Sunday, 18 April 2010

Update on WWE Crew & Superstars Stuck in Europe and How They Can Save Monday Night's Taping

Having just done their last tour date with a second night in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the Raw Crew now are going to find it very hard to get back to the States. As of this writing, further restrictions have been enforced until 1:00pm UK Time on Sunday (which is expected to be extended). The Ash Cloud is now covering nearly all of Northern and Eastern Europe, making all air travel impossible. To be perfectly honest, the Smackdown Crew had a lucky break by cancelling two of their shows and heading south from Zurich to Madrid in Spain to fly back to the States.

Some airlines made policy earlier in the week that they would not fly at all until Monday, which seems in hindsight to have been a good desicision as the days go on and as no one is going anywhere fast. People are being told that flights are likely to be cancelled well into next week.

There has been talk that the Smackdown Crew could cover most of the show on Monday and if needed include recorded segments from superstars that are stuck in Europe, because that would not be any problem to work out.

This is just an idea from me, why don't they try and put together a taping here in the UK, my good if they wanted a crowd, have tickets for £5 or something. The O2 Arenas in London and Dublin are not possibilities. The MEN Arena in Manchester, the site for this year's November UK Tapings is free, but not really, they are going from hosting the European Badminton Championships on Sunday to Torvill and Dean's Ice Skating on Thursday. The Sheffield Arena, where WWE had their last set of Tapings in November including Ricky Hatton guest hosting Raw, is free until the 1st May and to get there from Belfast is easy. Like I said, the amount of people attending wouldn't be slack by any means. They could even have half and half, so live goings on with Monday Night Smackdown and then the Raw guys in taped Matches and Bits back in Europe. Anyway that's just my idea.

Anyway, here is your Ash Cloud Forcast for Sunday, with the little red dot showing the current location of the Raw Crew, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
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