Sunday, 18 April 2010

Ash Cloud Update & Maryse Blogs on her Experiences in Europe so far

Flight recrictions in and out of the UK have now been puched back to 7am BST/2am EST Monday Morning, making it even less likely that the Raw Crew will make it to the Monday Night Tapings 19 Hours Later. Here is the latest from the forecasts of the Cloud around Europe and the Raw Crew seem to be right in the heart of it. Again Belfast is the little red dot:
This is from Maryse's Blog:
"wow just one freaking word, WOW… Traveling is sometime easy and sometime hard, but this tour was unbeleivable, its one after an other….and its not done yet, im still in Ireland…not back to New York til a few hours maybe a few days…well the tour was going good, then a volcano in iceland erupted, gosh …… leaving france after the show 3 days ago we had a 3 hrs bus ride, then a ferry for 2 hrs, then a 8 hrs bus ride, then we stop for an hour to relax our legs and stretch, then a 3 hrs bus ride to a ferry for 2 hrs then a 2 hrs bus ride then to the arena for the show…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not to mentionned that before the show in france that day we did a 6 hrs bus ride …haha then after the show we left and again the same deal, unbeleivable….. my butt was hurting, my back was ohhhhhh, and i had to go pee every 15 mins, ughhh haha, well i went over all the songs in my Itouch probably 25 times, ( i have a lot of songs in my itouch ) lol i never dreamt of sleeping in a bed so bad, today in spa time in ireland, its gonna be great, trying to get myself mentaly ready for whats next, hopefully they will clear the air space soon and we can get a direct flight to New York…..


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