Sunday, 26 April 2009

Backlash My Arse!

Tonight is the 11th time "Backlash" has been used as a PPV and probably will be the worst ever. I'll start with the Undercard will I? Well I can't because it consists of the Great Khali and Santino's gay love fest (and there isn't Ron Simmons to say "DAMN!" anymore). It might be comedy, but I wouldn't pay to watch that (but I don't need to, cause it's free on Sky Sports in the UK tonight), put it on 15 minutes into ECW not the PPV. Since WWE when back to all tri-branded PPVs at Backlash 2007, it should mean that they have enough for a PPV every time, well, the last year they've show that they can't do it.
The One match that would have worked and would have actually fitted the PPV's title "Backlash", would have been The Miz vs John Morrison, if they have actually got some TV time, but Morrison did a good Dirt Sheet whilst he took dig at The Miz and could have been a good lead up to a match. But to be honest, most of the rest of the card might make up for the disappointment, or the sick feeling after seeing an Indian and an Italian drag up lock up. The Last Man Standing Match should be good, but the kinda got the "end of the feud" thing out of the blue and where did the simulation that it's Edge's last chance come from??? The tag match might also be alright as well, only as long as Randy Orton & Legacy win. Because I don't want to see anymore of Shane and Batista tagging together and main eventing Smackdown (strange for Raw superstars, isn't it, but don't worry they can just get Michael Cole to say that it will be back to normal after Backlash). I also hope that Steamboat has a great match as well, he looked in great shape at WrestleMania and against Jericho they could have a good match, and more than your average legends match. And thanks to websites like this, the "I Quit" match, which will be a good match (with all the emotion that it needs and the high risk moves that this match needs), could already be over with out it happening. Kane/Punk, well blah blah blah, the top of the ladder, blah blah blah. And Christian should win the ECW Championship, unless Vince still has a problem with that and thinks that he is a mid-carder, oh sorry, forgot that ECW is SHIT at the moment. Anyway, WWE hasn't exactly packed it in for tonight where they could have, because they haven't exactly planned it out after WrestleMania and they WILL be worse off after tonight, if you believe dirt sheet websites.

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