Friday, 16 April 2010

Hmmmm, what Angle to talk about? Katie Vick? Matt Hardy as the ‘black cloud’ around Jeff? No the best Angle in wrestling Kurt Angle!

Having re-watched Wrestlemania XXII and it reminded me off one thing, Kurt Angle is one of the best wrestlers in the World. It also reminded me off January 2006 to May 2006 in which Kurt Angle successful wrestled in the ‘no gimmick necessary’ role, something that most people can’t pull off, just ask Daniel Bryan. In fact most people can do the opposite wrestle with a great gimmick but sometime lacking masses of talent, for example Hulk Hogan, The Rock and John Cena.

The match at Mania itself was a different sort of triple threat it wasn’t a match in which all 3 guys hated each other and it wasn’t a match where all three guys hated each other but two guys hate the third guy slightly more and most importantly it was not a triple threat match in which two guys loved each other and just beat the living day lights out of the third. It was a triple threat based around Rey and Randy’s somewhat horrible feud, in which Randy bated Rey to give up his number 1 contenders status by disrespecting Eddie Guerrero’s memory by suggesting that Eddie was in Hell, something that I think most wrestling fans went too far. Although the entire exploitation of Eddie death that continued for a year or so was horrid. But added to that was Kurt Angle the World Champion, who couldn’t care less about Rey and Randy’s issue he only cared about being champ and although he lost the match (Randy was pinned) he put on a show on how to wrestle. He won the match twice (forced Rey and Randy to submit, but the ref was distracted) which furthered added to his dominance as champion. Kurt Angle unfortunately was vary beige for me during his time in WWE because I was less mature then (which still meant I was more mature than half my school, still am) but I could appreciate the talent he had but I do now.

The other match during this time period that really sticks in my mind is in the top ten in my personal favourite matches (an ever changing list that has very few permanent members but this is one of them.) The match was The Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle at No Way Out 2006. The match had a controversial finish and did not have much storyline although not much was needed. I will admit that until now when I revaluated the match and the finish did I realise that actually the way the match finished made both Kurt and Taker look huge. This was because by the match ending in a manner in which it was controversial, it suggested that both Angle and Taker were equal and at the time it was clear that Kurt Angle was the top man with regards to talent in the industry and Taker has been the one of the best men with regards to character and talent combined for years so to suggest that two were equal was a big sign from WWE that at the time I missed, whereas now I realise that if you are looking at someone to be a leader in wrestling you have to look at HBK and Taker if you are looking at someone who is both talented and good with regards to charisma and character. You have to look at Cena or the Rock for someone heavy on charisma and character but lacking in talent and if you are looking on pure wrestling talent alone the Kurt Angle is your yard stick without question.

This article however cannot end on a positive. I was very sad when Kurt left WWE the way he did. Now Kurt is wrestling at TNA, now my opinion on TNA get worse by the day. Mainly due to, crap booking ala Vince Russo (I am not suggesting taking a Jim Cornette approach to Russo but he sucks!) Also unprotected chair shots to the head are inexcusable and I have ranted on the facebook page about it! I could never watch TNA ever! But the reason why this is a sad end is that Kurt Angle Olympic gold medallist is having to wrestle in a ladder match (singular) for a key to a cage whilst he is in a storyline against Mr. Anderson and Kurt want to kill each other so why would they want to unlock the door and run? (By the way, if you don’t understand the last paragraph or what it is trying to explain don’t worry because no one does, probably not even Vince Russo who wrote it) putting his body and his surgically repaired neck on the line for next to nothing. It proves to me that TNA don’t care about their talent with the exception of perhaps Hogan. Also it is a shame that Kurt’s marriage broke down so publically and that he had a public issue with a Knockout that lead to a public incident and there was some talk of a restraining order on Kurt.

Overall Kurt was and still is one of the best in the world of wrestling and I hope that he manages to return to WWE and its Wellness Policy (for TNA fans out there who might not know what that is, it is when a company gives a dam about its talent!) Kurt Angle should be a future WWE Hall of Famer regardless and I hope that he manages to save himself before he becomes another who leaves this world before his time.

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