Sunday, 18 April 2010

Smackdown Crew Back in the States, Raw Crew Are Stuck, And it isn't going to get better any time soon

As of this writing, flight restricted on all air travel has been extended until 7:00pm on Sunday Night and is still expected to continue well into next week as the ash cloud hangs over Europe. Though on the other hand, it looks like the Smackdown Crew have made it back to the USA via Madrid and two cancelled events.

Matt Hardy Tweeted:
"Just landed in Newark, NJ after traveling & working for almost 54 HOURS STRAIGHT!! I have NEVER experienced anything close to this! USA USA! Went through a helluva journey with the BLUE Team traveling/working without a bed for well over 2 straight days-so excited 2 shower & sleep!"

Chris Jericho:
"Just landed in Newark. 47 hrs without a bed but at least we've escaped from under ashened skies..."

Women's Champion Michelle McCool:
"Holy smokes....we made it back to USA! Consensus calculates 56 hours!!!!! This was unbelievable! Cramped shuttle, overheated bus, etc..Some great one liners on our bus ride tho!:)"

Beth Phoneix:
"Thank u to my fellow SmackDown superstars divas and all crew members. We are home safe and I'm very grateful. Sending best wishes and safe travels to the Raw crew. This natural disaster has brought out the strength in the entire WWE company."

And even though he was in the States all the time, Jim Ross weighted in:
"Smackdown crew arrived in nyc @ 1 am Sunday morning. 47 hrs w/o a bed. Now THAT'S a european vacation sans Chevy Chase & Cousin Eddie."

Kofi Kingston, who is on the Raw Tour, didn't really give anything of his situation away this morning:
"sooo...this volcano business is the real deal, eh?"

And just before leaving Europe yesterday night, Mickie James Tweeted this:
"Just got to the airport here in madrid. Phones been dead for hours now... Wow? U don't realize how dependent u r to it until u don't have it... But then again... It was quite peaceful... Time with my thoughts... Reflection is always a good thing... Sometimes u just gotta roll with the punches... "What did u say to the kid Rock? Its not how hard u hit... Its how hard u get hit... And get back up"

Obviously some other Divas have taken their situation bit more lightly, here's the new Divas Champion Eve Torres:
"Thank you for all of your concern for our travels. We don't know how or when were getting back to the states, but I do know one thing... If I'm stuck in Belfast, I'm having a shopping and spa day! The only things to make a girl missing home feel better."

And the former Divas Champion Maryse:
"If we don't make it on time for raw monday we will miss Ryan Phillipe, OMG, cruel intention! I'm freakin out!...... What's the BEST spa in Belfast??????"

Dolph Ziggler:
"Finally back in the USA! I would kiss the ground, if my mouth wasnt so busy already... ;)"

John Morrison:
"Planes, trains, and the worst bus ride ever (23 hours!) our bus could only go 15 mph up hills! Finally back in the USA! Never thought I'd be so glad to be in New Jersey!"

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