Thursday, 8 April 2010

WWE Pay-Per-View Schedule is Messed Up

There has been a lot of coverage on the forever changing WWE Pay-Per-View Schedule and Names over the last couple of years. So I thought I should take another look at this subject and I noticed some fatal flaws about the schedule, considering they are trying to spread out the PPVs during the summer, which was a criticism of WWE last year.

The first PPV after Wrestlemania as you might well know is Extreme Rules, in place of a long tradition of Backlash. Extreme Rules will take place on Sunday 25th April, 4 weeks after Wrestlemania. Four weeks later on 23rd May is a new PPV, WWE Over the Limit.  At this moment in time, there has been no indication what, if any, gimmick this Pay-Per-View has.

Another four weeks later, on June 20th is the second in a line of new PPVs, the stupidly named, Fatal Four Way. That isn't an event name, that is a match type and to be honest I don't think that WWE storylines are deep enough to end up in matches where there are four people, in every main event, let alone every match on the card.

The third in this line of new PPVs is Money in the Bank, which will take place on the 18th of July. God knows how this will work. Well, maybe I'm being too negative here, I think I've learnt, over time, that in most things you just have to trust Vince and the WWE's judgement, they know what they're doing, but, erm.... I'm not sure if it will come off as dandy as they'd like.

Four weeks later, the biggest event of the Summer will yet again return to the STAPLES Centre in LA. Yes SummerSlam, which will take place on the 15th of August. Then Five weeks later we will see the return Night of Champions (or Vengeance), in place of last year's Breaking Point, which I still think of the Unforgiven September PPV slot.

Though this is where WWE mess up their scheduling, we see the return of the somewhat flawed, yet successful Hell in a Cell PPV, but it comes on the 3rd of October, only two weeks after NoC. That just seems stupid to me. And then only 3 weeks following that on October 24th we will see another return, of the now obviously annual, WWE Bragging Rights. I swear that they still use that trophy in Teddy Long's GM Office.

I mean it'll become more obvious to someone closer to the time, but that's just stupid. For anyone that wants to know, I got all the dates from PPV Calender which is the most up-to-date thing they have on the website. Also wouldn't you want to have more time before the SummerSlam, to build up the feuds, considering it's meant to be their second biggest PPV. I remember reading an interview with John Cena, I think, where he said that his match with Batista at SS 08 would have been way bigger if they had been given more time to build up to it, more the time scale of the Wrestlemania build-up.

Anyway which way you look at it WWE have messed up, and that's even before slagging them off for the Pay-Per-View concepts themselves. And I'd also like to send the best of luck to Methos who "feel down the stairs" and hurt his ankle, which seems to be ligament damage and 5-6 weeks of no exercise.

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