, again I will not give away details but I will say that the matches was amazing but not your conventional hardcore match. But what it is, is amazing. The Bra and Panties match was as you would expect it to be and although I could go on a offer a long review go into to a technical review I won't. The Main Event was the Inaugural Brawl match, this featured Booker T, DDP, Rhyno and the Dudley Boyz taking on Kurt Angle, Y2J, Austin, Kane and Undertaker. On paper the WWE team looks a lot stronger but in practice the sides are very balanced and the match itself is amazing. This PPV really sets the tone and is a must for any WWE fan.

The Special features on each disk are great, there are interviews with Kurt and Shane about their epic contest. Also there is an interview with RVD about his hardcore match with Jeff Hardy. There are also post match interviews from Invasion which offer good kayfabe insight.

Overall I would say that these DVDs are a must for all WWE fans and wrestling fans in general.I would say that Silvervision's tagged classics are amazing and you will probably see lots of reviews for them one way or another because lots of the DVDs I owe have been released has tagged classic although I own them in other formats.

4/5 stars the reason for this is that the concept of two pay per views for the price of one is great and the matches themselves are good, but the minimal amount special features let it down.

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